Texts of energy, space, and the world


Einstein proclaimed and proved that in nature nothing is lost. Do not die atoms of which everything is built, but the energy is lost. For example, if the transmitter emits radio waves, it is worn on electricity by converting it to energy carrier. Once emitted wave, propagates around the speed of light. According to the said rule, the wave is not lost. Once emitted running in all directions, weakens, thins out, but not killed.


Hydrogen, protons, quarks and electricity

Hydrogen is very common in the universe. Apparently, the atom has a nucleus and one proton. But as anti-matter, matter has (apparently) to remain in balance, a proton must be a friend of the opposite charge to remain in balance. This fellow is reportedly neutron. So much we know from contemporary physics. It is said that a hydrogen atom, for example, is the size of a cup of tea, and much larger than the proton orbits an atom located about 50 m from the nucleus. From this it follows that the nucleus must have a huge mass at small sizes. This information, however, are inaccurate or even not logical because yet atomic nucleus is composed of protons and neutrons, and so it may be smaller than a proton. It is said that scientists already know of which is built proton. Namely, is made up of quarks. A variation of free electrons are flying neutrinos from the sun, like a shot under the influence of fusion, that is, the conversion of hydrogen into helium under heat and pressure. Speeding neutrinos are so small that reaching far into the ground a few meters of soil overcome without encountering any obstacles which could have crashed. Of course, some other collide.

Of which, therefore, is built the same nucleus?. Is saying splitting the atom we mean separation from the nucleus of protons and electrons, and quarks to the proton splitting?

Recently Americans have some confusion in this theory. During the trial in its accelerator in Tewatron found that the hydrogen atom is something else. Namely, there is a Higgs boson. This creature has even weight. Its weight is 180GeV (Giga electron volts). It has linked the entire structure of the atomic nucleus. Electrons also have mass. Apparently flowing electric current, a stream of electrons. Current flows almost as fast as the light propagates. Yet with no body weight can not move at the speed of light. We, the electrons do not move at the time of current flow. So how do we move electrons forming the current? About this later.

We came to the conclusion that the electrons are very small and have mass. This view has been re-engaged by the scientists who carried out the following experiment performed with a cross wire 30 atoms and electrons are let through by him. It turned out that the electrons do not fit. Pushing between the atoms of the wire, divided into smaller particles: Spinony and Holons. Strangely enough, the electrons are divisible into parts. A scientific literature reports that an electron is indivisible particle. Whether it is an irreversible process?, The current may flow consisting of Spinonów and holons?, Or distribution of the electron energy is not delivered?. These questions do not know the answer.


Predicting the future

Fantastic literature, Science Fiction sometime in the future to check. Even today, you can perform mental evidence confirming one of the hypotheses. We know that the world (read universe) is composed of about 100 atoms. Mixed in the right proportions make everything that surrounds us. If we could mix in the right proportions atoms with each other, it we possess ability to build anything that is in the world. It is possible that we possess the ability to once. Reality becomes a tale of the Prince and the ugly frog turned into a beautiful princess.


The energy of combustion.

In accordance with the principle that in nature nothing is lost, think, where did the energy in the combusted wood? Burning wood gives warmth, thus energy. This heat, stored energy is the sun, which accumulated over the years, tree growth.
No one wonder what it is burning. Often we see the reaction, but did not quite know what it is. Combustion, the oxidation reaction of the fuel in the presence of oxygen. The reaction is violent, the phenomenon is more spectacular. Combustion must take place for not only flame. If the oxidation reaction is slow, it is a combustion without flame.

Now we have come to an interesting point. We ask ourselves the question: what happens to atoms during combustion, it emits the heat? No, they do not disintegrate, just atoms combine with other compounds to form other plants. At the time of such combinations in the group, but the disintegration of existing groups atomic heat is produced, it is the heat of combustion.

This begs the conclusion referring to the prince and the ugly frog. If we already have the ability to build something from the atoms, while the conversion is in the princess frog evolved to a lot of heat, you might say, would be a big fire.


Pressure, a very interesting physical phenomenon.

I thought, what happens to the atoms in a group of atoms, while compress this group of incredibly strong force? We can not take the nucleus of an atom and push them into the kernel, but rather next to the nucleus of the second atom. You can not, under normal conditions, but what else is going on inside the sun. The huge temperature causes traffic chaos in the ordered atoms and unimaginable pressure leads to joining of atoms. At this point, an enormous energy is isolated. Where did it come from?


The human brain, selective receiver.

The human brain has the interesting property that can selectively pick up a second signal to the brain which is already tuned. Tuning occurs when a person with the brain we share a close bond. It could be love, blood ties, cooperation, relationship, etc. Communication is still in some inscrutable way, but for sure they are not radio waves. Those merging can be at any distance from each other and in any place. The brain does so independently and is not affected by the command of its owner. In short, we do not want to connect with someone. The connection is made when we think about the person, and not when such thinking to myself, Irena report back. How is the connection? I think that on the basis of energy. Why energy? Because energy is ubiquitous in nature and does not die. Energy is the ether of the universe. This ether fills all space has even atoms. Affecting the energy, we can get the effects in each any place in the universe.

Why, then, a person can be in any place, under water, in space, on the ground and receives the signal from the brain of another person, or even the human soul energy of late? Because there is no place that is not wypełniałaby energy. Energy can not be separated from each other. Interatomic spaces are the empty, so these places also filled. Each site is connected to the energy of the universe. Hence, it is so good with ether to transfer information.


Energy knowledge

There are different types of energy. Man for some time knows that energy is lost in nature.
Man learns, and thus accumulates in the brain, knowledge, experience, skill, flair, speed of response and even hundreds of other features, all of this is doing for years, because we learn life. To eat, to take care of health, in a word to be in good shape. Speaking less, one has to recharge the energy to be able to learn. Are all of the energy consumed goes into teaching? No. The study goes part of consumed energy. Because of the time we are getting wiser, and wisdom was part of consumed energy, wisdom, and knowledge is power. Why? Because in nature energy is lost and consumed by the human mass and energy in part turned into knowledge.

Man lives and dies a few decades. Is it dies with his knowledge? No! Does not die, because his knowledge is power, and power is lost in nature. The man died, and his knowledge was. Everything you learned goes on, goes on the same man, but was deprived of his physical shell, the mass. The man pointed out long ago, you could say he knew it all, but it was associated with the church, gods and other supernatural phenomena. This phenomenon is called the soul. As has been called the soul, it's good, let's call the remaining energy of the human soul.

I noticed that the soul of a man who died far away a few months ago has more energy than a man who died in the past. There has been a lot of stories about riding toys in the children's room, opening and closing windows, clocks falling from the walls, pots of flowers, which fell despite the fact that the nail remained in place. After several months of declining power of the soul and energy of our close pass to communicate with us, but rather our brain no matter where we are. Communication is carried out mostly at night, when the brain is released from the obligations of dressing legs and hands, bite foods, hundreds of interviews and other daily activities. During the night of our short rest energy can provide the information to our brain in the form of images. The human brain has been najpradawniejszych time works on the principle of. The letters and numbers is a very young field function, which possessed. Thus, the soul of transmitting information to us, will forward it as an image. If we have a mood, a tendency to receive information, we think of the person who passed away, and we do not have the neural connections damaged by alcohol or acrid cigarette smoke, can take an image given by the soul.

We came to how to communicate with the soul. I mentioned before, it is done on the basis of energy. Our science does not know the rules. Energy can transfer information without seeing neither time nor space.

Reflections is dedicated to my father, whose presence I feel and see, I do appreciate the advice and I'm glad of his presence.


Connectivity human brain power, which no longer exists.

They say that dreams are nocturnal delirium, chaotic images created by our brain. I do not think so. Dreams, the images provided to us by the energy of people who want us to provide the information using the images, because they no longer have a language that they speak, hands to show them or write. While the energy modulation can produce images and put them in our brain. If only we could read what we see at night.

Where souls reside?, Perhaps this is not the same space as ours. What's the conclusion? Well, the fact that images collected from the soul always relate to what we'll see later. It is as if the soul saw our time a little further forward. Less is more, the soul is able to see something from us before about 6 to 12 hours. So where souls reside? How to imagine a different space where are they?

Almost every night I see the images of what I see later in the day. I am convinced that it is a two-way communication brain, and my brain power from those who are already absent. I feel like the energy was seen through the eyes of that person. She responds to my problems. Sometimes I can use the advice of the soul as the situations are repeated, and I already know how to read some of the images. It is a pity that not all of them.

Watching television one day scientific program on dreams, I realized clearly that dreams are not the ravings of a sleepy brain. Prepared a man whose daily trips were taken to other places. He did not know which place to go. In the morning, before leaving he had carefully draw all the images you see in the night. No matter whether the image made sense or not, every detail mattered. One of the tours so look: far left, viewed construction interesting, but I was not accustomed to sleeping. On the way back they went to a big store to get drinks. Even before the store glare. Man sees piles of tires in the parking lot, just as they drew in the morning before leaving. In the shop he saw a woman with a little girl in a distinctive dress, exactly as he drew and described the morning. No one knows why the brain recorded the images provided by a soul. Perhaps in this way the soul wanted to support this experiment and pay attention to that is that there is.


The world inhabited by the souls

How to imagine a different space inhabited by the souls, for example.
The question is rhetorical, because I do not expect that someone can answer me. As the soul can stay ahead of time and see what happens in 10 hours? At first we think that this is not possible. It seems that time and space are unchanged, and no one in any way can not beat them, for example, traveling faster than light. But why the light would be the finite speed? It can make energy. Why?, Because I do not have mass. Only prevents weight increase speed over the speed of light.
I'm going to space. So, as you can imagine a different space and a different time. As I said, the world is made up of nearly a hundred atoms. Properly mixed make everything you see and do not see what is on the earth and in the universe. Even us, and our brains are able to think about it. The design is reminiscent of atoms to solar systems designs. Then together to form solar systems or something, but I do not know what, because it's too big. Let's go the other way. I think that the atom with its nucleus and creations flying around him, it's not the end of the world diminish. I think the nucleus, or proton or neutron, or at the end of Higgs boson are built exactly the same. They are formed of an even smaller atoms, again with the atomic nuclei, protons, and so on. Can we believe that this is the end diminish matter? No,. That could drag on forever.

At this point, we came to the space. If the nucleus of an atom is made up of the leg from the table, there are other, smaller atoms, it is made of them a completely different world out there. Shinning sun, galaxies and planets are. So the time that there is there is the same time as ours? No! Those billions of years, a fraction of a second for us. Those distances in light years, is for us billions of a millimeter. This is just another space. Is the soul can penetrate there? Yes! For the soul is energy. It is not made of atoms. So there is no size, can be both big and small, it all depends on where the world is and who is a resident of what the world says about it.


Travel through time and space.

As I have explained the concept of time and space, at this point, it becomes a simple explanation of what the living souls of the people who left, or where he comes from UFOs.

Physics-known people, this is not the whole physics. To a man could start to travel in time and space, must learn to dematerialize. So replace the material from which it is built into energy. That changed man dies, life gives it the principle of conservation of energy. Would then be very safe. Could not collide with anything, there burned by not kaleczyłby and so on. He'd have to watch only that the energy of his remains condensed and not too dispersed. Taking the form of energy could decide which way he wants to travel. The choice has two directions: to the world, which is smaller, or the larger one. In principle, the difference would not be. All the worlds selected by him to the public, would be similar in design. Anywhere would be galaxies, the sun, black holes, planets and moons.
After these travels, the man would probably return to the ground, regain his young body and enjoying life. So, enjoy, because a man can be happy only when you can feel a tickle, pain, taste, movement and all that, giving his body. The soul without the body can only endure. That's why so eager souls connect with their loved ones trying to take part in their lives.
If we learn to get along with the souls, the energy of our dead, travels to the worlds become open to us. Any energy we can send to any place, and then watch the relationship. Would end the problem of the huge distances and time.


Do we ever were or what else?

The Internet is full of descriptions of souls who after the death of a man living in other beings, animals, insects, and even plants. Is the soul of man may live in the flesh fly? I noticed that some of the flies, especially the big ones are much more intelligent than small ones. But I do not think it's because of the soul.

In these online stories is a tiny bit of truth. Yes, some of us used to be someone or something else. Why? Because according to the principle that in nature nothing is lost, some of the atoms of which we are made in the accident will be someone or something else. It is not inconceivable that we breathe today, a bit of oxygen, which is breathed Copernicus, or Pharaoh. So, the oxygen drawn into the lungs is not destroyed. It can be combined with other particles, and then again and continue to remain separate oxygen atom.

On the other hand, if the soul is alone, without the body, having a conscious, but unable to, or feel, or do anything that may come up with an idea coupled to any living being. Since it is only the energy actually do not mind, and she has a more cheerful life.


Vacuum and dark matter.

Scientists wonder what keeps the focus all the creatures of the universe. Sure there is some dark matter filling the space, which can not be seen. It's like a fly flying in a moving car. If you do not sit on the steering wheel but it fly, it will not be in the back, it moves as fast as a car. Why is this happening? Because fly and float material surrounds it. This matter is air in the car. But in space there is no air. We suspect, therefore, that it is dark matter.

I think the word here is unfortunate matter. Suggests partial origin because, in practice, there were no particles. There is a vacuum.

We have come to an interesting moment of reflection. I wrote that in addition to our space, there are worlds of nano and macro worlds. Those spaces also must be a black matter. Whether it would be a different matter from our black? No! It's the same, so there may be weight, because weight is a derivative of the particle. Particles our dimension, would be too large for nano world. So what remains? It remains to say that dark matter is energy. This energy keeps the universe in check and not let him to crumble chaotically in all directions.
In confirmation of this view, you can perform one more proof. The world is made of atoms. To imagine the atom, said that the atom is comparable in size to the Department of Poznan. In the middle of the cathedral is a cup of tea, the nucleus of an atom. After circling around the edge of something the size of a kernel of a car is a proton. Now please tell me what fills the space between the nucleus and the proton? Nothing? No, that's impossible. The world does not consist of anything. But there is no air. I think this space is filled with energy. She adjusts the size of the atom, allows for an orderly movement of everything that revolves around the nucleus. This approach does not allow energy to other atoms, and finally to liberate this energy at the moment of fusion. Synthesis is a combination of two atoms. At that point one of the energy will become redundant and must leave the atom.

In this example you can see how powerful force is the energy contained in such a microscopic space. The entire universe is filled so the energy holding in check the galaxy.


We proved that the world is filled with energy.

Previously, I asked rhetorically, as the current can run with the speed of light, but this is the movement of electrons, and electrons have mass. Something that has mass can not run with the speed of light. Why? Because to increase the speed of weight, for example, four times, we need to increase the force applied sixteen times. After a while it became clear that there was no power in the world to continue the acceleration of the body.

We have reached the moment to explain how the current run. It is not true that the cable from Polish to America is the electron current, which was launched in Poland, and completed the course in America. This is like the sound. If you say something to another person, then our mouth to ear does not run air atom. Sound is the movement of air particles. One particle pushes the second, third and so on. Last push the membrane in the ear drum. The current is the same, the electrons move forward. And why the motion of electrons can do the job? Why is the shock? Because electrons have a magnetic field, a moving magnetic field, a current.

This is the moment in which we can determine how energy can transfer information.

We have said that the soul is energy. Then we said that there is no place in the universe to which energy can not reach. Why? Because it moves in the same way as the sound and electricity. Since the universe is filled with energy, the energy picture that appears in one place, at the same time can be reproduced in any, others. And so is the answer to the question of how the soul can travel faster than light. Maybe, because the time to move the energy, the time zero.


Universe is filled with energy.

From previous considerations that all the "empty" space energy fills the universe. The whole universe, every little inch has enormous energy. It is structured, it takes its place, and not her head to use their strengths. Her strength is just on standby. If necessary, it will be released in order to maintain the laws of physics. After restoring order, the energy returns to a state of balance and continues.

The multiplicity of energy is a friendly environment for the souls of men. Because souls are also energy can exist virtually anywhere. Being in the midst of power are always in their own environment.

How much energy in the universe? Trying to answer this question, we can not forget the principle of conservation of energy. In nature (meaning in the universe) energy can turn into anything and anything can turn into energy, but she can not die. So now is the same as before. When before? Billions of years ago, when there was a big bang. Then today's energy was focused on a small area in what exploded. How is it possible that these enormous masses of galaxies could squeeze into the small size and then explode and relieve himself, we do not know. Probably all ended up in the black hole and the black hole re-started. After the big bang black hole triggered a huge energy created from old material. With this energy was again the matter of the new universe. Energy that is not turned into a matter, now fills every nook and cranny of the universe. It is the emptiness of outer space forever.


Energy physics.

Physics is now engaged in liberating the energy. The moment of release of energy, it is the moment in which energy policy will lead to preserve the rights of individuals. Upon completion of a physical event, and the separation of the large number of types of energy are stabilizing. The relationship between types of energy stabilize and remain in peace ready for the next stabilize physical events.

Recording of such energy, that energy is liberating the current physics possible. But it is impossible to capture free energy, which fills the universe. This energy is far beyond human grasp. If it is not to grasp, it may seem that it is not. So most people think. If something is not tangible, can not be measured, then it simply does not exist. No wonder, then, that people do not believe in the spirits of our ancestors. Soul just do not see, because you can not see energy. Are wrong, those who are trying to make films about ghosts setting the camera in a dark room and wait until something comes out in the lens. Nothing will. The soul has no body, so it is not visible. Not produce a shadow or wind energy just does not matter. If the film there's a cloud, it is pure manipulation and fraud. Not the way distinguished filmmakers, it's time to come up with more serious way of communicating with spirits.

If we wanted to, we the people, I think in the end we would find a way to study the energy is liberating, peaceful energy, which fills the entire universe. Human life would change if immeasurably. Space and time disappear, global village would no longer earth and the entire universe.


And if the contents of the universe turned into energy?

It seems that's what happened several billion years ago. It is not true that there was nothing and the nothingness there was a big explosion, causing the present universe. As I said before, the world is not made up of anything. It consists of matter and energy ubiquitous, and on top of everything is in constant motion. The entire universe is expanding, galaxies are rushing ahead, all running from the blast. So it is now. Will it be forever? No,. When you lose all momentum, galaxies stop and start to attract each other out. This already occurs, but not a large scale. Black hole will swallow the galaxy, and each other. As a last resort one unimaginably remain a big black hole that swallows all the way. It will be the end of the cycle. We went back to the same start as before a big explosion. The gravity of the latter, the black hole will continue to grow. It comes to reducing the critical moment of the entire universe to a certain size. If this critical moment is reached, there will be a giant explosion and re-birth of the universe. Such are the birth and annihilation of the universe. These cycles will be repeated indefinitely, because everything that surrounds us is subject to continuous movement and cycles.

We have obtained the answer, what would happen if the black hole of the universe will turn all matter into energy. Just the whole energy of the universe explodes again creating matter. The rest of the energy fills the universe formed and will take an active part in the merger of the matter.

Cycles of birth and death, as it turns out is subject to everything in the universe, and even the universe itself.


Who are we humans?

The answer would be simple, if we are asked. We're just a collection of atoms. Their number in our body is constantly changing. When we are young having arrived, and when the old wanes. But, as you may arrive atoms in the body? How is it that we attach some atoms to the existing ones? What makes it possible? This possibility gives energy. If we want to increase the group of atoms, we used to some amount of energy. Worn on the energy function is lost. If you create a group of atoms remains constant, the value inserted is the same energy, and energy is in this group. If we decide to reduce the group of atoms, the energy to liberate heat. This is nothing other than burning. Growing a tree grows, so grows the number of atoms of which it is composed. If you burn wood turning it into a heap of ashes, all gathered to liberate the energy as heat.

But if you ask who we are, the answer will be more difficult. People of ancient times, wondering who they are and why you exist. Are we really are? Yes. Philosopher long ago also came to this conclusion, he said: I think, therefore I am. What are we thinking? Certainly we do not fly in the brain atoms from one place to another. This is a more complex process. I suspect that the main role in this process is played by the energy again. Think of how this could be happening. The thought comes to my LCD screen. If this screen to the right place we apply an electric voltage, this place is obscure to. So what caused the blackout in part of the screen? Electricity. What is electricity? Energy! The brain is the same. If we have learned anything, it's in the correct drawer left the tiny part of the brain energy. Seeking knowledge in the brain, we see the drawer and see on the screen-emitting energy footprint. For example, we learned the alphabet. Remember that the alphabet in our brain is in the form of pictures. Each can see the letter as a picture. Reading the letter, we can find drawer, which is the appropriate picture. We compare it with czytanym and we know what it is. Similarly, remembering. If we take care of each other, nourish ourselves (read: nourish the brain), we practice thinking is left in the drawers of tiny images in the form of energy remain for long. Why it is important to exercise the brain (memory read)? Since nature is rational. In nature, nothing is superfluous. Unnecessary, because I do not use the brain neurons are eliminated. Liquidated neurons, the lack of reaching the drawers of memory. Do not use drawers, their liquidation. So begins the cerebral atrophy.

Remember, as long as we think we are so long.


What is thinking?

We, the people seem to think that only we can think of. It seems to us to be a case of our thinking ability. Thinking is not only matching, the creative ability. How is it that the brain is filled with billions of drawers with zmodulowanymi energy particles can form? Here arises the suspicion that it may be quite the opposite. It captured the energy of our brain to be able to create. Fantastic, but not devoid of rationality, because it is matching the image seen written in the brain? It is the overlap of the two energies, viewed and stored. The result is the creation of a third particle energy as a response. All activities involving energy cunning, and what was needed brain? As a store room drawer and connecting with each other and finally as managing muscles, which causes the body's function. Brain received an answer, he sent an electrical impulse to the muscles. This begs the combination of digital works, which at some point in producing usamodzielniły without the participation of the people. But no, we are not liberated, still thinking power, she has power over us. Maybe the energy is not only black, calm fills the entire universe matter. Maybe a set of experiences, behaviors, skills, genetic memory of all living things on this world of ours, and in all other worlds. In fact proved that the energy of the universe and the infinite billions of nano and macro worlds are connected. Information, knowledge, experience, and all other types of energy are free at any time to penetrate into each other.

Now you know how to take a UFO? This clean energy from a different space-time. We do not know whether the nano and macro world. As energy, you may be with us at any time, move with any speed. If we see some of the vehicle, it is not a product of the material, the energy picture going vehicle. He moves with incredible speed and without sound. Why? Because it's pure energy without mass. If the energy is modulated so that we may see the vehicle, the idea is that we are seeing.



We know that light has the characteristics of the wave. What does that mean? This means that something vibrates at high speed. Let's see, what could it be? The light emitted from the sun is due to the fusion reaction, which is taking place. Atoms that are there due to the huge temperatures are in a chaotic, fast-moving. Because each atom fills energy, and nuclear fusion is combining atoms, during the merger of two atoms of energy of one obsolete. It will be thrown out of the sun in the form of a single quantum of energy. If such quantum is a lot, we see it as a vibration of energy. The force of the ejection energy from the sun is so large that easily reaches the ground. But how does it happen that the energy from the sun is heading to the ground in an energy fills the cosmos? It's simple. Quantum Energy is an energy frequency and energy of a peaceful space. It's like a water wave energy. Water wave energy moves on the same water, the water travels through the water. Why? Because wave energy is modulated with water. This energy eventually reaches the target and deliver in a different form. The same is true with the light. If you reach to liberate heat, which brings. Note that if you do not reach the goal, not release heat energy. This takes place in the cosmos. Despite the fact that the light passes through freezing space, it does not lose heat or percent.

We have shown that the energy modulated brings information. Let us learn to modulate energy, then send it in a quiet environment of cosmic energy, then even take that information and communication with any place, at any distance will open to us. Here an analogy can be broadcast RF energy is applied to sound waves. Radio wave propagating in the so-called ether is then received and decoded. Regained sound energy that we brought. I think the analogy of the world is very much, everything works just because it's all subject to the same laws of physics. Events differ only in scale, or the size of the inserted or the liberated energy. I do not mind in drawing conclusions about the similarity of events.


What drives the energy of the soul?

Light wave oscillations driven fusion. Transmitter emits radio waves powered by electricity. Wave in the water causes the physical impact energy of water. What, then, can drive the energy of souls? Soul energy demand is negligible, but it is. The soul in the midst of free energy is "invisible". It's like a bucket of water poured into the pond. Do you poured the water is visible? No! When we see her? Then, if, for example, spun suddenly began to spin. The same is true of souls. To be able to be active, they must be supplied. Energy supply can draw souls from different places. This may be the solar wind, the ground speed, energy volcanoes, or something like that. But I think it's not as if the end of the life of the sun, would end the existence and souls. Or the microwave radiation power are that fills the entire universe after the big bang, or simply dark energy. Microwave radiation, the energy vibration rate of hundreds of millions of times per second. Where did you come from? I've talked about a black hole that sucks in a repetitive cycle once the universe to its interior. It will be shook, and finally reaches the speed of hundreds of millions of times per second. Yes, the whole universe is reduced to a small size and turnover of hundreds of millions per second. It's the hole just produce microwave radiation so strong that it is enough to fill the whole world after the explosion. Not only that, this radiation is so much that it takes billions of years after the explosion, and it will take even more billions of years. Maybe just feed the souls of the radiation.


Communications with energy.

Yes, we have the ability, but our brain does it by itself, without our will. The practical use of the skills of our brain to communicate with another brain of another human being is negligible. With little effort we make to this interesting property of our brains use. Information Night coming to power of our brains from dead people irreparably lost by treating it as an unnecessary night delirium. In the future, it will not be, once we learn to use this knowledge. It will be very useful, because it will be the relationship of any place in the world or the universe.

I think that the use of energy to communications today is not so ridiculous. They are some of the insects. For example jednodniówka Mayfly. How is it that all the mayflies swarm in one day? Or ants. I could not get over seeing how all the nests in one day, in one hour and almost in the same minute, the mother wyroiły ants. You do not think we have cell phones. It seems that they have the ability to notify by means of energy. How do they do it? Well, just as we, the human brains. We know that how we think about the person, that person is often a call to us. Is it a coincidence? No! Because cases can be isolated events, and it almost always happens.

Let us work on it, because it's already happening, and we do not know about it.


How to use peaceful energy?

Of course we do not know. If we are able to do so, the man would have energy at all times. The current energy generation is probably the most inefficient and expensive. For one kind of energy we need to use the other. The effectiveness of the yield is low and at the same time there are many disadvantages of waste. This is, for example, when trying to drive the vehicle with water, but rather hydrogen included in the water. Recovery of hydrogen from water requires a large input of energy to another, which practically makes the whole exercise ineffective. I think the scientists have gone in that direction, because I know the construction of the water particles and know how to use hydrogen and oxygen. They do not know to this day, unfortunately, how to go about free energy, which is full of everywhere. Raises great hope accelerator in Cern (Organisation Européenne pour fr. la Recherche Nucléaire) by means of which, hopefully, will be taught not only to observe the decay of elementary particles, but may be able to observe dark matter, or if you like free energy.


Let us not ask where it came from the universe, he periodically arise and die, just like everything else.

The universe was created in the cycle of life and end of the cycle. All the matter in the universe turns into energy at the last, a black hole that swallows everything. Then, when the speed of gravity exceeds a certain size, there will be an explosion, and the re-birth of the universe.

Reading the works of Einstein learned that in his Theory of Relativity proved that it actually can convert mass into energy and vice versa. As he put it in his famous formula E = mc2. There may come a time that the whole universe is sucked into the black hole turned into energy. Einstein's second observation supported the German scientist Max Planck. He proved that converted mass into energy will be radiated in quantum packets with a specified frequency. Why this frequency? The black hole's rotation. Turning the discarded portions of the space is not infinite energy of matter, as some people are trying to prove. A black hole can not dispose of the matter. On the contrary, it absorbs all manner of matter. Can, however, get rid of energy, because energy has no mass, so it is pulled by gravity. Because of the pressure and temperature towering black hole sends two beams of gamma rays.

We also have to deal with microwave radiation. The radiation in the universe comes from the last black hole that swallowed the previous universe and the explosion created a new one. Microwave energy is the energy of ejected frequency portions of the spinning black hole. This is the energy of matter was the old universe.

Each atom is filled calm energy which is released in case of a redundant connection to the second atom of the atom or atoms. Planck proved mathematically that the total mass of the atoms is less than the associated mass before joining the part of energy production.

The strength of the energy contained in the hydrogen nuclei man already observed during the synthesis of the hydrogen bomb. During the synthesis of the nucleus is not separated, but were forced to join atoms. In such a situation could happen? If the nucleus of an atom with its protons and the energy that fills the space around the nucleus is pushed in the space of a second atom, the energy of one atom can not be imposed on the energy of the second. Apparently this is not possible. All around the atomic energy of one atom is ejected and deliver in the form of a huge amount of heat. After the synthesis of the remaining atom no longer being hydrogen stabilizes its existence and the situation calms down.

On the ground, in calm conditions, oxidation can also be noted matter to energy conversion. An example would be burning log. Before burning weighed 100kg, and the ash after combustion weighs 20kg. Where's the rest? Counting gases evaporate water and the rest turned into heat energy.

16 .08.10

How to create a genetic memory?

As the genes are in the whole body, it is probably not genetic memory is located in the brain. Maybe in time to save the genetic chain attached to upstream, this time memory. Is it a long process of building this device, and it comes on suddenly and is passed on to future generations?. If the little birds open their beaks after hatching after arriving parent, it seems very natural. How do they know that they have to open their beaks? They are stored in the genetic code. In this code, they still have saved a lot of other interesting information about how to keep the socket clean, not going out of the slot, keep silence, etc.

I noticed that the hair so that the insistent, curious and have an extraordinary sense of smell, acquire interesting defensive behavior. If you sit down at the table on the terrace, which is a meal, one hundred percent, for the moment, will be deposited. If our actions are to come down to a meal, a wasp will all watch and check. He does it so that in a moment of face-to tell your pantry. If we hand towel under the table and quietly raise it up, taking the attack, wasp manage to escape before the attack. My experiments show that the wasp has knowledge about the movements of genetic performed by humans. He knows that when you lift the hand, even a slow attack occurs, at which point you need to escape. I think that this knowledge was brought to nests by wasps attacked, but did not hit. Since the situation is still repeated by a man fleeing wasps resulted in a record of the steps to the genetic code.

Not explained is only one, and fleeing wasp queen sent this information, consisting of eggs. Those who escaped with his life, after all attendants are yielding food to the nest not complicit in the reproduction of.

14 .09.10

Black hole and gravity

If the body has a mass, it also has a gravity, the attraction of other bodies. The larger the mass, the greater the gravity. Expanding phenomenon of gravity is the rotation of the body. All bodies in the universe are in motion. It is a common phenomenon. Even the atoms in objects on the ground are moving, although it appears that these items are fixed.

If a star rotates so quickly that it begins to fall, there is a black hole. Turnover black hole continues to grow and is also growing its gravity. Since the attraction of the black hole increases, eventually pulls everything created this star. Shining star disappears, because the synthesis of hydrogen is suppressed in the interior of a black hole. A growing hole gravity will pull into the other matter about the former star.

Now consider what happens to matter in a black hole. The vast mass of matter stars, planets and everything is drawn is compressed to smaller and smaller sizes. The atoms are squeezed releasing energy. Each atom close to a neighboring atom is forced to unleash the energy in the space. There is a cyclical replacement of mass into energy. Turnover on the black hole to grow. In among the atoms in a black hole runs out of space. Gathers more and more energy. Atomic nuclei, protons, neutrons, electrons, bosons, and other creations of atoms begin to approach each other. Pinch these features into a single compact mass is a critical moment. It is a moment of black hole explosion and release of stored energy. If this would be the last black hole in the universe, the birth of a new universe would occur.


Information from the future

Tonight, in a dream I saw the facts that happened later, for 10 hours. Facts trite, but true, not dreams.

Yesterday I did not plan out the garden. The weather is not interesting, so I planned other activities. I hung up cycling for further days. In the morning, in the midst of many of my dreams I saw the hazel tree and nuts lying beneath the leaves.

Beautiful in the morning sun woke me up. Was going to be nice weather. So I decided to change plans and go for a bike ride. The plot saw that the leszczynami is a lot of nuts. It looked like a dream.

Images of nuts, is not the only dreams. I have many of them. Always ahead of time about 10, 12 hours. Would you say it was a coincidence? No! No, because this situation is repeated. If my brain receives images from our life, facts which according to our time only to take place, the information had to be sent. Why? Because it is unlikely that nuts were able to make contact with my brain. It is true that the energy is concentrated nut trees of the future, a protein contained in it form a very valuable blend of ready to start a new life, but this is not the product of which can send images to the human brain. Walnut, hazelnut rather, it was not thinking tree. Information about the fact, that the underlying nuts sent something that was able to see it, and then, having contact with me and my brain just send it.


How to remember?

Why do we remember some things carefully, and the other not? It seems that the brain is a space for temporary information, kept for later placed in memory or forgetfulness. But the information that has been classified as important and they are immediately placed in memory. When does this happen?

I remember learning the Polish language at school. While interest in language, to this day I do not know what it is attributive, adverbial, infinitive and the like. So what is the reason that after so many years of study I do not know? The mistake is in the way of teaching. The teacher can say a few words about the student przydawce and believe that the student already knows what's going on. Extremely important is to guide the topic before the human imagination in which you can put attributive word.

Example: if I describe a young man window, double brown, with windows that open, with clasps, etc. Is the information will be well remembered? I think not. It will be placed in the temporary information, which did not qualify for inclusion in the memory.
But if I tell the young man that the country, in my grandfather's house on a hill, in a room dedicated to the granddaughter, window overlooking the woods is ... Here, the description of the window. Now what will happen to the information on the window in the house his grandfather? Information will be carefully stored. If you ask a young man with the window immediately remember what was going on, because this information is from the beginning has been given in the correct way. Brain put it in the memory of having an address, it is simply to immediately find.

We know that the memory in the brain is formed by the action of energy. The more energy we put into it to remember something, the more we remain a vivid picture of the brain.
For example, today there are now thermal imaging cameras, which can detect even very small objects emitting heat. Placed in a helicopter at night can see a place in the parking lot, which was a few minutes before the car. The car is no longer there. What, then, shows the camera? The camera shows the energy that left the car. This time the heat. From the warm car parking aswalt warms up slightly. So we can say that aswalt remembered the car. Energy meant that the car park remained stored image of a car. The longer had the car from the moment you arrive, the more he or hot engine, the more clear the image is stored.

Aswaltu memory, as opposed to the fast memory is reset brain. Why does the brain will take next? Because the brain is a living creature. Memory cells are nourished and regenerated. Just a few minutes of ischemia of the brain, and the entire contents of the memory of the brain is reset.

So how do you remember? It is good to eat (read nourish the brain), and blood dotleniać renew and practice memory.


Thinking and imagination

Man has the ability to imagine. Anticipating and matching is based on the ground of the imagination. Some people have more imagination, others less. Have the greatest imagination of children around the age of seven. During this time, they are the most receptive knowledge well and learn quickly, adapt well to the environment and a lot of the information is in their brains for the future.
Of people occupying positions of teachers, professors and other faculty of physics requires a large imagination. Scientists involved in quantum mechanics, the theory of relativity should be particularly extensive imagination.
Department of Physics University of Warsaw organized the so-called Café in the auditorium of the university. Professors told the participants about the construction of the world, atoms, electrons, quantum mechanics, and it is not predictable. Also raised about the Big Bang and dark matter as yet not explored energy.
One of the professors asked the rhetorical question: how is it that the world speeding ahead, expanding its size does not result in dilution of the dark matter?

I'll try to use my imagination and the answer to this question.

To the reader understand what I mean, I have three names systematize.
World. In this concept should be understood everything that is in the zone of influence of our sun. So our solar system.
Universe. The universe is what is now running ahead and expands. It is a collection of all the galaxies formed after the Big Bang.
The space outside the universe. This is probably my own name. The space outside the universe, the space, "emptiness" in which the spread of the galaxy. It is enormous and filled with energy. Has neither beginning nor end. This space has energy. If it appears the universe, its components are kept in check by the right energy. Everything falls into this space, you will be surrounded by, filled with dark energy.
So you can not ask why dark energy is not diluted. No, because it was not created during the big bang, it is already there forever. Expanding universe surrounded by black energy, and does not carry it with him.

So my imagination tells me.


How many dimensions of space?

Discussions continue about three or four dimensions, and support the concept of building the world say this string of higher-dimensional space-time. Intuition tells me that the construction of string universe, it is only a temporary situation and you can not talk about the construction of the entire universe. Bending of the space may be due to a temporary situation in the physical universe. After normalization of phenomena, a space plane returns to the previous and the universe exist without evidence on the strings.

In my view, the universe in the form of micro-and macro has an infinite number of dimensions of space-time. The number of dimensions is incalculable, as is the size of the macro infinite space, the space in which there are all the micro and macro worlds. So far, no one has denied that there are creatures bigger or smaller than our universe. If there is, it's automatically there are other dimensions of space-time. One of the universes can wear in the other universes, and these, in turn, different, and so on. In each of these universes are other dimensions of space-time. If this hypothesis proves to be true one day, this will change, of course, look at the macro space as not having neither beginning nor end. Will have the end of their size, because in the end we find the beginning of another macro that contains another universe. We can compare it to an airplane flying in the clouds. The interior of the plane, the macro space in which our universe is, the window is the second macro space surrounding the plane around, the beginning and no end in sight. It is bigger than our macro space. In this close-up of space in addition to our own, can be a huge amount of other universes. The way the location of the macro can be seen that all of them need to have an oval shape.

From the quantum mechanics, we can see it like this: in our world or in the solar system we find an electron. If we could decompose it into its component parts, we would find in the universe. For the living beings in the universe of the electron, the universe would be a macro space with no beginning and no end. Electron in the universe would be countless numbers of stars, and thus - the worlds. It is clear that in these worlds are other dimensions and times than in our world. For us, these dimensions are extremely small and short times, but for the creatures who live there do not. They think that their macro space is huge. The telescopes can see countless galaxies and does not reach the end of this space.


What is the energy of the universe, dark matter?
Surely you can not draw, put the microscope and examined. Why? Because energy is immaterial, is everywhere, even under the microscope. Probably has something to build attraction, which allows her to create a uniform density, while remaining invisible to the matter built of atoms.
You can imagine it as water. Flowing river water density did not diluted. Water remains the same consistency and density. Flowing through the universe, and therefore the material creatures, it is not flowing black material. The black material is the environment in which the universe flows.
Another example: if a room filled with oxygen we allow a small amount of methane. Oxygen, as the environment does not change its density. Dilution will be methane, which will be spread in the environment of oxygen. The analogy to the dark matter here is not complete, because oxygen and methane are the type of material and interact with each other pushing each other.
Black pushes the matter does not matter, and vice versa, but its impact is visible. If you look at the galaxy through a telescope you'll see that they are finite, and for that all the stars are spinning these sets in motion vortex. The whole galaxy are spinning like garbage on the water vortex. Is the garbage would be swirling motion if the environment is not water? Of course not! So the galaxy may be spinning just because it is an environment that carries them. This environment is called dark energy matter.


How do we perceive the world?

Theories about a miniature single mass hanging in empty space having no end, no beginning, which exploded and created the universe, does not sound too convincing. Do not explain why the mass because it got there, what is an empty space without end, why there was an explosion, and with such a low mass galaxies may have formed today, and what was a huge energy still exists today.

To be able to say that we have a view on this matter, we must determine what the usadowimy place and what time we will talk. This is nothing like the theory of relativity because no determination of these facts it is not possible to say whether something is in motion or at rest.
An example would be flying with great speed space station. If the observer is located on a station or next to it and can not see the ground, convinced that the station is in place. Only view the earth as a reference point can be said that the station is in motion.
Similarly, consideration of the beginning of the world. So we start on time of 14 billion years before. Introduce their own systematic view of the matter.

First Emptiness, in which the world was not empty. This macro space filled with dark energy, having a beginning and an end, but rather its size, because it is the product of round, like a soap bubble. Where the end of its dimensions, dimensions begin next the space outside the universe.

Second At the beginning of the explosion was not something small. It was a gigantic explosion of a black hole, which is created from the universe before that date. Yes, the universe was gone, he was pulled into the black hole.

3rd In the final phase of the black hole rotation was no longer matter. The entire previous universe turned into energy. The explosion occurred at a time when the last matter turned into energy.

4th Spinning black hole covered macro microwave energy vibrating space. This energy continues today bouncing off the ends of the macro space.

5th After the explosion of the black hole, energy is scattered macro space. With this energy again began to create the simplest matter, ie hydrogen and helium. In each, the smallest piece of matter created in gravity. Each atom of matter expanded gravity. If you met two atoms, gravity invaded twice. Matter began to attract. The forces of attraction cause spin more and more creations. Gyratory cause compression of matter, until finally there have to ignition, heat and hydrogen synthesis. The resulting star. They created a new interior materials, more complex, heavy elements, gold, silver and others. Throwing around a star that exploded in yet another matter. The universe was created.

6th Energy was formed after the outbreak of the black hole is the same energy that fills the entire makroprzestrzeń. Energy macro space is a substance that fills every seemingly empty space. It is located in the nuclei, between electrons and other micro and macro worlds, if any. And if there is, is the energy that connects each of these worlds directly, because if there are any other of our close spaces, they in turn create an unimaginably large whole. Of course, from our point of view (see the theory of relativity).

7th Macro spaces in which universes are not located next to each other, as flying soap bubbles. Are located within, or close one area contains a countless number of other macro space with other dimensions of spacetime. These spaces include another macro, again with the other dimensions of spacetime, and so on indefinitely.



The monthly Characters Maciej Bilicki, an astrophysicist, a doctoral student at the Center for Astronomical them. Nicolaus Copernicus Academy of Sciences, in his article The universe is rushing faster and faster claims that the universe will expand forever because the matter is too little, besides seen fleeing the continuous acceleration of galaxies.
Mr. doctoral thesis presents based on their own notions of the universe do not have any doubts that his ideas have real grounds. It seems to me that they have no real basis, because I noticed flaws in your PhD.
Claim: The matter is not enough and the universe will expand forever is wrong and not in accordance with the laws of physics.
The Big Bang material scattered in all directions. If we, the people now running galaxies observed in one direction, it is dictated by the location of the observer seated in accordance with the Theory of Relativity. So if the matter goes in different directions, gravity vectors that matter have different returns. When you can to stop the galaxy? When the gravitational force vectors would be the opposite phrases, but the same strength. If the vector will have less braking power, the galaxy can stop it or not? Maybe!, But it will take a longer period of time. And if vector braking, be a vector of only one atom, it will stop the galaxy, or not? Yes!, But this will be the unimaginably long time. It is therefore wrong reasoning doctoral Lord that the low density of matter spread of the universe will continue still. It will take a long time, but not always.
Another mistake in reasoning is the assertion: galaxies and their clusters are bathed in a sea of ​​some unknown particles that interact gravitationally but are invisible. Galaxies are not bathed in a sea of ​​particles, but in dark matter, which is energy and there is a partial construction. Energy is immaterial. No one has proved that the dark matter (read: energy) has gravity. It is speculated that in some way associated galaxy, but the method is not yet known current physics.

Another flaw in the reasoning: In the standard cosmology, the future fate of the universe depends on its average density, the weight in it. I wonder what the fate of the universe you graduate student says. It seems that the Lord assumes the eternal existence of the universe, but that assumption is wrong.
You say that the universe was once concentrated and like hot soup. Then, as the expansion of the universe cooled did and do rare, the material focused on the atomic nuclei. In his reasoning, you jumped a stage. What happened to the hot soup? because it is already on the expansion of the cosmos.
Says the Lord: materials focused on the atomic nuclei. Error!, It was just matter of atomic nuclei, and not vice versa. You forgot to add how did these nuclei when you think you that hot soup composed of atomic nuclei, that is, you are wrong. You forgot about the assertion Einstein and Max Planck talking about converting matter into energy and energy into matter. It is the energy of the big bang created the atoms first hydrogen, then helium. Matter, sir emerged next.

At the end I will tell you that the hot soup was suspended in the void immense space. Hot soup was a product of the cycle of birth and destruction of the universe located in pervasive energy, called dark matter universe.

I'll tell you the end of the hot soup was suspended in the void immense space. Hot soup was a product of the cycle of birth and destruction of the universe located in pervasive energy, called dark matter universe.


The black hole will judge all

Does energy have gravity? Definitely not!
If the universe had a speeding stop, roll back, the whole matter of the universe will strive for a single point. Up to this point, which had started to run. Why? Because the universe does not run in one direction now, running in all directions from the point of the big bang, like an expanding sphere.
Some scientists are concerned the increasing rate of escape of galaxies. Is it disturbing? No,. This is normal and natural. Is the bullet fired from the rifle immediately after firing slows down? No,. For a time, accelerates, then its speed is stabilized, and finally begins to slow down. This is the case of galaxies. Currently they are still in the acceleration phase and I do not see anything unusual.

In a few billion years, the universe will reverse its course, the whole matter will be the focus. Like all creations of the universe, will fall to spin, which increasingly will increase gravity. The matter will be closer to one point. Ignition occurs. Conditions are created for the launch of the black hole, the largest black hole which it was not since the last big bang.
After uptake of the entire matter of the universe, black holes will have the gravity of the universe. Since then, the increase in turnover, the material will begin to convert into energy. The less will matter in a black hole, the more will swell as a result of decreasing gravity. There will be a moment when the material is almost finished. Lack of gravity will cause an explosion of black holes in space and scattering of energy from space debris matter. Re-start the creation of the universe after the next big bang.

Why, then, fourteen billion years ago there was a big bang? Converted into energy because the matter has caused the disappearance of gravity and the disintegration of the black hole at its center having the whole universe.

I've heard opinions that the black hole can swallow light, therefore not visible.
The observer, looking at the black hole does not send her light, on the contrary, tries to pick up the light. Why is that light does not? Probably because the black hole matter turns into energy, and this is not on.


Gravity energy

Among the many theories of the universe, hear that energy is gravity. Not only that, apparently gravity is having a positive energy and negative energy of gravity holds.
I think this is incorrect reasoning. You really want to complicate the world, and it is simpler than we think.
Consider the situation when the energy filling the space of the universe is gravity. This energy surrounds the globe from all sides. What would happen if the Earth and the energy of the cosmos began strongly to attract? Globe would hold up. Yes, cease to rotate. Gravity Power have worked as a brake. Is spinning billions of years globe release? No! Spins freely, because once dispersed encounters not inhibit any environment.
So, the answer is simple. Cosmic energy, called dark energy surrounding the planet earth has no gravity or positive or negative.
We do not have this power, but with a simple deduction, we can determine that gravity does not have.


Brake speeding the universe

After the big bang black hole that several billion years ago focused in its interior the previous universe, and finally exploded, matter and energy scattered in all directions. The blast was so large that even fourteen billion years galaxies are rushing ahead and not see signs of deceleration.
Since everything in the universe is subject to cycles of creation and death, even the universe, how can you imagine stopping galaxies, and then return to the place from which it took off? You can imagine the material that eventually attract to each other by gravity. But in this reasoning is the gap. Let's say that the two galaxies have attracted and joined. But they were still running in the same direction as before! The interconnected or not run away. So the theory falls braking gear galaxies due to gravity.

There is another explanation for the phenomenon of the return of galaxies. Stop, bouncing off the edge of the universe.
No explanation of this phenomenon, it is difficult to imagine any end of the universe. It's hard because I imagine the traditional space, as enormous void, not having neither beginning nor end. But the world is not built.

We and our universe we are a part of another whole. That, more whole is part of another, larger whole, and so on to infinity.
Of course, the same principle applies to reduce the worlds. In our universe is unimaginably much smaller universes.
We do not know whether, for example, the electron does not exist in the universe. We are not in a position today to check the current technology because we can not check something built from atoms, something smaller than atoms. Logic tells us that the electron, proton, nucleus, and other creations are made from something after all. Even if the nucleus can break the quarks, they in turn are made up of something.

We return to the speeding galaxies. If the electron is the universe, what is the end of the universe? Are we now in a position to say where in the electron starts? But this is not a sphere having a rubber coating, or some other. So what is the limit of the size of an electron? That something is the extremity of that universe. That will reflect something of the galaxy and start rushing back to the place from which took off.


Weight and gravity

Scientists today ask themselves the question, where does the weight. Because it is that the body has a mass, we know because of gravity. If you have a problem with lifting something, it is precisely due to gravity. The larger the body, the greater the gravity. Very large bodies gravity manifests itself attracting others.
As scientists say, the current physics does not know the answer to the question where did the weight. So I'll try to draw his own theory on the subject.

We now know that gravity applies to the matter has mass. But there is one very interesting detail. Gravity is not always the same in relation to the same matter. So when is the other? When the material is put into a spin. The greater the speed of matter, the greater the gravity.
Let's use an example. Shaking the earth around its axis has appropriate gravity to keep the proper distance of the moon from the earth. If the ground speed increased, gravity would increase the earth and the moon would fall to the ground.
From this reasoning, we can see that the mass of the earth would increase apparently because increased its gravity. Following the course of this argument, we see that the body grows seemingly weight while increasing speed of the body.
Pilot practitioner on a centrifuge is getting heavier as the spinning speed of growth, according to my theory that the apparent speed will increase the weight.
So if you start to turn something that does not have the mass to get the effect? This thing will have gravity, and hence, the weight! This theory, of course, because in a turning everything material universe has mass and gravity.
We have obtained the answer, where is the mass of the material world. It has mass, because the whole world is matter in motion. There is no quiet space matter. The smallest atom contains elements that are in motion. This movement creates gravity, and gravity causes the mass of matter.
Therefore, you must change the formula school teaching that the gravity due to the mass of the body. It is, after all, conversely, it shows what is the gravity of the body weight.

The foregoing, it can not be attributed to energy. Dark energy fills the smallest corners of the world is in peace. So I do not have gravity and weight. If it had a gravity, all motion of bodies in space would be inhibited. Enormous, inexhaustible energy resources attract posiadałyby so strong that it would prevent any movement of galaxies, suns, planets and other matter.
So it seems not hit theory of gravity, dark matter universe. This energy without mass and without gravity.



Thermal energy surrounds us always and everywhere a lifetime. Heat is essential to man, in contrast to the dark energy that is everywhere, but not a human hand and recognized.
Thermal energy is so common that people are not thinking about what it actually is. If you ask a random person what is hot, no one would be able to give the correct answer.
From this example you can see the importance of energy in the universe, appearing in various forms. So what is thermal energy? Heat radiation is light. The light has a different frequency. The heat coming out of a body is just a light having a different frequency than visible light. Every body emits even a tiny amount of heat just shines. What causes the secretion of heat?
Heat separated during movement. It is also the opposite effect of that event. If we apply heat to the body, it will cause an increase in the atomic motion of the body. This example can be concluded that the atoms of one body "see" atoms of another body heat by radiation. The fact that the atoms are able to "see" the light of the proven solar panels that convert light into electricity. In this example showing how heat can pass from one body to another.
If we lower the body temperature, the atomic motion in the body begins to slow down. The body will radiate less heat. Further cooling until the absolute zero, or up to 273 degrees Celsius will result in termination of the atomic motion in the body. All protons and electrons stop. In the body there is an atomic order. It's like a sudden stop all vehicles on the highway. In this situation jechałoby a comfortable highway without a collision? Yes, jechałoby definitely more comfortable. Similarly, in the current guide, cooled to absolute zero. This guide has zero resistance. This is called superconductivity.
Gravity due to the nuclear motion of the body. Is heated body when the atomic movement grows, it begins to be more and more gravity? No! Why? Because the energy radiated in the form of light is adequate to heat inserted into the body. The atoms of the body have already been inside the atomic energy and the adoption of an additional portion is simply impossible.
Does the body cooled to a temperature of absolute zero, when its internal traffic stops, stops weigh? No! Why? Because an atom is on the move, this time rushing ahead with the whole world since the big bang. Similarly, a man sitting in a car picking the speed, it weighs more than it actually is. If the speed of the car will increase man's weight will increase as well.


How to prove that the weight of the body due to traffic

Prepare the metal ball, put it in a spaceship, put the ship in the direction of propagation of the universe, give it a world spreading speed, ball cool to a temperature of absolute zero.

Now, the ball does not have mass.


Gravity hydrogen

Only matter has gravity, and is influenced by gravity. At first, after a huge explosion black hole, containing in its interior the previous universe, scattered in all directions in energy. Yes, energy, and not matter. All matter preceding universe, unimaginable by temperature and pressure, is converted to energy. Perhaps, some remnants of matter survived, and the outbreak has been disposed of along with energy. At the time of the explosion, once again began to transform energy into matter. We do not know why. Perhaps as a result of the rapid expansion in, or loss of heat. At first, the matter was simple, the hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen was the first matter after the explosion. Natural Law says that every matter has gravity. So the first hydrogen too. Location hydrogen possessed gravity? But the energy was, and as we all know this does not have gravity. It remains only as one answer, the gravity of the hydrogen atom was in motion. This movement causes gravity, not vice versa.

Stephen Hawking, a prominent astrophysicist said that the case is a different matter that the creation of the universe after the big bang. According to his theory, is due to chance alone, that the hydrogen atoms on the outbreak did not turn out symmetrically next to one another, as in the grid window on the fly. If so matched, interacting at you from all sides, could not connect, and create other elements.
I can not agree with this theory for several reasons: because it can not be zero when all of the hydrogen atoms arranged side by side. If we arrange them in one place, then to another come later. At that time, these atoms, which on the one hand does not yet have a neighbor, by force of gravity combine with others. Even with such a huge capacity and speeds, such as the big bang, time plays a crucial role. Even today, the material is rushing ahead, pushed by force of explosion, although it's been fourteen billion years. Padding the hydrogen universe continues today so you could not do in a moment that the entire space of our universe. From the very beginning, created favorable conditions for connecting to the matter and the construction of other elements.


The universe is spinning

How, in such a vast space of the universe may have been created the conditions for connecting to the matter? The same gravitational pull of atoms and molecules does not build roots. The creation of new elements is required temperature and pressure. When these conditions may have occurred? When connecting to the material began to spin vortex, increase its gravity to attract another matter, squeeze it, get the ignition and increasing the temperature. In nature, however, did not just happen. For such a process is necessary drive. What could drive a massive cloud of gas and matter the size of many galaxies to revolve began swirling? What turns our Milky Way galaxy? Hubble Telescope can see the whole Milky Way is crazy spin. What causes these revolutions?
The answer can be only one. Our universe is spinning. This rotation causes rotation of the universe of galaxies and new stars ignition. With the stars, new elements. Firing of star causes the scattering elements and the construction of the universe, the planets.

If the universe is spinning, it has the shape of a sphere, like all other creatures in the universe. This explanation must be rejected all string theories about the construction of the world, or parallel planes of which the world is built. All of these theories arise in the minds of scientists who want to necessarily get the support of their ideas. But the world is simple in construction. The similarity of everything we see at every turn, the differences are only in sizes.


Travel in the universe

There have been many ideas of ways to travel around the universe. All are, however, a fundamental flaw. Not solve the problem quickly overcome przeogromnych distance. Even light, with the highest known rate in the world would reach the nearest star to the sun only for four years. Currently, there is no possibility in the future it will not be, to build the vehicle reaching the speed of light. So what is left? Will we find a way to travel to other galaxies? The answer is YES!

If we look at the historical development of man, we come to the conclusion that virtually all modern, what we have achieved, we have come in the last hundred years. What does this mean? This means that the explosion is currently under way to explore the world, technology, miniaturization and automation. The "moment" come to the miniaturization and automation of nanotechnology that work at the level of atoms will not be a problem. Scanning all the atoms that make up a human being is complicated.
We know that physics allows conversion of mass into energy and vice versa, the energy in the mass. This means that, in view of human nuclear scan, the entire set can be transformed into a human nuclear energy. Or vice versa, with energy, we can turn it into a collection of atoms, which play the man.
Now that you have the ability to're on the path to travel around the galaxies, and in an incredibly short time. Let us recall how the current run. Moves on the principle of transferring information from electron to electron. The energy travels in a similar manner. Launched picture anything exchanged energy in one place, at the same time you can play in another, anywhere. Former Energy image to send the matter through dark matter, or energy fills the universe and other worlds in any place and there will reproduce the material form. In this way, space and time will have no meaning. We will begin to explore the universe, or other universes. We will teach their children about the beginning of the journey. The emotion we talk about incompetent flights to the moon.


Future Medicine

The development of technology in the future will allow us to significantly improve diagnosis and thus, health. Apparently we build nanorobots that will be introduced into the body by injection. Each such robot circulating in the blood will not only repair the damage to our bodies, but in more complex situations, notify us (read: doctors) about the problems of the body, which will react preemptively.

This will not, however, the most important step in medical history. Technology in the future will lead to our knowledge of man to such a level that we know well how to prevent disease, and after getting sick, like a human being treated. How do we know? This technique will allow the atomic level. Computers scan the man to the level of a single atom. Appropriate programs will compare to the atoms in the human body are necessary and which are missing. In addition, the program immediately picks up that the bacteria must be removed immediately, and which are missing. Nanorobots, managed PC, will provide the body missing, or remove unwanted bacteria, pathogenic. They will also play the role of builders. Any kind of loss supplement atom by atom. Sick, staying in the hospital lying future, will monitor the progress of work on the monitors nanobots. The hospital staff will focus on providing the building blocks of atomic, nanobots and supervision over the proper course of treatment.

If my predictions come true, that humanity is waiting in the future life without diseases. No disease is longevity. More time in the life of a man, a sport, play and travel. We will have to travel in space, travel long distances, so you'll need a long life in good health.



Some physicists argue that in the future people will be traveling around the universe using wormholes. Apparently the tunnels already exist, but they need to be found. Somehow I can not imagine that our universe has a plane connected tunnels. What is in the space between the planes in which the tunnel would be? Nothing? It can not be, the world is not made up of anything.

In consideration of the galaxy hanging proved that the universe is round and revolves. If so, it makes no sense to choose in the future to some very distant galaxy in front, in the direction of where she is. You can still go in the opposite direction and fly before. No need to bend the space-time, because it is already bent. Is the journey from Polish to the U.S. must take place in the west? No! Also get there by flying to the east. Why do you think this way of traveling? Because physics applies to both the earth and the universe. A theory, not a figment of strings or planes of space-time, but badajmy phenomena in micro scale, they are the same also at the macro level.

Revolution in physics will know the dark energy fills the cosmos. It is this energy will allow us to travel freely on our and other universes. However, until we know that energy will remain at a finite speed of light. If we have the ability to travel at this speed, our lives would change completely. When this occurs? Then, when nanotechnology will break down into individual atoms of man and replace it with energy. Modulation surrender the energy beam of laser light and send the trolley anywhere. Light energy transfer rate of human energy spread of light.


Time travel to the past

If will be possible in the future, time travel, zero, it will of course be possible ahead of time past. Time is running out to man the speed of light. This is what is happening now moving away from us so fast that it can no longer catch up. It is impossible now, but is it always will be? No! If we are no longer able to travel on the principle of energy in zero time, precede light. They will reach out to us images of times past, we will look anywhere and see the event. One, however, will not will not be able to interfere in what happened. It will not be so Grandfather Paradox, which feared Stephen Howking. The paradox was that we could kill his grandfather before the birth of our father.


We are close to discovery is not exhaustible energy resources
Yes, there is such energy that the resources are not to imagine.
Watching the sun astrophysicists observed unusual phenomenon occurring in the crown of the sun. The surface temperature of the sun is several hundred thousand degrees, but already hundreds of one thousand kilometers above the sun or in the crown increases significantly. This contradicts all the laws of physics, which has so far met a man. According to well-known principles, the farther from the surface of the sun, the temperature must be reduced. What causes the temperature rise again?

Despite the fact that no one gave more answers to this question, intuition tells me that this is a turning point early discovery of endless energy resources.
The whole world, even the universe is filled with dark energy in which are suspended all the creatures of the universe. It is a peaceful energy filling all the universe, such as water in a vessel, or air on the planet. Mankind does not know that energy. There are only suspicions that fills a space dark matter.
As is clear from the considerations observation of the sun, dark energy, however, is not all over the place. It lacks inside the sun, where the temperature is hundreds of millions of degrees. At the time of fusion that occurs in the nucleus of the sun, where the hydrogen atoms are squeezed so that the connecting and are in the presence of a large amount of heat evolved, there is no room for energy black. Perhaps the reason for the lack of energy in the center of the sun is still powerful gamma radiation. So, tremendous pressure and the presence of gamma rays may supplant the ubiquitous black energy?
We return to the surface of the sun. This raises the suspicion that the high temperature on the surface of the sun and coming from the interior of Gamma radiation can cause "ignition" black power. The "ignition" is nothing other than replacing one energy to another under the influence of temperature and radiation. Crown temperature rises the sun, because the sun surrounding dark energy, or the several thousand kilometer layer surrounding the sun turns into heat energy. It's like a glowing furnace Sprinkle over scoops of coke. It should be noted that during this phenomenon, the physical law of energy preservation is met.

Are my thoughts in the future will prove themselves time. You can now to construct a mathematical equation in which the unknown would be a constant or variable that specifies the black energy. So far, none of this equation does not compromise, because no one took into account the existence of dark energy.
The next stage will be laboratory activities involving the bombing of a burning plasma gamma rays. Black Power does not need to be added, because it is everywhere. I will be eagerly waiting for the results, which should show the temperature of the plasma. It would be undeniable proof of the correctness of my considerations. Do not be afraid to point a black avalanche energy, because as you can see the sun, the heat turns into only a certain layer of dark energy.

1 8/01/11

Movement in space

Pioneer probes dispersed over a vast speed 11km/sek had left the solar system. What drives the probe that has reached such a high speed? No, it does not have a rocket engine, which gave the order to keep it. It has on board a modern cell to generate electricity, power equipment and the transmitter, but its signal is no longer perceive. It was sent into space in 1973 and continues. Giving way to probe the velocity is directed to the planet or moon. Of course, not in the middle, but the next. Gravity Probe planet suitable rate of descent. After passing several planets, the probe was received 11km/sek speed.
Her moving away, working on the human imagination. But if it is true that the probe will always be to walk away? Maybe after 5 or 10 billion years, it appears that the probe has returned to the vicinity of the ground. How is this possible? This is possible because of the curvature of space-time. If the universe is indeed spherical, the probe will not fly straight, its trajectory will be curved in the shape of a circle. Return to the ground, like a boomerang. In the worst case, will be attracted by a star, which will not be able to get around.

The case of our probe suggests that once dispersed does not lose speed. Is so dark matter universe may have gravity? No! Gravity would cause inhibition of the matter.
Speaking about the lack of inhibition in space could draw a misconception that once the bodies have been given movement during or after the big bang by gravity, will spin forever. This is true in part.

Our sun rotates around its own axis. What gives this body movement? Is the speed the sun arose during the attraction of other celestial bodies? In part, yes. But the speed of the sun does not come.
Imagine the ball to half filled with water. Let's just prepared to give the ball movement. After a few turns to a stop. Sun also is filled with a liquid content. Centrifugal force would hold that content quickly turns the star. But it spins, why? Therefore, because the universe is spinning, thus giving the rotation bodies contained therein.


How and with what is the universe made

As scientists say, is the background microwave radiation of electromagnetic waves received today. It was established at the time of the big bang and we were able to see how it arises, we would see the beginning of the birth of the universe.
's Think those claims.
Microwave radiation is a wave of high-frequency radio. Created once, at the time of the big bang. So it is a wave, which no longer makes, once produced simply exists. So we can receive the radio waves, which is no longer produced? No! Radio wave is not in place when the transmitter has stopped producing it. Radio wave moves away from the place of manufacture of the speed of light. Big Bang has not produced a wave oven, because it is gone. So why continue to pick up microwave radiation? That I do not say theses.
The answer is simple. The radiation reflected by the ends of the universe. Yes, the universe is spherical, hence its limits, its end. It is up to the ends of the universe is reflected microwave radiation and returns to all the places where it was.

Scientists say that it came in a second big bang, the universe, matter and time.
Think this claim.
The universe was not created at the time of the big bang. The universe has always existed. At the time of the big bang filled with matter, because before the explosion there was only black energy. So how did this big bang? I have not heard discussion of scholars on this subject. I say that the big bang was not created out of nothing, it was a blast of black holes formed from the matter of the previous universe.
At the time of the big bang was the time? No! The concept of time arises when it create. So time in the universe exists and it does not matter whether it is material or not. You can not only describe the beginning when there is no matter, but you can not undermine its existence.

Scientists say that immediately after the outbreak began to create matter and antimatter.
Think this claim.
From what we now know, after the outbreak of the matter began to form in the following way: first, quarks were created as smallest element of matter known to man. Then, three quarks form a proton or neutron, then combined protons and neutrons form the atomic nucleus. Merging nuclei began to form hydrogen. And where there is room for some antimatter? Who came up with the idea of ​​the existence of antimatter and why it is still promoted. On the evidence of the existence of antimatter on TV shows mirror which reflects the image of an apple. And what this picture has to prove? If I see in the mirror of his anti-person, it causes a reaction? No! Reflection, and the specter of the matter is not matter, can only be energy picture of what the result will not be turned into matter.

Construction of the world is simple, it is really simple.


How to calculate the size of the universe

If you currently find microwave radiation, which was created at the time of the big bang, it means that the wave ovens during the fourteen billion years already managed to reach the edge of the universe and back to where we are.
Knowing constant, decreasing the amplitude of the wave per unit time, measuring the amplitude of the microwave current, we can calculate the distance traveled. The unit of time will be substituted into the formula time 14 billion years, because we know more or less when there was a big bang. Distancing speed and reverse waves is well known, the rate of approximately 300000.km/h With so three data: time, speed, rate of wave and the wave amplitude to diminish over time, we can calculate a rough approximation of the size of the universe.
I would recommend this astronomical observation Scientific Institutes.


What awaits the end of the universe?

According to the scientists, the universe is filled with dark matter and dark energy.
You can not say, because it is the origin of particulate matter, and every piece of material must have gravity. In addition, if there are any particles of the cosmos, whether they are black, or have a different color you can find and explore. Is flying in space satellites encounter a sand space? No! Is flying in space satellites encounter there on a gravity of particles? No! So there is no dark matter in the universe, the origin of the partial. It is, however, in my opinion, dark energy fills the entire space of the universe. Dark energy in the universe is forever and does not come from the big bang. Dark energy in the universe existed before the big bang. It is the energy surrounding the matter, which is a binder for the matter. Is likely to enter into relationships with other energies, such as high temperature X-ray or gamma radiation.
At the time of the last birth of the universe after the big bang when the black hole space of the universe was filled with enormously high temperature, the black energy in cooperation with the energy of the black hole left by the previous universe created in the boiler began to form the smallest particles of matter, the quarks. Boiler expanding rapidly cooled did as vigorously moving quarks due to temperature with a vengeance left the boiler taking some heat energy. Black energy for quarks stabilize boiler allowing them to connect to the protons, neutrons and electrons.
The rapid motion of quarks in the boiler caused the universe to create a powerful gamma-ray radiation generated electrons and creating an electric current. At this point, there is also light. There was a flash of the future energy of the universe. After the transformation of almost all the energy of the previous universe and matter again after the termination of Gamma radiation, black power went out returning to his old form.

There is one statement crowning the inevitable end of the universe. It is argued that the expanding universe, matter or thins, or stretch it all the breaking atomic bonds leading to emptiness.
Does this statement make sense? No! Torn universe is not turning mass into energy, so the particles remain. If they had not left, this would not be consistent with maintaining the physical laws of mass and energy.
Do I have to believe that the universe is expanding more and more momentum? I think I made a mistake measuring. If something moves faster than the observer, this does not mean that the entire space is rushing faster. Can move away from the observer measured the body only, not the whole space. Keep in mind also that the observer is moving. It is because of the speed of the universe is supposed to stretch so that it remains cold and empty. This reasoning is a complete gap.
But could it be that the enormous space was always empty, and suddenly fourteen billion years ago created a some point, which exploded. If it was empty, he would remain on empty. It can not yet created something out of nothing. This point is nothing more than a black hole formed from the previous universe. The universe has in fact always likely to convert energy into matter and vice versa. The universe changes so your face regularly at however many billions, and perhaps trillions of years in the energy universe and back to the universe of matter. These cycles will continue forever because the universe and the world has everything built in cycles. In the universe there is nothing permanent.


What results from the movement of the universe?

The fact that everything in the universe is in motion already noticed Heraclitus BC. We know this because we see it. The Earth spins on its axis, the moon orbits the earth, the sun is spinning, spinning galaxies, in a word everything is in motion. Ask yourself, why? Scholars in all hearings of the universe carefully avoiding the question. You can not know what to think, why is this happening.
Here's what I think about it.
The universe, with all its contents galaxies, suns, planets, nebulae, black is still full of energy. She keeps all the creatures together and allow the matter to remain in cohesion. With the gravity of dark energy atoms of matter can act on each other, holding the matter in focus. With this option, gas nebulae remain in focus and give you the ability to create stars. To start you need to create such a movement of gases and other matter. How this movement is created which creates it?
The universe is a big pot containing soup in the form of dark energy with vegetables. If we experience with a pot of soup, which put on a centrifuge, then over time we will see that the contents of the pot also spins. It follows that the universe as a big pot needs to spin, because the contents of the pot also spins. If the universe is spinning, it apparently is part of an even greater pot of soup. So, our universe is not the only one, is part of another whole. We are therefore inhabitants of the universe, which is contained in another universe. Universe spinning motion leads to dark energy contained in it, and this causes the movement of everything that is suspended in it. That's the answer, where does the movement of everything in the universe.


Souls - the accumulation of knowledge and experience

Remember, in nature nothing is lost. This is a very important phenomenon in the universe. Saying "in nature", I of course mean the universe. One might say that if we send a beam of light in the space (and the light carries energy), we could say that we killed the particle energy. No, energy is not lost. Light runs into space, thins and thins the energy that brings. However, nothing is lost, everything scatter, but it is.
If no energy is lost, it is lost and the energy of knowledge. I heard recently that knowledge is not power. So what is knowledge? Knowledge is created by energy, which is the conversion of energy in. .., well, what exactly? Learning to use energy. Because the nature energy can not disappear, then where did the energy consumed to learn? Turned into knowledge, so knowledge is power. This is another form of energy. The well-known forms of energy, or motion, heat, sound, light, electricity, we can easily add energy knowledge.
If you are serious about the laws of physics, we have to answer is what happens to the energy of a man of knowledge who died? No energy in nature is not lost, at most, may take a different form, turn into a movement, work, light, etc. Is the energy of human knowledge is not living on the same energy that is transformed into a different form? If it is the same energy, we have to deal with the dead man's soul.
We also know that the accumulated energy is another form of a single. For example, a small waterfall in the river does not have the energy as a large waterfall. The energy accumulated in large river water can make much more work than a small energy. Are the souls of billions of dead people can make a point, a place of enormous energy center of knowledge? Nature is very reasonable and I can not believe that all the people skills gained from centuries simply lost. This can not be true. Darwin in his theory of evolution has proved that in nature there is an evolutionary natural selection. Everything that now exists was created for something. Nature does nothing in vain. If the human brain was the power of knowledge, it is not so, by then the gap. Knowledge is power, because it is naturally needed to do something. Following are the souls of people's lives because they have to perform a task, what? we do not know.
But I know what people will do in the future with the souls.
Law of physics states that energy can change into matter and matter into energy. In the future, people will inherit the ability to replace the remaining energy of a man a man. Humanity will have the ability to play people who once lived on earth. Not only that, you can play any man of his age. Why? Therefore, because the energy of the soul is built gradually, from knowledge baby, a young man and then an adult. After the death of an adult could be used to restore the man only half of its energy, which is the part that was established in early life. In this way, at the expense of the reconstituted human wisdom, the rise of a young man who had once lived and died as a man. I admit that it reminds me of the sky speaks the Catholic faith. There apparently all the dead arise and in addition are young.


Time and space in a black hole

A black hole in space is a peculiarity of the stars formed after the death. It is a very mysterious creature and his behavior gets out of control the laws of physics. Scholars argue that gravity black hole is so large that it can draw into its interior light and time. Does this statement make sense? No! Light is the creation of a tangible, verifiable. Although it is not material, contains a detectable frequency and thermal energy. We also know the rate of spread. And what is the time? Time is a concept. The concept was created after the time that the human imagination could play event. So the notion of man-made can be drawn into a black hole? Of course, not! I do not understand how you can talk about events that do not have meaning.

The scientific discourses can also find the claim that black hole she could squeeze the globe to tennis ball size, and the compression and rotation in space throws huge amounts of gas. Unfortunately, these explanations are chaotic and more are preached to the impression, than because of scientific truth.

If we measure the size of an atomic nucleus and the size multiplied by the number of atoms that make up the globe, it would appear that we get the dimension larger than a tennis ball. So, if the black hole is squeezed to the globe so that the merged nuclei, the creation would be bigger than a tennis ball. Of course, it's just a theory, because such a situation can not occur. Why? Therefore, as earlier material turned into energy. I do not know why the author treatises have forgotten.

Flaws in research trials is also to say that the black hole ejects gases. First, it is claimed that its gravity is so great that he can pull the light and time, and for a moment, that leaves her gas. So where is the logic? I guess that was just created when observed through a telescope Hubla giant plumes on both sides of the black hole. These are not the exhaust plumes of gas! A black hole is a creation of cylindrical in its structure and behavior. Shaking like a roller, throws into space from the beginning and the end of the cylinder powerful X-ray and gamma radiation. Radiation flux of light years in length ionizes the gas encountered in that light, and is therefore visible.

With time, the tens of billions or trillions of years, when the all stars of the universe leaving only a black hole, they will devour each other, and at the end there is only one black hole containing in its interior the entire universe. Her speed and gravity will first increase, then, when the material almost completely turned into energy, gravity begins to decrease, until a massive explosion. These will be the re-birth of the universe, and everything starts again from the beginning.


Where we came from and why we are

Do we have a mission to accomplish? As human beings, no! I think that we needed nature. Why? Because we are in the universe, something special. We are only a collection of atoms that so ułożyły their relationships in our body, they can create, provide and associate. All with energy. And if we were created by a creator? No! Why? For "Almighty" would also be "all-wise". That made people sickly, miserable, poor, etc., proves that we came without the help of creator.

Stories circulate among the people that used to come down the angels and brought people to be multiplied. Could there be any truth in this? Maybe.
Darwin's theory of evolution shows how everything has changed lives, but somehow I can not believe we came from monkeys. That's why we are like monkeys? I think so, because once a civilization took a monkey off the ground and manipulated them so that they began to multiply minded people.

That the civilization of its development is so far from us that can not yet be revealed. I just did not understand even their existence. Besides, these creatures do not have to watch in real life. Their technique allows them to play us people on their land. They are able to practically use the principle of energy conversion in the mass and weight of the power. With a power of every human being, it can turn into a man. In short, they can actually play in his encore our world. Why do they do it? Maybe in order to colonize other globes, or scientific purposes.

Are we men or are we ever could? Yes! The development of technology, in particular, nano technology is so dynamic that in about 100 years we have managed to dematerialize and materialize the people. For this will serve a huge computer - the machine to which you type the name and not the name of an existing person, we load the energy of the soul, the age at which we'll want to play and press the Start button.
On the other side of the machine will have to put the equivalent amount of carbon in the form of eg stem wood. It does not matter what a man will be rebuilt again because it will be the building blocks of atoms, and this is all made up. Is the rebuild, this man would be wise? Yes! You will have the knowledge acquired during his life. If you reproduce it, as a young, his knowledge is knowledge acquired at a young age. So if we play the late professor, but as a young, then the result will be a high school student.


The concept of the universe

Current telescopes to observe the sky is placed in the space. From the time when we cleared a lot of puzzles. Has seen the enormity of the cosmos. It turned out that countless galaxies have in their collection of billions and billions of stars. Simply universe is huge.

I'm starting to doubt whether the concept of beginning, from the size of a pin bulb to the current size of the universe may be true. Even if the whole matter of the previous universe turned into a black hole of energy, there could be such a small size. Why? Because a black hole explosion would occur already during the conversion of matter into energy. With such a vast amount of material during the compression and conversion of gravitational energy loss would occur at a much larger black hole than the size of a pin bulb. So proclaimed fond of the thesis that the universe was created out of what was the size of a pin bulb has no scientific basis.

There remains the question whether the power of a black hole formed from the former universe, it is the same energy that fills the universe, or another? Perhaps this is the same energy. If so, to initiate the needed material universe was only a temperature of billions of degrees Celsius and pressure. These conditions could ignite black energy. Next, everything has went to a well-known track. Today, it seems to me, this takes place in the crown of the sun, and probably in all the other stars of the universe. We remember that the temperature in the crown of the sun suddenly rising, rather than under the law of natural decrease. So we have to prove an interesting theory: dark energy space, under favorable conditions, a certain amount can convert into heat energy. This would be consistent with the principle of energy conversion.


Can we see your own ideas, knowledge and experience?

From the previous considerations that people should focus all their efforts to know the dark energy and its mode of action, because here lies the essence of the universe and life.

How is it that everything in the universe happens in accordance with the rules? How is it that on the ground, in space and under the earth all work in accordance with established principles? It must be something that shakes the universe, galaxies, stars and planets? There is something that makes the earth deserts no air in space, clouds run at a certain height, they live here, people capable of thinking and associate. All of this can be likened to the engine, which not only drives the vehicle, but thanks to it's warm in the vehicle, windshield wipers work, the battery is charging, light reflectors and many more.

So what is the engine of the universe? Engine of the universe is energy. The unrecognized structure can accept such conditions that we have such a world, what we see today.

Have argued that the human mind, knowledge, experience and memories never die, according to the principle of conservation of energy, as the energy of nature is never lost. All human experience, a clean energy reached during the conversion of an infinite number of factors processed during the life of man. These factors include the material is in the form of food, heat, energy, light, air, water, and more. Energy human knowledge accumulates throughout his life in the brain. When we live in the brain allows us to use these resources. If a man is ambitious, has a desire to explore the world, has the power of knowledge more than others. Hence we hear sometimes that man is stupid or wise. And then what? After all, human life comes to an end. It's true, life is over, but knowledge is power.

Can we see the power of knowledge? Yes! Some people have the skills. But how is it possible, after all, energy is not matter. Perhaps the energy of knowledge in its direct form may not be visible. But nature is rational. In nature, everything fits together, everything is done in a "reasonable" order, everything is in the "thought" movement, in short, if something happens, it happens according to the principle.
So how do you see the power of knowledge? Energy knowledge can take advantage of other energy resources such as dark energy. It can connect to the energy of heat or light. If you connect to the energy of light, and the light is shaped into the form of a man, a real man sees another man. If the energy of light will show us a man dead, a swear they saw a ghost. So what we saw? We have seen the power people already dead.

Energy knowledge exerts its activity in accordance with the principle of which man has not yet met. It is this principle makes all the relationships in the universe and the earth. According to this principle, everything fits together and everything is spinning in a predictable way. What is the basis of this principle? The energy.


Energy power of knowledge
Energy knowledge, wind energy is not in itself has no power. But where is the rationality of nature. A person living or has a specific power. If you want to put heavy door hinges must use rationality. Substitute for the door handle, and thus easily do the job. Energy knowledge behave similarly. Let us not forget that the energy of the dead man's knowledge, is a collection of experiences of his entire life. When his power after his death, he wants to perform a task, simply make use of the energy available for others. Of course, I do not know exactly how to do it, but I can imagine that if someone wants to burn the spirit, it connects to the power of heat and the task performed.

This year, four times I have experienced interesting behavior of the spirit, which no doubt made some action for some purpose.
In the morning, lying on his back in bed was thinking different things. At one point I felt a warm, wet kiss right on the lips. Immediately I imagined that someone came up and kissed me on the lips. I opened my eyes to see who it is. There was no one. I sat down and started to look around. The room was empty.

Later, at intervals of a few weeks, three times someone grabbed my cheek gently tugging. The events took place during a sunny day, on a sun lounger. They were so shocking that I can not still believe in their truth.

Today morning I will remember for long. At 7.30 I was awake already. I listened to the radio with my eyes closed. Suddenly, someone grabbed my left cheek with two fingers and shook. Even with your eyes closed, I thought that someone from the family members came up to me and jokingly grabbed my cheek. I smiled and opened my eyes. I saw a young person, with smoothly combed hair in a colorful blouse, with a wide, friendly smile, who had just straightened the tilted position. When she straightened up, she vanished. I can not get out of a daze. Everytime I see this stunning view.

Undoubtedly, one's energy signals of its existence. Today's event shows that the spirit does not always manifest itself in the flesh. Today, took advantage of the appearance of a young, beautiful and cheerful character.


Will we see the birth of the world?

No, I did not see. To me the whole, long-term work in Switzerland Cern (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in vain. The Large Hadron Collider, and finally, of course, will work to register collisions. To observe the decays of the proton and neutron, and what to do next with these particles. But the universe was not created because of collisions during the big bang. The universe was created from the energy of the previous universe in the presence of immense temperature, expansion and dark energy of the cosmos. None of these factors will not be applied in Cern. For this reason, do not observe the birth of the universe.

What they should do scientists, physicists? They should address their long-term efforts and a lot of money invested in Hadron Collider towards knowledge dark energy space. Here is the secret of the universe. Black power shall decide on all events in the universe, also decided to re-birth of the universe in which we are now. The universe was not created in a vacuum, as some people are trying to prove. The present universe was created in an existing space filled with dark energy. After the outbreak of the black hole that contains the energy of the previous universe formed under the dictation of the black material energy. It's the energy of formation of atoms decided if and how they will connect. Next went so, says physicist known to man.

It seems that scientists building a particle accelerator physics, Einstein's forgotten: in nature the matter is not lost, if you disappear atom, that is, turned into energy. The energy did not die, if conditions arise, can again become a matter. The universe is a black cauldron containing energy. In all of this energy turns into anything but the balance is always zero.

By the way, do not forget the Great people I might add that it was in Switzerland in the construction of the accelerator, scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the Internet means of communication, the internet and HTML, in which I write this blog.


How to see energy?

Man is the only creature in the world thinking he knows that dark energy exists, although it has not seen. In the universe there is order so the energy that causes this order, there is. Can you see it? No. But you can prove its existence. On the ground, there are many forms of energy, which you can not see, and know that they exist. Riding a bicycle from Poznan to Dry Forest need a lot of pedaling, as the dry forest is higher than in Poznan. Fifteen minutes pedaling collect kinetic energy. Whether you arrive on site you will see that we have accumulated kinetic energy? No. Anyone who looks at us will not notice any difference in our appearance. Is our behavior on the site will differ from the norm? No. Be the same even though we have a huge supply of kinetic energy. If we decide to go back to Poznan for fifteen minutes we'll go without pedaling. Who pushed the bike and where did the energy come from? It is this kinetic energy, which gathered pedaling uphill. She was not seen, but the effects of which resulted in evidence that she was. Energy so you can not see, but we can say that there are the effects of its actions.


Is there anti-matter?

Astrophysicists promoted fond of the idea that at the time of the Big Bang created matter and antimatter, which is another unicestwiały. According to this argument, if by chance there was more matter than antimatter, the world would not exist.

First, in the universe, nothing happens by accident. That we may seem to people that something happened by chance. This results from the knowledge. If you do not know, you invent and adapt the theory to the event, and we believe the matter settled. Meanwhile, the thesis of the matter antimatter annihilation is causing at least unscientific. Besides refuting the assertion Einstein to retain power. This claim is checked and no one has even dared to challenge him. So where would be annihilated mislay energy of two particles of matter and antimatter? Astrophysicists call this collision annihilation. Even the wording is wrong because annihilation is not on. So where does the energy gone? If it is claimed that disappeared, it is pure fantasy, not science.

Verify the views from the very beginning, from the moment of creation of the universe. It's not a big explosion and the beginning of everything, just another explosion and re-birth of the universe. The birth of the universe in an existing space, rather than in a vacuum. The creation of the universe is a cycle, not the beginning.

Researchers continue to look for the source of gravity. Apparently, a source revealed just in time, the big bang and continues to this day, and we can not say what is the source. If you do not know what the source of gravity jet, of course, put the thesis. Currently considered the claim about the source of gravity is the idea that gravity creates the Higgs boson. Higgs is reportedly the smallest particle of any material that is in every atom. He is a source of gravity. The problem is only that the Higgs boson has not been discovered yet. All hope in the CERN accelerator.

Perhaps the Higgs boson is actually discovered. But it does not mean that gravity comes from him. In my view, the gravity actually started the big bang. But not because of the Higgs boson. At the time of the Big Bang created matter and its motion. This movement has given the gravity of matter and motion gives gravity to matter today. To confirm this statement, you can perform a simple experiment. 's Make a primitive gyroscope with a bicycle wheel. Keeping both hands on both sides of the wheel axle wheel Let us give the greatest possible speed. Now let's try to lift the wheel in different planes more rapid movement. We find that in some of the harder to raise the next page. The impression that the wheel is heavier. Where does the greater weight of the wheels? That the motion. And why only in certain directions? Because the wheel spins in only one direction.
Similarly, another matter. Why, for example, brick is hard, and no matter how we turn it on? Because the bricks are billions and billions of atoms in motion and is moving in all directions.

Not coming up with unrealistic theories about the construction of the world, it is easier to build than we think.


Is it confirmed communication with the living soul of the brain?

Telling a ghost looking for words, which could be set waves carrying information from the spirit of the living human brain. We realize that this is not radio waves, because they can be easily detected, and yet there were no electromagnetic waves coming from the spirits. In addition, the souls that are in the metal room, or under the water would lose contact with the man.

Why people do not know these waves? Therefore, because they do not know yet energy called dark matter. It is with this energy combined with the souls of man. Black power is everywhere and fills all because the soul can connect with people no matter where the person resides.

Today in the morning when my brain was receiving stimulus phase, I received a message sleepy. I saw a picture of dried frogs toads without heads and legs. Picture persistently return until morning pointing particularly to the internal contents of the frogs.
Instinctively, I understood (after waking up), it is information and information is still evil. Soothed my thoughts: no, there is nothing to worry about, it's summer, the sun, nothing happened, it's just delirium.

Around noon I received a call that the mother being in the countryside for recuperation fell out of bed and broke her other leg.
Probably my father, for a few hours trying to tell me what happened, because as a ghost, the only way for me to be able to communicate. Mom was lying on the floor of three to six in the morning in his room. At that time I had this persistent dream about one subject.


Electrons and energy

Once, in the human brain, as the only living thing on earth that created favorable conditions for energy knowledge and expertise began to be used rationally. Humans developed the ability to associate and prediction. I guess we will never know why this skill possessed only human. On the ground there is still a lot of living creatures, large and small, like us and do not like, but the only ones we are aware of the existence of people.

We know that even though you can not see energy, then we can speculate about its existence by observing the effects it causes. It is difficult to say how the power of knowledge in the human brain, but we know that is triggered by electrical impulses. Billions of neurons forming a network of electrical connections in the brain provide continuous use of stored energy resources. This activates the electrons energy resources. Without electricity stored energy would be without useful. I think it is a valuable observation. Energy can be activated only in the presence of a current, or in the presence of electrons.
Yes, at the moment of the big bang, when the previous universe was converted into energy, first the space was filled with the smallest matter, quarks and electrons. Let us not forget that electrons have mass, so they are also matter. These electrons resulting strong electric discharge, the current flows. Everything was black in the presence of energy. Energy environment in the face of a black strong currents, lightning and magnetic fields caused connect quarks in protons, neutrons, and finally in atomic nuclei.
The role of the electrons do not end up causing current flow, it is only part of the effects they cause. The universe is a vast amount of electrons. Participate in all physical processes on earth and the universe. There are in atoms and between atoms. Interact with different types of energy when they cause an action. The man could not write lyrics, if not for electrons. They activate the energy of thought, cause movements of the hands and fingers on the keyboard. Finally, they make the computer operate.


Energy storage

For drainage ditches on the slopes fast tram grow to a large number of walnut trees. How did there come from? This rooks using the harvest of nuts they carry them in their hiding places, just on the slopes and ditches. With more hiding forget where he hid his supplies.

As a small head rook can create a detailed image of a place to hide nuts? After all, in the grass, as it seems, it is impossible to remember. And yet, in most cases, when the grass has not been compromised, and the wind is not perfectly kidnapped leaves rook goes back to the same place. In his small cerebellum was extremely complex picture space, and was saved. To return to this place, rook must play in his brain remembered the picture and match it to the existing space. How does it happen? Certainly on the basis of energy, because the image memory is not a collection of atoms or electrons. First, the eyes, the cameras transmit images in the form of electrical impulses that shape in some mysterious way the energy, then the energy picture is embedded in the right place. By last long at this point, it must be supplied and replenished. It's like the smokiness scene in the theater, if we do not replenish the withers, then after a while, the smoke will dissipate completely.
Very interesting would be to know how to read the stored energy, ie memory. In this tiny particle of energy are still thousands of details. Each blade of grass, as the arrangement of the detail.

There are also operating the memory in a different way, not on the basis of energy. Memory in the phone or on the computer works on the principle of electrons. Suitable drawers throw a bunch of electrons, then we cause, that they are there or from there pop out. The device is information.
There is also a memory on the basis of arrangement of the atoms. Wire spring back when pressed into place. Atoms maintain the alignment of the wire in relation to each other.
Heat-shrink "like" each other under the influence of heat which should be shaped.
As you can see, there would be no memory of life, even the smallest steps require memory, perhaps not as complex as energy storage yet unexplored by man.


The expansion of the universe

Allocated to the Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe by observing distant supernova. Observation has shown that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, which introduced the scholars in amazement. They say that if this continues, it thins the material, and finally the individual stars will disappear transformations. Disappear even individual atoms. Are these fears make sense? I do not think!.

First, if we accept the reasoning of physicists contributors now, the world was created out of nowhere and into nothingness. Such reasoning is not scientific thinking. The universe was not created from nothing but has always existed. In the existing universe arises and disappears periodically world of matter. This cycle has been, is, and will continue.
Second, the world of matter can not vanish. Unless you turn into energy, but the energy is not nothingness, the energy can again arise matter, so you can not say that something is gone.
Thirdly, so far none of the researchers had noticed that the universe revolves. Do you know where in the world we are hanging around? The universe is a sphere. In which sphere we? If you are closer to the center, a supernova is observed near the surface of the sphere, it is logical that the rotary motion of the universe, it runs faster than us.
For example, a fly sitting on a bicycle wheel, beside the valve sees observing that valve runs a lot faster than her.
Probably no one has noticed that the observed supernovae do not run in a straight line, but a circle. This is due to both the size of the universe, the stars and the distance from the observer. The size of the universe can not be seen that the object away from us billions of light-years running in a circle. So why galaxies are running faster and faster? Because rotation of the centrifugal force causes them to move away from the center. According to the laws of physics, the farther from the center, the longer the path the ball in a circle. The longer the road, of course, more speed.
Fourth, I think it's time to verify their views on the universe. During deliberations absolutely need to take into account the existence of dark matter as an energy which brings the whole universe. You have to take into account the rotation of the universe, which uses dark energy causes the movement of everything that is in it.


Parallel Worlds

Scientists believe that the space of the universe is so big that in the end far away matter your relationship will work in the same way as here. In short, far away from us is the same the world. Is this possible? According to me. I think the only similarity can occur in the blink of an eye. Why? Because if one of the people of that world will blink for a split second faster than a man of our land, it is from this point that the world is forever changed. Moreover, even if the world would be a mirror, the same person, that's not the same think. Not even two people engaging in the same way in which two different worlds next to each other do not need to think in the same way.

It is also a mistake in speaking thesis that man is going straight through in one world, and if he turns it already is in another. Not true. This reasoning is false from the beginning. A man going straight or twisting in the same world. But human activity does not change the world. Only change in the existing human behavior and changing the world. It does not matter if the man go, and he turned, the world remained constant at all times. The choice will influence the man throughout his life, it's true. What choice will, so shall his life, but the world as a space will remain constant.

One of the scholars of the past five years promotes the view that the matter of the universe, all the galaxies gravitationally interact with each other, otherwise moved by the next to each other and scattered in the space. I think that gravity affects the galaxies themselves, but decreases with the distance to the disappearance. If you think that the matter affects each other in the entire universe, it confuses you. My guess is that he wants you to understand how it happens that the galaxies and matter of the universe to date had not yet dispersed. The answer is obvious when you consider the dark energy of the universe. She keeps in check the entire matter of the universe. So it is not gravity, because it has is limited to the distance.

Scholar Alan Guth says that other universes, like balloons, there may be one in the second.
In my opinion, you have the right to only one aspect of this, that there is one in the second. But not universes, worlds, and only those that have a different space. They may be microscopic worlds looking and judging them our time and dimension. They can be found in every atom, and there may be an infinite number.
Your claim that the universe could have come second in the space of our universe and to destroy it is pointless. How do we know that the universe is different? How much time and space differ from the latter, since all would have the same dimensions? Finally, what would be the border of one of the universe than the other?


Is there a teleportation?

One American who is of mature age and looking for a serious insists that being at a young age he was taken by his father to NASA and teleported there with thousands of miles from the place of residence. Can this be true? It's hard to believe that the army with such a technique, and such a solution is not hiding in the name of what is known. I think that in the future it will be possible, but today it exists only in the human imagination.

For hundreds of years teleportation will be possible. This ability to change the world beyond recognition. If people agree of them who will be her first subject, everything will be done quietly, peacefully. It will be similar to today's action treatment. Pioneering health insurance insured patients will lead to teleportation. Future technology will not only expose patients to teleport, but dead. How it will be done?

In the future, a patient with a broken leg does not pay to be treated. First leg after recovering it never reaches the previous performance, and omitting the second person at the time of the cost of treatment is excluded from the normal life. The consequences of this are not to be missed. So what will you do? Treat unfortunate teleportation. Retrieve from the energy contained in the brain, leaving the body, as a superfluous shell. Then, in accordance with the principle of physics we replace our energy into matter, which is again the same man, but with a small exception, we use the energy stored only until a broken leg. During the reconstruction will take care to avoid unnecessary copying various ailments that had teleported. Ignore the energy pimples on the body, bald head, strabismus and other human flaws. Teleported born as a younger, fit and healthy.

Teleportation in the future after a very successful treatment, is also used for transport. Transport will take place on the basis of the existence of dark energy and using. Human energy and material of each item will be shipped within zero as a mirror image of the black power anywhere in our world and other worlds, because it fills all the space in the world, regardless of the size of the space.

Await us in the future a very interesting time.


Dark energy and dark matter

Currently promoted by scholars thesis is likely existence of dark energy and dark matter. Likely, because the existence of these singularities no one has said. Based on the behavior of the universe, scientists are beginning to speak, finally, that something like that exists.

I just wonder why states such nonsense, as the existence of dark matter. Until now, it seemed to me that talking about dark matter, a metaphor for the dark energy. However, it turns out that apparently there are these two peculiarities. Does that make sense? No,. If there was dark matter, regardless of the color of the origin of the material would, and so would have to say. Meanwhile, there is yet no case of encountering at least one particle of dark matter. It remains only to investigate dark energy that we're talking about there, but no one has yet said. There are even those scientists who have calculated how much of the universe is dark matter, dark energy and how much. This is another no consistency of thought. Can it be the case that in one place much of the universe is dark energy, and other little? I do not think. It is like water in the ocean. Can it be the case that in one place the ocean is more water than others? Of course not! The same is true of black energy. It fills evenly all the universe. With all the characteristics of this particular behavior of everything in the universe is predictable, according to the rules of physics. Also, thanks to this property, since the knowledge of the black power man will know the new rules of physics. Then there will be big changes in the lives of mankind. We will start to travel in our universe and other worlds, there is communication between the worlds, and in the end we practice medicine teleportation as the most perfect. Live to see the time in which all men will be forever young. Run time is also lack of energy. I think the beautiful times we face.


Is there a Higgs boson?

Multitudes scholars are bending over backwards to find the Higgs boson. They want to confirm the theory learned that gravity comes from that very singularity. If Mr. Higgs cared about my opinion, it would be sad, because I say that there is no such thing. In large spaces between the atoms of the partial one particle called the Higgs would not be affected in the same way to other particles causing them physical gravity. Well this would be staggering to its being caused by gravity in all the neighboring particles? How far would extend its influence? At the atomic level, everything is in motion, or running next to the Higgs particle posiadałyby greater gravity than those on? If gravity would cause, it would have to be in every atom. It seems to me that this theory is not consistent.

What is the smallest man in the construction of the world, the quarks. Of these, the larger particles are formed. But what you are made of quarks? This question has no end, because if it is a mass, from what she's built, and so on ad infinitum. In this meditation we came to the physical one truth: the world is made up equally in terms of micro and macro. Thus, the quarks are built just like the universe, its miniaturization and maximize the stretch on forever. Do not examine the end of something small, because it consists of something even smaller and does not examine the end of something big, because it consists of something even greater.

From what takes so gravity? It arises from the motion of matter. Quarks are in motion, the atoms are in motion, the world is moving, and the universe is in motion. In addition, the materials are made of quarks which it is moving. In short, all the matter in the universe is in motion, so the whole matter of the universe has gravity.


And what about the notion of the definition of God?

I am fascinated by the scientists recently published a theory about the vision of God. Theory from the point of view of physics, of course, because I do not deal with faith and beliefs.

We build now a very complicated machine, we send robots to Mars, but to this day do not know how matter is built. Even "just" talking the smallest particle are quarks. Today we know that the atomic nuclei are made up of individual, smaller particles billions of times, you might say quanta. Was this quantum structure is already final, and we do not know for a long time we do not know. There is one exception: yes, this is the final design, why? About this later.
A light? It has long been known that no quantum structure. Is not it raises our suspicions? But has the design wave, and the wave is a continuous process. If we call a wave on the water, it does not move it through the water portions, but smoothly, back behind the ridge.
Energy. I do not know its construction, but scientists say that there is a continuous structure, and is the quantum.
What does this all mean? The answer is to build quantum world.

Certainly we have seen many times in your photo. Sometimes we tried to enlarge the image content. Can we zoom image forever and ever? No. We'll get to the point that we will come out squares of colored pixels, so to speak: the quantum. So we come to the resort, we saw the last part of the construction of the image. Under these squares there is nothing. So does today's computer shows us a world made up of small particles. A computer will act as a dozen or so years? Its computing power is several hundred times greater. Will be able to show us particles less hundreds of thousands of times. We can make a person close eye, and that eye with a further approximation, a very different picture, for example, the area in which the person lives seen.
Computer games become so real that we can not distinguish fact from fiction. Computer programs will create real world so that it can not be distinguished from fictional. Computers will think and say. If we put a man on the computer and zasłonimy his eyes, then asked the question, we will not be able to guess who we corresponds to the computer or a human.

I once wrote that our world is just one of many. If you are in another world who has a computer and advanced technology, and if that someone wrote a play entitled: Life on Earth, we are the only creatures computer game. Who is this person? For us, it is God.

But he has a strong computer.


What does man live?

The world is made of atoms. A man and other living creatures also are made of atoms. The human body, the atoms are grouped into cells forming human organs, and finally the whole man. To those authorities can act, and he may live energy is needed. She will co-organs, all the activities of the body and warmth. Where does the energy of the mechanism driving the collection of atoms? This energy comes from food, but is that all? No!
The food material is made up of groups of various atomic bonds. Man swallowing this matter, atomic bonds recovers energy and fragmented groups of atoms re-excreted out. Someone will say that, after obtains vitamins, minerals and other minor components. Yes, it's true, but they also either alone turn into energy, or help getting more energy. In short, the life energy is needed. It turns out that the man not only producing energy from food, but also of light, especially sunlight. Life on earth and the sun, and man is the essence of the earth. The sun powers the man directly and indirectly. Food is from the sun. Everything that grows is through the power of the sun and grow, collect the energy. We eat plants recover energy from the sun.
But there is another phenomenon of the sun. There are very few people on the planet, able to collect the sun's energy directly from the sun, without the need for a middle way, or eat.
In India, lives a man who more than seventy years draws energy from the sun, not eating and not drinking. He learned to ignore the complicated way of obtaining energy from food. It sounds like this is not credible that scientists still do not dare to write a scholarly work on the subject. As it turns out, is no longer a Hindu followers in Germany, Russia and others. According to tests and testing confirmed the reliability of this method of energy intake.

On a small scale he observed this phenomenon in his house, and I wondered as possible.
Climbing flowers grown fairly rapidly growing. Planted two years ago, had only a few leaves. Today, the vines have a length of more than twelve times the width of the room. How did the material for the construction of such a long rhizomes? The pots are the same ground as before. During its existence, had a little nettle broth and water. I realized now that it's light energy causes them to grow. The light will not only increase but also the construction of the tissue. In our eyes, there is a conversion of energy into matter.


And what the world lives?

World energy live as a man, because man is a part of the world, it is just world. The material world exists because of the energy, and thus the world and the universe is contained in the energy and in the past was out of energy. Recall the fundamental physical principle: the energy is lost in nature.
Where did the energy in crude oil? Was gathered through twisted by the sun. It would seem that if the car is burning oil will travel the road section to the energy and oil disappeared after it left no trace. But it is not. Energy oil was converted into other forms of energy: kinetic energy, heat, light, in work, in gases, etc. This shows that one type of energy can be converted relatively easily to another. It can therefore be argued that the different energies can replace the dark energy in the universe because I think this is the energy filled the dark depths of the universe, when it was not even matter.
Consider what would happen if added to the existing black energy portion of the additional energy of the universe. Is the rule would then be maintained with no missing energy in nature? Not, then this principle would be overthrown.
Imagine a balloon filled with gas (this is the universe) Add air to the gas a little. What will happen? Balloon to expand, because the gas will be more, but I will not disappear. What will happen if we allow the balloon a little bit of heat, or energy? The heat leaves the balloon, which disappears from the content. If it were the universe, then disappeared by as much energy as we have done. What can be drawn from this? First, the universe is in balance and it does not matter whether it contains energy and matter. Each of the then current form of energy is in the space and creates balance. Second, adding to the energy portion of the universe is pure fantasy, because we, the participants of this universe where we would not have to take that portion.
But if so, that portion of the additional power would come from another universe, then the same portion left to our universe, such as the heat from the balloon left their universe going to another. Do not rule would be overthrown disappearance of energy in nature? No, because it's physics would be out of this world.


The concept of time

The energy of the universe, the dark energy, all kinds of other energy and materials make up the balance of the universe. If by chance it happened that in this space wtargnęłaby energy from another world, would be shedding the excess to another universe. It is like adding a full bowl of water next batch of water. Surplus simply leave the vessel. What does that say? Testifies to the fact that in addition to our universe is different, another universe.
The logic of these considerations, proves that our universe is contained in another, and next to another. As every body in the universe is also spherical. This observation is extremely important in taking forward the concept of time.
Time. We continue to say that it is only the concept of man-made and human use. Only we humans notice the passage of time, it can mean and measure. We know that time passes the speed of light. Why is that? Because nothing in the universe happens faster, so far it is a finite speed. All would be understandable, but for the fact that the observed differences in the Einstein period of time depending on whether the body, the duration of which is located next to the immense relates weight or more. On the surface of the earth time passes more slowly than in orbit. How can this be explained?
The case is simple, you do not forget that everything in the universe is round. Stars, planets and black holes, in addition to which, according to most scholars slows time, all these creations are round. Now imagine two spacecraft orbiting the Earth, one in low earth orbit, the other on a high. Both fly takes off in the morning and the evening. Are both defeated the same space and flying at the same speed. No! To fit in at the same time, and so from morning to evening, the ship which is on a higher orbit had to overcome more space and fly at higher speeds. Ships flying so at the same time, that is, from morning to evening, but at different speeds and in different space. Just now accordance with the mathematical data switch places and get a release or response time according to the acceleration, the ship will be affected.
One of the meditation is not clear. Why do scientists say that time slows down when a huge mass and slows down even more, the greater the weight? To me, it should be: the body slows down at higher space, but not heavier. Or in other words: time varies even more, the farther we are from the body. I think the weight has no effect on the time difference and also the interpreters did not understand Einstein's texts contained therein.
Remember, the universe will never fly straight. Flying, for billions of years, return to the starting point, because the universe is circular.


Which way to the past?
Professor Stephen Howking he deliberates on the look ahead to the future or back to the past through wormholes. The problem is that these tunnels are found only in the human imagination. So this is just pure fantasy. Also, as he says, even if the tunnel was, he would be destroyed because of the feedback as looping sound between the speaker and microphone.
I think that talking about returning to the past is not so ridiculous. For sure in the future it will be possible but not using wormholes. And it does not occur then the grandfather paradox mentioned by Stephen Howking. Why? Because if we find ourselves in the past, it is only as observers, without the possibility of interference. Looking ahead, catch up with passing time. In other words, catch up with the speed of light racing image. If, for example, precede the image of the time, we see the events of the past session lasts an hour. Watch it like a movie in the cinema. After an hour, we will show the current time, which is present in which we live. Return possible interference.

Are we going to have the opportunity to lead the light? Definitely. It will be possible for a hundred years. Learn to dematerialize and materialize a man with a form of atomic energy. As we know, energy can take various forms. If you take the form of dark energy space, the energy information sent anywhere in our universe or other universes will not be any problem.
It should be noted that the dematerialization and materialization will be subject to everything, because everything is made of atoms. I do not know what the cost will be done, but over time we come to perfection, and the colonization of billions of planets will be at your fingertips. The man mastered our universe entirely. There will be even infinite number of other universes, but it is a matter of future.


Do you understand the principle of your life?

Most of us do not understand. Those who believe that man was created, did not reflect on the principle of the body. They believe that everything that happens to a man is given to the creator. They believe that the future of man is already predetermined and that any that did, and so will be what it should be. Are they right? No,.
In the world there are many living creatures, but only we humans are aware of its existence. The ability to think and matching gives us a huge advantage over other beings. Do we use this advantage in a rational way? Not all of them.

World and the universe is governed by physical laws, and it does not matter what the size of the phenomenon, the behavior of matter is always the same. Man is also a collection of matter, ie atoms forming groups, teams, cooperating bodies. The whole to be required power supply. The smallest part of the body, each cell requires energy. All this complicated machine with a deliberate bus vessels, aircraft, and food should be provided with a continuous supply. Put simply: if a man will eat in, he will live.

We have come to the point where there is a problem for human existence. Indeed, not everyone is aware of the major impact is to provide energy to our body.
Compare the straight man to the machine, which is the car. The primary energy is what he eats fuel. Thinking that if you run out of fuel, the car condition. This is an extreme situation. Every man knows that he has to eat. But do you know how to eat? You already have doubts. When diet lean on the media, hints, fashion, insight and capabilities. This is not correct. The human body, such as a flashing indicator in the car, having too little oil, gives indications of demand.

For example, our head hurts. Doctors in the twenty-first century, yet still reflect that it is migraine, which we do not know the cause. Nothing happens without a reason. The human brain and builds lists billions of neural connections, important bus responsible for thinking, association and creativity. If you nourish a primitive, how to take the building blocks? Headache is nothing more than a desperate cry for building material. Are the building blocks of carbohydrates, fat and sugar, or bread with sausage and sweet tea. This diet can be used only existence. Neurons are the building blocks of more sophisticated components: protein, iron, zinc, calcium, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus acids, and vitamins.

Every third person in these days falls on a cancerous disease. What is it and where does it come? In some countries, people look like hippos, their width is about to exceed the height. What is the cause? The reason is the wrong way to feed the body with energy. Every three months, the human body cell lists, spleen "eats" red blood cells, and in their place are to be built new. How to draw a building material body, when at the time we limit ourselves to eat a hamburger and pepsicolą bout. By cell is not distorted his cancerous genetic code in order to have had a normal body metabolism, the body, daily, regularly and constantly need to supply vitamins PP, C, E, B, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, cobalt and other . Is it difficult? Absolutely not. I do not need to go to the pharmacy. All this compendium is a daily glass of tomato puree. If you you add daily portion of several types of finely ground grains, roots, and nuts, are in the range of a few months it will be possible retreat from headaches, obesity, cancer and many other ailments, of course, taking into account the state of their progress.

Young people willing to drink Pepsi. They do so in complete ignorance of danger. Systematic administration of the body the carbon dioxide contained in the carbonated drinks leads to displacement of the body of nitric oxide. This gas is essential for the stimulation of the muscles, in particular myocardial infarction. Continuous drinking carbonated beverages inevitably brings a heart attack. Carbon dioxide enters the blood or by replacing the oxygen, which causes difficulty in falling asleep and lack of rest.

A man in his sixties as dead as fed on his youth.


Time and space

Stephen William Hawking because of his illness has a lot of time to think. He is a recognized scholar showing the ways and reasons for the creation of the world as we now have. His publications on the subject of time and space are translated into Polish. Research produced television programs showing what has happened since the big bang, the universe was created as, and what are black holes. Watching these programs, I feel that translators and reviewers do not understand what the professor wanted to express, or they can not pass.

About Time is said to have mysteriously as much as possible trying to impress the audience, without giving reasons for statements and expressions. It is said, "before the big bang, there was no time." Having said that, you need to add why. It is said: "the matter along with the time to be absorbed into the black hole." Is Professor Hawking has not added at this point no comments? Since you can not leave it without explanation, I'll try to provide a comment.

Could be time before the big bang? If we assume that there was nothing (as claimed by some scholars) only point which then exploded, we can say that there was not time. Why?, Because time is a concept referring to at least two points of matter. This concept has a certain speed the end, the speed of the light. Knowing this principle, we can now determine the ratio of one point to another. So time can be absorbed into the black hole? No! Black hole, even if I had not the strength pulling, can not absorb the "concept of time". I do not believe that Professor Hawking said. The creators of TV shows, or did not understand the professor, or are unable to communicate his thoughts.
The black hole of time really does not exist, but because it has been absorbed. The absorbed material is compressed to such an extent that the distance between atoms is zero. Of course, by the time the conversion of matter into energy. In this situation, there may be a time? Of course not because the material creates a single point. All atoms are squeezed material absorbed at one point. As we said before, if there is one point, there can be no concept of time.

There is another concept of time. Time refers to a specific space. If we assume that in the immense space there is only one universe, our universe, we can say that there is only one concept of time. But it is not. I am convinced that in addition to our universe there are an infinite number of others. Any other universe, another time. It would be irrational to the immense "void space" was only one universe, we know that nature is rational. How do I know that there are other space-? This morning I woke up with one hundred percent certainty that meet fervent debater. I know this because I was informed. Did it happen? Yes! What does this mean? I do not know exactly, but most likely a message is coming from a different space-time. Otherwise it is impossible to explain the timing of the fact of


Age and mobility

A man in his sixties loses mobility. If we looked at a man walking in the back of this age, flawlessly guess that has already exceeded the age of totally smooth men. Looks even more dramatically approaching the man running for a bus. Why is that?

If you have not crossed the point or exceeded that your joints are already zwyrodnione, and the muscles can no longer be repaired, read what the council and what you need to do to get back to the beautiful silhouette.

First, let's see what is happening in our body that has changed.
We know that directs the movements of the human brain. Movement command healthy human leg extends from the brain to the muscles at a rate of 50 meters per second. In an elderly person, the time course of the pulse slows to 18m/s, and if we do not take measures to prevent this, the 5m/s. If a person moves, the order to raise the other leg is late. The body was swaying posture, and the second leg is late. Finally, to get the muscles and leg takes a step. Step delayed by a fraction of a second, because impulse from the brain came too late. Even more drastically What about the podbiegania.

Let's see from a physical point of view, what exactly happened to the man that pulses through the brain to the muscles are slow.
The human brain sends electrical bus orders nervous. It is clear that you do not lose electrical pulse nerve wires must be well isolated from everything else in the body. In a young person, it is. In older men insulation fraying nerves, causing leakage current. This is the reason for the reduction and slowing of electrical impulses. Fortunately, there is a tip, do not even believe how simple.

The cure for this ailment is the most ordinary ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. Of course, as in all diseases, it will help us a slice of lemon in tea or tablets witaminka. What is needed is a good dose of vitamins and easily absorbed considerable time, so at least a few months to notice positive results.
Here's my suggestion: buy effervescent tablets of vitamin C, prepare 0.5 liters of cold mineral water, squeeze half a lemon into the water (later all) and throw a vitamin tablet. The drink is not only great tasting, but it does its job. That drink a concoction once a day.

Take care of your health, you still come in handy.


Quantum structure of the world

Construction of the quantum world is. What does this mean? This means that all kinds of the particles are made up of particles of basic smallest. It is possible that the lowest consist of even smaller, but the current technology is not able to investigate. Small particles such as atoms are extremely difficult to study, because as we know, the world is in constant motion. It is difficult to determine what makes a proton or an electron around the nucleus, as can be observed only in the selected fraction of the time. In the next fraction of a particle looks completely different just because of the constant movement of everything. Are we sure that if we have a nucleus in their neighborhood proton and an electron, it certainly is hydrogen? Why the uncertainty? Thus, if there is high pressure, the gas changes to a metal. So something happened around the atomic nucleus. Even more interesting will keep the light.

How to understand the quantum structure of light?
The light has a characteristic wavelength, or frequency structure. What does this mean? This means that the vibration of a certain frequency. The amplitude of the light changes from zero to a maximum and from maximum to zero. This maximum, which is the integral of the field lighting, a quantum of light. So the quantum of light, the smallest unit of light, we can register.
The Light is the perfect medium for the transmission of information. We can modulate the omnifarious way in order to subsequently read this modulation. As the light of the enormous frequency of vibration can move very fast information. The data contained in such commands. During these laboratory tests was observed very interesting behavior of light. Activation of the quantum of light in real-time will receive the response for the last time quanta. How to understand this? So, if we send light, it gave it to us at 300tys.km/sek. Radius remain pure until response modulation. If a beam of light is continuous, without interruption, the interference is observed by the light of the whole space, while the radius of previously sent was clean, with no modulation. This is undoubtedly back in time. On what principle can be based on this phenomenon?

In my opinion, we are dealing with the omnipresent black power. She decides on the impact of the proton and the electron to the nucleus, and also sent to the modulation of light quanta at zero time. This confirms my earlier observation that the communication with the black power may be at zero time. This is confirmation of the theory that if we learn demeterializować human form of energy, then send it somewhere, it will be held at zero time.


Consistency of galaxies

Recently, I heard one of the astrophysicists thesis that the universe is probably dark matter, which is affecting the gravity of the galaxy, keeping them in consistency.
Can this be true? I do not think so. So far, none of the scholars did not comment on why the galaxy is spinning. Who, or rather what makes them move? Now imagine that galaxy Spinning possessing material that surrounds the gravitational force of attraction. This force, there would also be within the galaxies, the stars. So apparently it is by thesis scholar. Is the galaxy could shoot? Of course not! Let's do a simple experiment: zakręćmy suspended in space, bicycle wheel. In the absence of friction, the wheel is still spinning. If the next circle magnets attach to anything affecting the wheel, the wheel will turn next? No! Despite the lack of friction on the wheel magnet and so the rotation will stop. Gravity will block traffic, so the galaxy can not be surrounded by a matter of having gravity. I understand that physics does not know yet either dark matter (if any exists), or dark energy. I think that the latter exists and it is not known yet some way binds the galaxy.


How long will we be?

It would seem that forever, but it will not. People will not be able to live on the earth all the time, because the earth has a limited amount of time there. After firing, the sun runs out of life on earth. But whether it will be the end of human existence? No! Nature, in its rationality creation created not for man to destroy it afterwards. Create everything in the world is evolutionary, and so is a natural choice. All creations are accidental eliminated through evolutionary selection. These are only natural products that are the most durable, tailored to the environment and ensure its existence in the future. So how can a man be able to exist in the future, when the sun goes?

Somehow, people already know that after their death the soul remains. We remember that the soul is a unique stamp of every human being. The soul is the energy that contains the genetic code, memory, imaging everything that a man survived a life and energy of knowledge and experience, gained while working and learning. The soul, therefore, is a highly valuable collection of energy. What is nature? Nature treats the earth as a hotbed of highly valuable energy. This energy is stored quantum of the quantum somewhere in the universe to build a super computer. Single quanta in this computer will not play such a role, such as bits of our present computers. We can only do bits of the state low or high. To perform a simple operation, you need to collect a large number of bits. Quanta souls which rise bits super computer will be super-smart. The creation machine having such a huge computing power to be able to direct the entire universe. Will it be supported by someone, whether it will act on its own, it's hard to say.

It should be added that the souls also have all the other living creatures in the world. Of course, the energy of the soul of bacteria is definitely not comparable to the human soul. In the future the computer will be very little energy to perform the roles of bits, ie, Off.


What is the building block of the universe?

Before the big bang there was nothing. Is it logical? Of course not! But then there was the space of the universe, but whether it was empty? According to me was filled with energy. This dark energy, we now suspect that there is, but no one can tell her. It is in this particular area there was an explosion.

Slowly begin to understand the origin of the universe, and what suddenly was built.
In earlier texts, wrote that the construction of everything in the universe is similar, regardless of scale. The building material is always the same. Of course, we have to analyze the material decomposing it into basic building blocks. Today we would like to stay on the atomic structure of everything, but we know that they are not the basic building blocks. The atomic nucleus is composed of protons and neutrons, but they are also yourself. Protons and neutrons are made of quarks. Both also combine with electrons, and these in turn are also free creations. There is also the ubiquitous movement of all matter. Electrons at the same time can have a mass and the weight of the other are once have a magnetic field, and one does not. By analyzing the behavior of quantum matter came in a flash. I know of which is built!.

Everything in the universe is made up of the base material, or energy. Yes, every quark, electron, proton may at any time and appear to disappear, because it is energy. How does the energy we do not know. The movement of electrons, it is not moving or rotation around the atomic nucleus, a complex movement by revealing the electron mass, and then the action of gravitational and electromagnetic or revelation without mass, then the production of energy in the form of a photon of light.
Einstein was right when he pointed out the possibility of conversion of matter into energy and vice versa. Probably did not think that at this point he discovered out of which the universe is built. Building blocks of a black energy that is filled with our and other universes. This timber is not wyczerpywalny. If the current universe is burned, dark energy plays a new, completely different from ours. One will be the same: building material.


What is the dark flow?

Two years ago proclaimed that the universe is expanding in all directions, thus thinning the matter. I did not support this theory by giving expression to in earlier texts. Is today scholars further argue the same thing? No. Dr Kashlinsky observatories conducted with a group of galaxies and the motion studies made a startling discovery: all the galaxies are running in the same direction. As soon as there are theories that can best be explained by the involvement of string theory, or that side of our universe there is another and interacting gravity attracts our galaxy.
I think string theory is pure fantasy and a waste of time to deal with it. The proximity of another universe, a theory very realistic about what I have written many times. Is the impact of a neighboring universe may have an impact on our galaxy? Maybe, but only slightly. What would happen if the motion of the galaxies was caused solely by the attraction of another universe? This movement has been going on fourteen billion years, so the ones that were closest to the universe would be absorbed. One by one, the galaxy znikałyby of our universe to another, and it's not happening yet. So what causes a fundamental movement of galaxies?

Suggests once again: the movement is due to the rotation of galaxies in our universe. And again, I must protest the theories of some scientists that it has the shape of a hexagon, triangle, or even something else. Our universe, and everything else is in the shape of the ball and like everything else revolves. From these results one basic speed rule by which we can see galaxies moving if they are closer to the edge of the ball, and we observers closer to the center, they have to run faster than us. Thus, the movement of galaxies called out by scholars dark flow. How can you confirm this statement? It's simple, galaxies moving together in one direction. None of them did not stand out brightly from the others. Why? Because of the move are always the same distance from each other and from us observers, and we sail with them. The dark flow is so smooth because all flow in the dark energy fills the entire space of the cosmos.


Recovery of the black energy of matter

By analyzing the existence and operation of black holes can be concluded that they were created in order to return to nature to recover the black energy from previously prepared material. It would seem that absorbed by the black hole matter disappears forever. Where could podziewać? Some say that the black hole is the gateway to a different space. I do not think these are the doors. Nature has created a mechanism for the recovery of energy is black with a black hole. We can not confirm this, because so far we can not find the existence of dark energy, but it certainly exists. So, all absorbed by the black hole in the form of stars, matter, and the future of whole galaxies is converted into energy. The energy from the black hole returns to his old environment, that is, dark energy fills the entire universe. From this energy during the Big Bang created the universe.
And in this case, again, we can conclude that the claim is met Physical energy is lost in nature.


Do ants have a mobile?

Today at 12.10 I watched an interesting and shocking phenomenon, in the range of one second in the range of my vision, the entire space fling the mother and male ants. The weather was windless and sunny, so the ants swarming with thousands of like columns of smoke from the fire. The same phenomenon is swarming ants is surprising is puzzling that swarm on the whole space in the same second. I immediately called to a remote village about 40 kilometers and it turned out that there was at the same time also infested with ants.
We have already written about this remarkable and mysterious ability to notice the ants of the time dreams. It turns out that the distances between the nest do not have any meaning. Ants are instructed dreams in the same second in all anthills. How can they be notified? There remains only one explanation, the ants are able to use the dark energy, which is not only in space but also on the ground in every place, in every area of ​​nuclear and carbon.
As I wrote earlier, if you already know the dark energy, and we use it for communication as ants, the world will change beyond recognition. We will communicate with any other place on earth and in the world at zero, without any obstacles.
Consider why the ants acquire such skills and why they need to be roosting at the same time? It is very simple to explain. Ants, like bees to a specific way of setting up families. During dreams, leave the nest large winged ants are a mother and a slightly smaller winged males are. Mother flies tens to hundreds of meters and lands. After landing rejects the wings and looking for a place where she could put the socket, the future anthill. But that's not all. During his short flight meets a male and is fertilized in the air. Here lies the answer to our question. If fling to 30 seconds before, let alone minutes, or hours, it had not been fertilized because the air would not be male. Unfertilized female egg can not make future females, out of its slot fling only males.
We are looking for answers what is dark energy? Ants learn the design, she has it uses for communication.


Have you ever perish forever?

Man, like everything else in the universe was created with the omnipresent black power. After years of evolution of the atoms formed a relationship with each other, that was the essence of being able not only to live, but to think and create. You might think that human life will end forever after a few years. If it had not left the acquis, this memory disappear after disappearing with the generations. In nature, however, this does not happen. According to the rules of physics nothing is lost forever. If something arises, it arises from something, if something disappears, it turns into something else. Just as the universe was not created out of nothing, so also man. The beginning of man was the smallest particle, and then the atom-by-atom and energy. Energy in all manner of forms, but coming from a single source, the sun. The sun is the center of energy of life on earth and the world, because I also find that life on other planets in our world.

Since man was created from something, after his descent from the world something it must be followed to remain. That something is, of course, soul. Is the human soul will always exist then? It is true that it will be indestructible, because it will be energy, and energy in the universe is the ultimate thing is the basic structure. This structure has the ability to replace everything that exists in the world, so there is a danger that the human soul can turn into a different type of energy or matter. If the matter in our land, return to a situation of man in the form of another creature.

We have come near. It turns out that everything alive is born on our soil is not new, is the energy of the living beings who have lived on our land.
There is no waste in nature, it is through rational.


Why are the bees dying?

Man as a rational being, for their safe being able to use not only the intellect, but also tools that invented and produced. Different types of sensors, recorders, medicine, communications to protect it from diseases and phenomena. The use of these devices is useful and convenient, but it also has drawbacks. Man not in need of as animals use sight, hearing, smell, with clothes and vehicles sometimes lose focus of the senses, resistance to cold, fast running and so on.

What they need to do other creatures, such as bees, which have the old days have the same mode of transportation and the same mind. The world is changing for the cause of man, and bees are the same. In recent years, began to die en masse. Because they are very much needed nature, a man takes care of it, to detect the cause. There are articles of scholars stating that the bees are dying because of varroa, the fungus Nosema apis, pesticides, sugar, salt, etc. Since it is said that bees do not return en masse to the hives, then those reasons are illogical, as bees will die on the spot. Observed that the extinction of bees in hives during the winter, especially when they are weak and Undertemperature. That's not happening yet. Healthy bees fly out after use and do not come back. So what is the cause?

Its giving an insight on this topic.
If anyone read my article on the ants know that their behavior is quite similar to the behavior of bees, especially the behavior of fertilization. Male and female ants to be able to impregnate the air during flight must swarm their nests at the same time as their flight is very short. How do they know that the time has come dreams? The answer can be only one: the ants benefit from the ubiquitous dark energy, which is for them to send the information ether.
We go back to the bees. To me, the bees also use dark energy. Using it not only inform each other out, but use it for navigation. Why does this navigation now fails? The reason is massively used cell phones, which with the help of a strong supporting modulate the intensity of black energy, causing chaos in the navigation of bees. Charged benefit of returning bees wandering lose energy until they do not have the strength to find a way.

Do not explain many phenomena on the earth and in the world as long as we know the dark energy.


Whether the light is subject to gravity?

No! No, because there is no light matter. But scientists say the opposite. They believe that the black hole has such a huge attraction that can draw even light. What is wrong in this reasoning?
Black hole in our galaxy, the Milky Way is the size of the average star, and they say scholars have claimed approximately eighteen million stars. Where is absorbed by matter? Amount of absorbed gas and matter is inconceivable from the point of view of a man. There are many ideas on the subject, some claim that a role is played by the curvature of the others say about the event horizon, and some of the Hawking radiation. None of these concepts are not accurate.

I was the first person in the world I draw the theory and I believe the 99.99% that I am right: the absorbed matter in a black hole turns into energy again. Yes, in the same energy with which it has resulted in a black energy of the universe.
Once again, I repeat the assertion: everything in the world and in the universe is going the same way, the course of physical events is similar, only the scale is different. On the ground, for centuries it is said to Ashes dust to dust. What does this mean? Man and everything else was created from atoms and in the future will turn into the same atoms. Fourteen billion years ago the universe was created out of energy and time after again be turned into energy. Meditation on black holes will cause headache scholars as long as you do not know the dark energy. So why not see starlight absorbed by the black hole? Therefore, since all matter is converted into stars, black power, and this is not on. Not only that is black, it has so far not been established by a man.


The movement of the universe

In the universe there is a calm matter, there is no fixed power. The universe is a boiler, where everything is cooked. Vibration transfers energy wave called the Hawking radiation of black holes due to modulation. They produce large amounts of new energy supply its surrounding space. Information about dark energy transfer to the enormous distances. With time, we learn to read the information. They contain knowledge about black holes, the mass, temperature and speed. Yes, the speed with which receive massive black holes gravity causes acceleration circulating around them stars to rate several million kilometers per hour. What causes such a figure?

Speed ​​of stars and galaxies spin rotation causes the universe. The universe revolves, as it may be part of another, shaking the whole. How do I go around the universe causes the rotation of galaxies? As the vortex flowing river. You have to pay attention to the word "flowing". If the traffic had stopped flowing river, it also disappeared by vortex. Similarly, if the universe is not twisted, it would not be hanging around the phenomenon of galaxies.

But it is hard to explain what causes the increase of sales of black holes.



The world is a complicated matter, so far we know only part of the matter. Last, a short time, however, shows that we learn faster and more and more. Exploring the world is at the macro and micro level. Man also is a part of the world and about themselves know more and more. But more, it does not mean anything.

Let's look at one small part of human life, clipping titled allergic disease. Everyone knows that if you go out to get this disease, it is a routine procedure. Experts in the field will carry out tests on the skin, then Apply tablets and we will try to recover from the pain complaining by the way, have recently seen more and more people are catching allergies. Meanwhile, a man as a thinking being, for example with edema disease of the nasal mucosa, which causes chronic nasal obstruction lights should analyze the mental. Speaking man, I mean both the owner of the nose, as well as a specialist physician. Well, nothing in nature happens for a reason. If we are careful and draw conclusions from their observations, we conclude that the cause is completely banal. This cause is dust. Yes, this invisible, tiny, Ignite when walking, sitting down on the chair, sleeping on a cushion, lifting clothes, and many other activities. Fine dust micron or less. And let us not think that when you remove the vacuum bag vacuum it. Unfortunately, no. If you have not bought a slightly more expensive vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter even stop the bacteria, it is said, fine dust flies through the vacuum cleaner and Neutrino by thick layers of earth. What causes this fine dust? In small amounts is tolerated by the human body, but when it's too much body uses its ability to close the nostrils by swelling of the mucosa. At this point, remove the cause of the man, instead of taking nose drops and complains that and it caught up with allergy.

Remember, first remove the cause, then go to a specialist.



Yesterday I watched a TV program of research under the title: How does the universe? Among the many interesting observations, among others, finally found out what scientists think about the movement in the universe. The explanation that I have heard has introduced me into a stupor. Scientists say that the movement of the universe is caused by gravity. Are all scientists in the world have the same opinion about this? I'd have to have a total eclipse of the mind to believe such a claim.

Galaxy twisted in rotational movement, spaced apart by a distance such that some have a minimal influence of gravity to it, may have the helical motion under the influence of other galaxies? Of course not! If it were gravity, why all the spin is always in the same direction? In addition, the force of gravity attraction, so linear motion. If the earth orbiting the sun has not yet been absorbed, it is of course thanks to the sun and gravity, centrifugal force arising from the circulation of the earth on around the sun, but the earth does not move is due to gravity. Movement of earth had to be given to land four billion years ago and so far has to be fed, or else sooner or later, gravity pulled by ground to the sun. Gravity will not only attract, but also braking, which seems to be forgotten scholars. If having a strong magnet to attract metal objects get closer steel ball, it will be attracted to the magnet in a straight line. Is the ball magnet will levitate above? Of course, will not attract any rotation.

So why take a consensus among all scientists? I think that no one else came up with the fact that the universe is round and revolves causing the movement of everything that is in it. No such concept of the universe causes misinterpretation of motion and gravity.


The movement in the interior of the atom

It was once thought that atoms have a simple, specific structure. Revolve around the nucleus in their orbits protons, neutrons and electrons. No one ever spoke of what this move would result, which would propel all these creations. Today it is not so obvious. There's nothing circulates with systematic precision. The electrons form a cloud of electrons, which move can not be determined today. Scientists have concluded that single electrons can be in the same time in different locations. Which way is it possible? Can this be true?
Maybe. We understand that, when we return in their deliberations to the creation of the universe. From what created the universe? Our present universe was created during the explosion of energy fills the cosmos has always been space. This energy has the ability to replace unknown to us in the matter and matter into energy again. Quantitative status of this energy is always intact, is it always the same, once the form of matter, time and change, again under their own form of energy. So how electrons can appear in different places at the same time? They can, because they have the ability to replace the energy. Time to replace the time and energy of the electron is zero play. If we could watch the space inside the atom, we found that one of the electrons out of sight, and in another there is a new. This amazing property is not yet confirmed by science, not even yet know the dark energy. When we will stop telling her that the movement of the atoms and the universe is caused by gravity. The movement is caused by the black power movement in cooperation with the universe.


Interesting life of ants

For two months all the curious will be able to observe the phenomenon of ants swarming. This phenomenon is described in an article titled: Do ants have telephones. From time to describe how fantasies of the ants, trying to see what they say about scientists, specialists in the life of ants. Unfortunately, no one noticed a phenomenon that I described. I also tried to publish an article as an innovative look at the life and reproduction of the ants and the extinction of bees. Sorry, did not qualify for publication. Currently, I have made further observations confirming the use of energy by the black ants to navigate. These highly intelligent, having a strong sense of connection with a group of insects spend their every effort to the search for food, or even lead a pure culture of honeydew honey. We know that honeydew from aphid-eating comes from the sap of the leaves. Of course, do not shed the honey at random. They live in symbiosis with ants defending them against ladybirds, giving up sweetie miodzik. The signal antennae ants secrete a drop of honey and ants load it into their backpacks. Do you eat it? No! A sense of community makes them take the honey into the slot. Now is where the interesting observation.

The tree is high. Defeating the road on the descent, is a big effort. After descending, it's not over yet. You have to beat the tangle of grass, which makes it difficult to access the target. Again, the question arises like an ant finds its way into the slot in the jungle. Experts say that directs the sun. But the sun is not always shining and also during the descent is quite a different place than the time of entry. If it was supposed to be the sun, the ants would have to watch, to compare the beam of light and time. So how do you cope? Not all ants coming down from the tree. Most of the jumps down. One by one fall from a tree in the grass, and then somehow start navigation using the black energy. Jointly and severally, one by one give honey to the socket on the socket, which she founded last year after reaching the mother of the place and the rejection of the wings.


How to go into space?

Space enthusiasts and enthusiasts now have the opportunity to easily find yourself on an orbital station. For only 20 gold you can buy a ticket for a movie at the cinema in 3D. The illusion is so fantastic that we will live for a long time what we saw. In theaters as movie called Hubble. We can see sending a telescope into space, then the repair of the orbit, and finally, fantastic images of galaxies that telescopes saw the repair. The very start of the shuttle, the power and the force with which rises from the launcher, which then becomes very high speed just after take breath in the lungs. Rumble and roar is so powerful that it can match any storm. In the face of these powerful phenomena, man gazing seems to be a tiny, insignificant ant. How people could build something so powerful?

After repairs are completed, the telescope began work correctly shows a fragment of the sky, and then its features. It started with an approach to galaxies, and then passing them to the next approach. That's what his eyes have seen so far as a shining star in the galaxy was made up of billions of stars. We can see the center of the galaxy, where a huge gas clouds give birth to new stars. Telescope shows a very clean and clear. Images look like a fabulous movie. Undoubtedly, through the telescope we can go back in time, because it is an image which shows the front of the thirteen billion years. So this is a picture from the time shortly after the birth of the present universe. The telescope is a tool that instantly explained as much as a man does not know all the years of its existence.

I must add that the huge 3D cinema hall I was alone. You see, people are not interested in such topics.


Snatch of the Higgs

When you are watching TV, the man the impression that people are not interested in anything else after for dancing and singing. Young people want to be models, they want to dance, show off, be successful and popular. All attempts to show something else slipping down to nothing. Show something else immediately ends because no audience. And of course every few minutes boring, banal truth no signs of advertising. In addition, someone else came up with the idea to eliminate mathematics in schools and at university should not educate engineers. Fortunately, now awakening slowly returning. Recently, to such a public announcement that the Cern finally discovered Higgs boson, which is presumably responsible for the gravity in the world. For me, nothing has been found since the Higgs is a theory invented by Professor Higgs. All this confusion was needed to power the financial research center. People, including other scholars took note of that and went to the agenda. Meanwhile, the very assumption that every place has to be the particle that causes gravity is in my opinion ridiculous. In Cern, accelerates the particles and causes them to crash, which is supposed to give an answer on the origin of the universe. I think that these actions will give an answer on the construction material particles, but certainly not on the origin of the universe. The universe was created out of energy in a black hole at the conditions that a person is not able to play on the ground. There is no electricity, temperature and pressure on the ground, or the ability to initiate even the energy conversion of matter. Cern so bring us the answer of which matter is composed, but it will give us the answer to the universe came.

I wonder when he will be denials argument that the Higgs boson, it is not what causes gravity.



We are all accustomed to that over our heads there are clouds. It is so natural that even comes to mind to ask what it is and why it has such a behavior.

Clouds, water molecules are emerging due to evaporation. Why is it always the court at the proper height above the ground? If formed on the same ground, we would have permanent haze. What makes hundreds of thousands of tons of water years in the air and it's still at the correct height? Why water molecules remain at the withers? Clouds fly as separate puffs and do not intend to merge into one big fog. Cloud Pollard, the billions of water molecules. Why are these particles do not merge into a single entity and not fall into a great lake? What causes the particles are spaced apart a distance to form a cloud?

If we asked these questions scientist have heard that gravity keeps the particles at a distance from each other. However, this reasoning is flawed. Gravity is the force applied continuously. If influenced by the particle cloud on each other by gravity, in the end all to be combined into one unit. However, not only is billowing clouds wander separately, yet still remain wandering clouds.

On the ground and in the world there are many phenomena that require consideration.


The Nobel Prize for Professor Higgs ?

It seems that the Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize giving for the alleged discovery of the Higgs particle made a mistake. The decision is premature , is not supported by real achievements . In Cern never discovered Higgs particles . During the bombardment of particles , analyzing the results of these activities scholars have come to the conclusion that there is probably a very short time said particle, but one she never said. The claim that the particle was found to be excessive .

Since the announcement of the prize Professor Higgs disappeared without a trace . It can guess why it behaves. I do not want to be interviewed because he would have to admit that he too does not believe in the thesis that proclaims.

The claim that gravity causes any particle is ridiculous , inconsistent with the principles of physics. Invariably I find that gravity causes the movement of material particles . By the time until the matter could be turned into energy will cause gravity while in motion . The more intense is the movement , the greater the gravity . Scientists persistently fails to deal with the movements of the universe . Meanwhile, everything is spinning , stars, planets, galaxies and the entire world . Some hinting that the cause of motion is gravity . Nothing could be more wrong , it is just the other way around . It is the motion creates gravity. The world go round , it probably is part of a larger whole , which is also on the move. Our world is not only the world and never came from nothing , just born again .


Life after death

In the TV show , the caller asks the priest asked people how they will look in the sky , who on earth involved in accidents were deformed diseases , and the like ? The priest says that God can deal with these problems. He does not know , of course , how people will look , but is confident that they will certainly in heaven that awaits their further life .

It is puzzling that people over the centuries of its existence, they know instinctively that there is life after death. It is difficult to interpret them from a scientific point of view as possible , so they resort to belief in the existence of God . This is the easiest way to explain things inexplicable . The more that the confirmation of the faith of the deal with the multitudes of clergy and drawing on the benefits of this practice . Of course, as everyone does not have a clue how they will continue to exist after the man 's death , but they have been around for centuries worked out the answer : God knows what to do.

Is physics as the science allows you life after death? Not yet, but I think it is possible. Belief in life after death, she could not get nowhere. Perhaps the universe is already a possibility. Following this consideration , we may conclude that the man on the ground was not accidental . It is a civilization of human beings the world manned by inoculating them with knowledge about the possible existence after death. This knowledge exists in human brains today as instinct. Why is this civilization has left us alone now ? This too can be explained . Maybe they live in a world on the edge of the universe, and the whirling makes the world went away too much from our own, but this question is not the end . For billions of years , the world once again come close to ours and then again get in touch with us. At that time we were alone we will be able to revive people after death. Once you have mastered quantum physics will materialize easily with the rest of the dead people on their energy , just as it does now That civilization . So let us learn , because knowledge is power , that we will leave behind . What now gather energy , such a man will later. Is it worth it to be an honest man , a wise and noble ? Definitely yes , because a man like us physics plays later , the wise will take place on pedestals other than stupid.


Do plants can think of ?

I'm wondering more than once , how is it possible that after eating raspberries , currants and blackberries , after the first bite of a triangle between two teeth and gums settles owcu eaten a piece of cake . It is so well suited to the place , that if we were not human , it stuck to there very long. Similar problems have pets. However, they can not think and bear pits as long as they (bear pits) to " like " .

You have to ask yourself what is it and how plants know what shape they have their pits to fit in between your teeth eating . Only those who believe in God have no problem because they already know the answer. But this is not the creator created the shape of the stone , it created the same plant . The purpose of this form is the way spreading seeds around. Resistant seeds , or escapes from faeces , or fall out during while biting spreading in this way around. It remains to explain the shape of the stone.

Were it not for our knowledge of natural selection , it may seem that plants can think and deliberately created the shape of the stone. However, it is simpler . For thousands of years of the crops produced were different shapes stones. When you spread the area , however the ones that fit between the teeth , the rest of the time were lost due to lack of space , the new prosperous land and space. These new sites sprang up precisely because of these , shaped seeds , fruits and their seeds were just having a corresponding shape. So, after the discovery of the principle of natural selection fell minded myth plants.


Do aliens visit us ?

Some people have the ability to meet visitors from another world. They try to talk about it, but unfortunately, few people believe in the truth of these stories . Discouraged telling remain alone with their experiences . Can we say that actually had contact , and if they could visit us aliens?

I know that some people's brains work in an unconventional way . That which observes the man with the brain, not necessarily see the other . There were also contacts the first degree. So , anyone still happens on our land . Is , therefore , that someone arrives through space from another world ? Let's try to clarify this issue.

Travel from other worlds spaceships can not confirm. Firstly, the space distance is not insurmountable , and secondly the current technique would be able to detect the vessel . For consideration is often mentioned "other spacetime" . This laconic determine no one understands . For what it is ? I'll try to answer as I understand it another space-time.

In the previous considerations we have come to the conclusion that everything in the universe is in motion. It seems to me that this is not the end . The smallest particles of matter subject matter, even vibrations . The vibrations of particles of matter "our" world , that the world surrounding us and the whole universe containing our world vibrate at a certain , specified frequency band. Of course , this frequency is not conceivably high, impossible to find the man. The space that we find around us, is space- a certain frequency . Everything vibrates in a specific band belongs to our spacetime. Perhaps the matter that vibrates in another band , and perhaps this matter is right next to us , but we do not see her because of the different frequency. Such space-time with other frequencies can be endless. But we can not tell them because I can not tune to other frequencies after for ours. I mentioned once that the behavior of everything in the world and the universe is similar , differs only in scale . The man already knows how to select electromagnetic frequencies . Copes well with the ordinary radio receiver. Tuning scale can jump from one radio to another. An even better example is mobile telephony. Have you ever wondered why many speakers fit in one place does not interfere with each other your phone signal ? Do not disturb yourself , because the ultra- fast computers can each second , thousands of times to switch to another carrier suitable , free in that split second channel . The talks held so many channels at once. The caller does not notice .

So if there are other space-times , it may be a stranger come from there. It may already possess the ability to retuning to our frequency . If the neighboring space- time is different from ours for several hours , you can understand why some people feel in the dream image of something in our area only happen as a few days ago, we drove to my friends knew that I would find there a little girl . I saw it in a dream , even knew how to be dressed .

When we know how to read the frequency of matter in our universe into the trash they go all the considerations on the construction of spacecraft that could carry mankind to other planets .


Dimension of space

Adopting the concept of frequency smallest particles of the material world are logical facts , which so far no way you could explain. The reaction of matter at a specific frequency can be explained by a resonance phenomenon known to us . Matter of which our world is constructed reacts resonance at a specific frequency. It's like the resonance of electromagnetic waves , the voltage rises and then definitely the wave is " visible " . resonance in physics is known yet in other instances. We remember the TV movie about the bridge in the United States, which broke up due to resonance . Small example in my home can be a window in the room . From time to time , driving down the street truck causes vibration of about 30 Hz , causing vibration of the window with such intensity that I'm afraid of the glass. So , as you can see the phenomenon of frequency response is widespread in the world . Probably we are made of the matter, which responds to the selected frequency. If so, if there was next to us is another matter , of a different frequency would be unobserved by us.

The existing frequency of matter provides a simple way to explain some other phenomenon. For example, the phenomenon of verifiable predictions. Frequency anything , it's time reproducibility. For example, a radio wave of the first Polish Radio , the 225KHz . The period of the wave takes about 5 microseconds , and so after this time will be repeated again next twitch . If next to our space-time , there is another , having a different frequency , there will be another time , if the frequency is higher , the time will be shorter if lower , the time will be longer . This is important for predictability , because if the times are different can happen accidentally register the event with one time and play the others. This way you can explain how it is possible that sometimes we see the events that have to occur .

As you can see , physics of motion and frequency has a future , it will be based on the explanation of the way of existence .


Fundamental quantum particles

Life scholars unanimously state that at the present time the study of fundamental quantum particles is impossible due to the blurring Interestingly, during the study. The reason for this blurring , as yet unknown. How to explain this strange phenomenon ?

If we assume

concept that I gave earlier , that the fundamental particles are not only the movement , but the frequency of light becomes that piece of a running frequency can not be tracked as a particle at rest. It's like watching a guitar string while on the move . Its shape at this time is hazy , difficult to describe. What conclusions can we draw from this behavior ?

first conclusion , it is that fundamental particles can be treated as a wave , because their behavior is purely wave . If this proved to be true kocepcja you would have to completely change the approach to quantum physics . The question remains a mystery which gives the particle movement frequency . In a further Within unexplained is also where does the movement of displacement . Everything in the universe is in motion, what causes it ? Of course, not gravity, as scholars preach .


Matter in time and space

The origin of matter gives rise to more and more trouble. As you delve into the world of quantum particles appears more and more questions than answers. Nothing in this world do not want to apply the man already known laws of physics. Currently , any attempt to try to explain how the existence of particles slipping down to nothing. It is time the possibility of great scientific discoveries , but this time in the world of basic material particles . An example would be electricity. It would seem that we already know all the rules for the current , while it appears that We do not know how they work electrons. Why is it so difficult to observe electrons

Unless we make some modifications , preconceived notions in physics , is the solution to this mystery is not possible. For example, the concept of time . Today , time is conceived as a linear dimension , with the vector facing forward. What does it mean? This means that the time flows in only one direction with a known , an insurmountable rate , or the speed of light .
I think that this view can be modified. Of course , the time can not flow in the opposite direction, but may flow not only to the front. Time moves forward, but also in all angles up to 90 degrees. Exceeding the 90 degree angle would be no back- up time , so the passage of time is impossible.
How to change our discussion , if we assume a non-linear flow of time. This approach will allow us the time to explain the mysterious behavior of electrons. The electron can be observed only in the specific fraction of the time , the remaining time is unobservable , why? In the following reason: the electron motion is vibrating , and the vibration have different vectors , which vibrations do not only extend from the top to the bottom , but in all directions. Electron observed , visible only when the deflection reaches its maximum . At the time of its fractional movement stops and is recorded by an observer. And if the running time of the electron will be the same ? Of course not, because the time will depend on the direction of the vector .


Gravity in space

If you can bend spacetime , as previously stated Eintein , what it is that space-time. Time is a concept created by man. Thus the concept is impossible to fold , while the space is not yet determined by physics . According to me , this is a void filled with dark energy . But dark energy is not subject to gravity, so either erroneous reasoning is that gravity bends space , or that space is filled with dark energy . If both of these theories are wrong , and the space actually bends under the influence of gravity , what fills the void of space ? It seems that gravity affects not only the matter.

Apparently gravity comes from the smallest particles of matter. What is it? Following her behavior , I conclude that the force of gravity add up . The more the particles , the stronger gravity . The range of its activities falls with the square of distance . The farther away from the body causing gravity , the weaker it is . We got used to the gravitational interaction , but what it is practically not know. Logically , the more matter gather in one place, the stronger is the gravitational field , but the force of attraction should not be growing along the vector to the front , should gather around the matter. Meanwhile, the gravity of the individual particles are added to the front along the vector and its scope spacing is becoming longer. As small particles can gravity may act on the body away hundreds million kilometers ?


Our spacetime

Experimentally confirmed my thesis written 28.11.13 . Drew the supposition that in the midst of the world in which we live , there are other , operating on a frequency . Everything that is our world , and so we , consists of particles of matter vibrating at certain intervals. Our world is a world of a specific frequency . The particles vibrating at a different frequency are not visible to us . Appearing sometimes UFOs are not aliens , the inhabitants having different frequency retuning to have the ability . Let's go back to an interesting experience.

If we take the matter consisting of two atoms and introduce it in the high-frequency vibration , and then one of the atoms of the matter divest any distance without changing its frequency , the interference in the first atom cause the reaction at the time of zero second . If this experience does not contain an error , it is a proof that the matter vibrating at a certain frequency is available for another of the same frequency . How the atoms could have contact with each other ? The answer can only be one , between distant atoms are dark energy that fills the entire universe , every nook and cranny of the cosmos and the space between the atoms .

Lack of knowledge about dark energy is the way to get to know the mysteries of physics and quantum mechanics.


Awareness tangled

In quantum physics, chaos reigns. Scientists do not know how to test this forum reality. Bumper hadrons at Cern will not solve the problem because the same assumption that the particle collisions get the answer how did the universe is not right. The universe because there stood during particle collisions, only at the time of conversion of the ubiquitous black energy into matter. What caused this process, we do not know.

If I led the research scholars skierowałbym all the strength to continue the two cases. First, how is it that the interference in the last quantum of light in a streak of light quanta, will be the reaction of the first quantum in zero time. Second, how is it that the interference in an atom of group of atoms associated with each frequency response will be different from this group, even if he was at any distance from the first. The explanation of these behaviors is essential to understand the behavior of the smallest particles quantum universe.

Recently encountered one more interesting. It turns out that the human brain is linked in some way with other enigmatic human brain, regardless of the distance between them. In this case, a phenomenon also occurs immediate response of the brain to the other first. Scholars have called this awareness tangled. This is nothing known to us as telepathy, which always remember. What may be the causes of these reactions? Already in 2011, I wrote that this force is black energy that can carry information in zero time at any distance in our world and to other worlds.

First heard from scientific sources, that man has a soul remaining after him after his death. For now, it is not determined as a set of energy, as I wrote a few years ago, but states that it was she who makes contact with another soul.


Reaction particles

We already know the effect of current. It is a movement of electrons in a conductor. The case is easy to wire the one hand, connect a power source, on the other bulb. At the time of switching the bulb current begins to flow. Everything is clear, when we are dealing with a short cable. But what happens if the cable has a length of Polish to the U.S.?

Consider the situation when Poland join into the power source, and the U.S. is not connected bulbs. What happens to the electrons in the wires? Nothing. Electricity just does not flow. If you join the bulb lights up. At this point, created a puzzle. How do electrons contained in the source current knew that they go with Polish, because in the U.S. connected light bulb?

This is the situation which I wrote about 06/13/14. It is a tangled group situation. All the electrons contained in the lines of the Polish to the United States constitute one group. interference the electrons on one side in some mysterious way the electrons interact with the other. The whole group of electrons contained in the lines and the voltage source is one, tangled whole and all at zero time everything they know about the other, regardless of the distance.


Back to the past

Will I be able to go to the past, if so, what about the grandfather paradox? Following discussions scholars who argue that it is likely a possibility. Grandfather paradox does not occur, because there are parallel universes and return to just such a world, the twin similar to ours, in this world there will be no interference.
Why is there a presumption that a return to the past would be possible? Everything stemmed from the experience of light quanta. Split streak of laser light, which was addressed in two separate directions, one short and one long. Interference in short-led response quanta in the episode long. Scholars say that the answer quanta you have sent, a return to the past. Is this reasoning correct? No!

puzzling, as we all debaters have not noticed one important thing: quanta at the beginning of the laser plume, after sending it, in fact after time zero are sent in time past. But if, now that the laser streak continues, and at the beginning of quanta are sent before, whether these quanta are in the past? No! Quants are located in the present. The first quanta are still at the same time, in which the man interferes in the beginning of the streak. Quants are moving away from us at the speed of light, but until the streak will not be broken, streaks will start at the same time as the person sending it.
So why the first quanta react to the reaction in the laser plume? Therefore, as in the past are not only exactly the same time as us. Strange that none of the scholars did not notice this fact. That just wondering how quanta may react first at the time when the zero track may have a length of one year, for example, light. To our knowledge, the physical, should react after year. Is that so? No! They should not react after year, only once. Such wrong question can be heard in discussions of scientists. It is meaningless. If the streak light is a light year long, and we're not sending it left off, it means that throughout the year the ship. If a year passes sending streaks, the first kwans the streaks are at the same time as we shipped.


Information between quantum

The phenomenon of entanglement is so exciting that it is difficult to control the excitement. What is its function, how they can be explained by ?. The already cited the example of an electric cable from Polish to the United States, the electrons located in the cable shall notify each other in zero time. If we attach the light bulb in the United States, This current of Polish begin to flow immediately, without any delay. How did he know there was included a light bulb? A year ago I wrote that when a person has mastered the ability to teleport, will be able to do this in zero time. Why? Therefore, since everything in the universe is in the environment of black energy. It's a black energy causes, but rather allows the communication of entangled electrons. The discovery of the phenomenon of entanglement is the first step to the knowledge of black energy. Physicists suspect its existence, but in no way they can not tell. I suspect that it is the black energy causes the phenomenon of entanglement, but that only electrons? No!.

We have found that the phenomenon of entanglement is always present within the group. Such a group may be said of the Polish cable to the United States containing electrons, or a streak of laser focusing of light quanta. It was also confusion not only in the group of electrons, or photons group may be atoms, and atoms are built after all. This is not the end, there is also confusion between the energy of human brain what was called in the past telepathy. What does it mean ?.

This means that the group which follows the flow of information, it is not only the cable or streak of light, a group of the whole universe, and this was followed by the immediate flow of information. Therefore, the galaxies are clustered, are separate files and do not connect all under the influence of gravity. That is why people communicate telepathically, because everyone is in the same black energy fills the universe, every atom, electron, photon, and all that is in the universe. The combination of using the black power is possible with every nook and cranny of the cosmos, our universe and others, if any.


The image of the past

All we see are images of the modulated light reflected from matter, or derived from sources of light. I stress, reflected light and the incident in the eyes because the light running next to us is for us not visible. Space is full of running light rays coming from stars, but an observer looking into the void of space can not see anything, it is dark. On the ground, in contrast to the cosmos is clearly because the air is matter, a material reflects light. Light is a wave of great frequency, for this reason, can carry enormous amounts of information. If we see a light image, we can analyze it down to a single quantum. It is a very interesting feature, it allows us to see how the world looked fourteen billion ago. Why ?, as it continues to reach us light sent during the big bang.

If we possess the ability to teleport, and thus we will be faster than light, we will be able to see the light of the past. If you catch up with the light going from 1410, we will be able to accurately see the battle of Grunwald. How it would exactly look like?
If you catch up with the light of the day this year and we will move the light to the future at the same rate as it is, we get the still image and the ability to image analysis in the quantum Quantum. It's like today, "freeze-frame". Back in the opposite direction to which the light will result in accelerated image, giving a choice of exciting events to the overview.
At this point I must stress emphatically that there will be no interference in the events that we see. We will only audience of past events remain immutable forever. Seems pointless discussion of scholars wondering what would happen if altering with the event. Not zaingerujemy. This is what once happened, will remain unchanged. Why? As we will see only the light reflected from these events, not the events themselves. Back to the past will not return to the event, but the information about them. Of course, any interference with information may result in changes to the event.

If nature has meant that information about the universe, there are still, just possess the ability to overtake a running light, then you should ask yourself the question, what gives power the go light when the source that sent it no longer exists?.


Memory EPROM

The scientist who first discovered the phenomenon of entanglement, should receive the Nobel Prize. Soon it turns out that it is a phenomenon topple the current physics upside down. Why?

The phenomenon of entanglement in the near future can be used to transmit information to any distance in zero time. For example, let us consider a group of free electrons, not associated with some atoms. It must be a group, as I recall, the phenomenon of entanglement acts on the electrons of the group. We will use these electrons the EPROM memory now known.
How does the EPROM memory. On a silicon wafer with dimensions of 1 mm was digested with billions of drawers, which will store the information on the basis of: an electron - no electron. If the drawer is the electron (after loading the microprocessor) will be read as 1 if it is not, as is already 0. memory with a capacity of billions these drawers, and so can store huge amounts of information.
If EPROM load the electrons originating from the group and leave a part of that group in the laboratory, then treating the laboratory will cause automatic loading or reading information. If we now imagine that the memory will be placed in the vessel space away from earth for millions of kilometers, we get the ability to send commands to the ship at the time of zero. Will be able to steer the ship in real time, and not, as now, the device on Mars receives orders from the 20 minute delay.

How to imagine a group of electrons? If we have a two-meter long two-wire cable is connected on one side to the battery, and on the other to the bulb. After connecting the bulb lights up. Why? Because electrons are in the line that passes through the resistor tungsten bulbs heat up go to the brightness. What happens when you unlink the circuit? Current stops flowing, but the electrons remain in the pipes to form a group. Now if they cut a piece of wire in each of them will be the electrons from one group, or tangled. It only remains now use them to physical action entangled.


Modifying the theory of the universe

The intensive work of physicists and astrophysicists scholars studying basic quantum particles lead to further discoveries. The results of these discoveries give attitude to modifications in their views on the theory of the universe but unfortunately I have not heard of new ideas and it remains a valid theory of the big bang saying that an unknown reason a small point exploded giving rise to the present universe.

It has long been a point of view seems unreliable. If at the time of the explosion was the matter, it is not yet able to propagate faster than the speed of light. no matter can not move faster than light. In this situation, the universe could now be at the place where it is. So how could it be?

I'm going back to his theory of the formation of cyclic nature of the universe. The present universe is another, rather than the first universe. Its beginning began at the end of the previous one. previous universe turned into energy, and this in accordance with the principles of physics, again gave rise to matter. It was, of course, the explosion and the spread of matter, the emptiness of space, but not in the way that scholars interpret this now. The spread of the matter was the use of the recently discovered phenomenon of entanglement.

As experiments have shown, the phenomenon of entanglement causes the reaction is of two entangled atoms in the zero time regardless of the distance from each other. Perhaps in this way, the universe was created. Let us remember that initially the universe consisted only of the hydrogen atoms, and each hydrogen nucleus only, proton and neutron. So scattered atoms in space are atoms of the one group, or a group of tangled. Only in the later time from the clouds of hydrogen began to form stars, and thanks to the other elements. Therefore, the entire universe was formed from hydrogen and did not need to this time. Falls also another theory, namely the theory that, in parallel with the moment of creation of the universe have created time. No, the universe was formed immediately at the time of zero according to the theory of entanglement, which indicates that the atoms of the group ragują immediately regardless of the distance.

An interesting experience at the micro level, giving the concept of how he created the universe in a moment in space cosmos filled with dark energy, is an experiment with a bottle of distilled water placed in the freezer. The water can reach temperatures below zero, and yet it does not freeze. But it is enough light hitting the bottle, and in an instant all the water turns to ice.



Annihilation is a response to the disappearance of matter. According to scientists, the disappearance of matter at the moment of contact of the antimatter. According to me it is pure fantasy. I believe that there is no antimatter and was invented for the purpose of explanation of the phenomenon. No one has ever yet produced antimatter. Saying that the Cern during collisions of protons and neutrons is obtained, among other things antimatter is overinterpretation. Disappearing products or collisions caused the annihilation of antimatter is not. I have my own theory about that.

If the theory learned was to confirm, then you need to ask yourself what happened with the matter after annihilation, disappeared without a trace? Unfortunately, the world does not consist of anything so in accordance with the principle of physics in the world you never die. In addition, there is no answer why, but rather with what would produce the antimatter. At the time of collision of a proton produced an equivalent amount of the particles would be needed to annihilation the same number of particles of antimatter, whence it came
?. Scientists create their theories on the basis of previously known physical phenomena. Meanwhile, there are new discoveries, such as the black energy and confusion. These two findings are ideal for clarification annihilation and the theory of the universe.
The present universe was created because of previous annihilation. Fading into a black hole of the universe does not matter last lost due to contact with antimatter, but turned into a black energy, which always fills the void of space. Black power, but rather a part of her, at some point again turned into a matter giving rise to the present universe. further worked the phenomenon of entanglement. The explosion caused the emission of black energy hydrogen homogeneous matter. The homogeneous nature of matter was tangled, and this gave rise to transformation into energy into matter for the entire space at the same time. You agree that the universe was formed on the basis of the outbreak, but it is wrong notion that there is one small point. On the contrary, the black power ushered in the creation of the present universe over the entire universe. The universe was created immediately during zero. Do not forget that created the universe looked very different than it does today. There was no galaxies and stars. Filled the entire space of the universe was only one matter, hydrogen. Over time, gravity caused the gas atoms combine, the formation of gas clouds and stars. The universe slowly began to take on the appearance of today.


The genesis of gravity

Strenuous work in progress aimed at the discovery of the cause of the phenomenon of gravity in the world. Any ways to explain what gravity is slipping down to nothing. There are many theories, but the most popular is the theory that gravity causes a particle called the Higgs. To me, this is a fantasy, because you can not imagine that any minimum every particle of matter was another particle called the Higgs. Experience a proton, which was carried out in Cern Hadron Collider in only once from a variety of experiences yielded an unknown particle, which was called boson. The life of this particle was so short that it could not be further explored. Could it have been sought Higgs? No! Logic dictates that if it was a Bozon, who in each particle causes gravity, is separated from the other particles making up the proton would completely different behavior of these particles. Boson would have deprived her completely by surprise researchers unusual behavior. Meanwhile, after that, it appeared unknown particle, other preserved as always. So what is gravity?

Before I answer, I have to remind already proclaimed my thesis that the world phenomena are very similar, differing only in scale. This is because the world is made up of the same atoms.
Recall how electricity is created. Current, ie the movement of electrons produced during the movement of electrons in a magnetic field. In other words, are beginning the movement of electrons when there By acting on the magnetic field. Further, if the electrons are already in motion, is produced in about one magnetic field. A similar phenomenon occurs with the formation of gravity.

Gravity acts as a gravitational field. How is this field and where does it come? Well, take it from the motion of matter in the presence of black energy. The faster and sharper movement, the stronger gravity. In support of my thesis will cite some facts. Twisting violently jet in flight weighs about thirty times more than during free flight. How did this sudden weight? With rapid movement. A black hole in our galaxy, the Milky Way has already engulfed millions of stars, where gravity is so strong? With unimaginably large turnover matter, which draws into its interior. So what causes gravity? Gravity causes the motion of matter in the presence of black power, not the Higgs.


Transients quantum particles

Quantum physics for a long time does not solve the mysteries of the operation of quantum particles. Measure the particle is so irrational that it can not be assigned to any presently known physical principles. For example, the mode of existence of the electron. Scholars say that the electron disappears, or is subject to annihilation, to re-appear in two other places at the same time. Is this view is rational? Of course not! This claim is as irrational as the appearance of electron simultaneously in two places at once.

First, how do we know that the electron appears, this is the same man who had just been in a different place? Second, why the electron appears to be the one that already existed? Thirdly, why vanishing electron would cause the appearance of two new places, rather than five or twenty ?. In addition, the electron is the creation of an unmarked, everyone is the same for each, so you know where that electron appears, is the one that existed before?

So is the electron appears and disappears? yes, but it is not the same electron. Electrons appear and disappear in an unspecified number of places at once, but they are always new electrons. In some unknown way black energy can turn into electron-matter or the entire span of its existence in accordance with the principle of conversion of energy into matter and matter into energy.


What are photons

In a laboratory scientists conducted an experiment on the photons, and then drew the wrong conclusions, unfortunately, the results obtained.
The experience was based on laser light streaks passing through the filter such weakness causing streaks that formed light path consisting only of a single photon. In short, light photons consisted of running one behind the other, not like before the filter in a an amount next to one another.

On the path is set as a running light metal, an impermeable barrier to the two vertical slits. For the obstacle set responsive screen flare on each incident photon. The following results were observed: the screen showed that the bursts are created for one and one pussy. It was found that a single photon falling into the slits, in some strange way, also appears in the other. What does it mean? According to scientists, in the quantum world is so that a photon can appear in two places at once, or is currently, where we look at him. Is this observation is relevant? No! This observation is at the level of fantasy that do not have any scientific basis.

What is wrong thinking? First adopted misinterpretation of the shape of the photon. If the photon had the shape of balls, as well as scholars believe, It would be strange indeed if hit with two slits at the same time. Meanwhile, the photon is a wave, so you can imagine it as a string, or a light dash. Dash, it's not the point so if you work out horizontally, ie from stomata to slits, its end and the beginning hit the slits and gets on the other side of the screen, causing two flares. In this case, you do not need to create the strange theory of revelation of the photon in two places at once, or even more fantastic theory that there is a photon where we look.

Once again, I realized that physics is not as complicated as some people want to show, you only have to observe the phenomenon and be able to interpret them.


Perpetuum mobile

When considering the phenomenon of light began to seem to me that in this case one can say about the existence of Perpetuum mobile. More than thirteen billion light years from that period runs through the void of space, and part comes to us carrying a picture of the first moments origin of the universe. Streak of light there is no connection to the source of the big bang because no longer exists, yet light once sent running. In addition, did not reduce his speed, he has the same speed as shipped. It looks like a Perpetuum mobile. Upon deeper examination of the phenomenon we notice, however, that reduces the amount of running photons. So the light fades. For a while no one will be able to see the beginning of the universe, because the lack of light carrying information about it.

By the way, I can not understand how photons derive the energy to move and it's still the same speed.

Very similar to behave quarks and neutrinos. If the rate is attributed to the sun, then they run to the ground as if possessed drive. Probably at work here the principle of conservation of momentum, but if something so small with almost no mass can give momentum? Comes to mind downy feathers, which can be imparted momentum of any force and still falls just below her feet.


How is light

Light is a wave with a specific frequency. If it is homogeneous, or a specific color, it has a specific frequency. The frequency of light can be read in its spectrum he has a picture of the sinusoid or maxima and minima of the amplitude. Where does the light?

A similar question has long troubled scholars. In 1930, Professor Niels Bohr drew the hypothesis that light comes from a resource charge of the electron, which is changing the orbit within the atomic nucleus triggers a quantum of light. This thesis is valid today but already changed view on circulating electrons around the atomic nucleus. How then produces light?

It follows that the light is generated during movement and that the movement. The warmer the matter, the more traffic in atomic world. The rapid movement of atoms causing the precipitation of some electrons from their sockets. If the electron away from the nucleus will lose some of their energy by emitting it as light quantum, but if the approach to the nucleus will absorb energy by increasing its energy resource. The mass movement of electrons causes a continuing issue light. If the light emission originates from nuclei homogeneous, that is, for example, testicular pure gas, the light will have one clear a sinusoid of a particular frequency. Otherwise, the emitted light will be different spectra.

At this point everything seems to be clear. I do not know why sine wave of light is so pure and repetitive quickly They emit the electrons in a chaotic dance. There is no regularity in their behavior and order, and so there is no repetition we have peaks sine wave of light.

In earlier deliberations argued that gravity arises on the basis of traffic instead of particle called the Higgs. In the case of light is an analogous situation, the light is formed on the basis of the movement.


Special Theory of Relativity

It seems to me that many physicists do not understand Einstein's special theory of relativity. In chats research scientists show that if we flew towards the nearest star rocket at a speed close to the speed of light, it would show our watches slower time than on the ground. Apparently the experience made with the plane, which took on board the owner of the watch. After oblocie ball Earth and landing it turned out that the watch indicates the delay of a fraction of a second. Is this true? Nonsense.

At the time standard is a cesium atom. This pattern sets one second with tremendous accuracy. Suppose you have a watch operating on the principle of cesium atom. The owner of this watch gets on a plane and oblatuje ground. After landing checks the time and what? Watch late, right? Nonsense! Cesium atom does not change its behavior under the influence of an airplane flight. How can you make scientific lectures on the subject without knowledge special theory of relativity.

So, is the time in a speeding rocket slows down? Yes, but only in relation to our current environment, that rocket. How do you understand that? It's very simple. The passage of time is the speed of light. Time is spent at the rate 300tys. km/s. If the rocket in which we fly reaches the speed of light (this of course theory to stimulate the imagination), it's our time to stop. But do stop also watch on hand? No! He will walk in the same rhythm as on the ground. His indications will coincide with indications clocks are left on the ground. Are we at this time will stop you get older? Of course we will not stop and we will reach old age in the same rhythm as landowners. Since the passage of time the rocket will be equal to zero, then to pluck a card in the calendar rocket will wait until the rocket release. At this time, during the course of the earth can take years if we passed one day.


Relativity passage of time

After talking with relatives noticed that continue to be differences in the speed of the passage of time are not clearly understood. How to understand that the passage of time in relation the current environment?

Imagine a family riding a train at a speed of 200km/h. The extensive carriage children play soccer. Once they throw the ball forward, one back. If the ball flies forward at a speed of 4km/h. how we measured its speed? Of course, in relation to its surroundings, or rail car. However, if we measured its speed in relation to the fleeting trees next to the train, the speed of the ball would be 204km/h. This example shows that the speed of the ball is a relative term. Its speed can appoint only determining the object for which the measurement is made.



Entropy is striving to chaos in the universe. Any material composed of any number of atoms at some time tends to separate into single atoms. All the creatures of the universe, both made by man and by nature over time disintegrate. Entropy is the principle of natural causes return the matter to its basic form or energy. The disintegration time is a different matter, for example gold or platinum will need a very long time to disintegrate, but certainly fall apart.

By far shorter man needs. After the end of life, our body breaks down very quickly. It is programmed for a certain time and after this time the man unfortunately bound to perish. Some scholars in their research chats are trying to prove that, in accordance with the Theory of Relativity, would send a man into space at the speed of light passage of time his life would stop and the man would cease to grow old. There would be so halting entropy. Of course it is a proclamation of fantasy which does not have any support science. Time is a concept invented by man, and so it can not affect the entropy. The man decided that that time will be passed the speed of light and in this way it is measured. Does entropy has something to do with expiring. invented by a man sometimes? Of course not! Entropy occurs in its rhythm, regardless of whether the material is in motion or at rest. So no matter whether a man It will be speeding rocket, or the land will be subject to entropy in the same rhythm. How better understand give an example.

If you fly the plane from the rotation rate of our land so that the window to see the rising sun, and our flight would last one week, then during this week elapses us on the plane one day. So within a week of our time slowed down to one day. Is this time we only ate one breakfast, we were only once in the toilet? Of course not! Our vitals paid no attention to the fact that currently fly a plane, or even if we go fast or slow, entropy progressed in his rhythm.

So all scientific talks proving that a man flying a rocket at high speed is aging more slowly than a human on land is bogus fantasy.


Is Entropy can sometimes be

It can not. Measure entropy is non-linear. One material disintegrates faster, the other more slowly. Disintegration of matter depends on various conditions in a multitude of different time but not is time dependent. This is no time affects the entropy, as some physicists, time can not be, and entropy and so will continue in his rhythm. When there were no people in the world do not have time, because they invented it. Formed rocks, they grow various beings, created to matter and all that arose in his rhythm created by the action of the sun, volcanoes, water and countless amounts of other factors. It seems that is creating everything in our world and the universe does not have a name yet and is the opposite of entropy.

If so time does not affect the entropy, how can proclaim that a man in a speeding rocket, which shortens the time due to the speed, This time means that man will be younger than the other people on earth. This error committed by people who think that aging people It is sometimes caused. The man in the rocket will not age in the same way as people on earth and whatever will be the time the rocket will have no impact on the entropy of this man.


Time - revision of views

In the world there are thousands of scientific institutes working in the field of astrophysics and astronomy, but still has not heard from any scientist that time is not the fourth dimension of space, and is just a concept for the determination of entropy. Time does not cause phenomena, such as They misinterpret scholars, but is a form specifying their. Using computational algorithms time t as a permanent affecting the course of events in the universe causes the incorrect calculation results and herding many scholars in the "goat horn" with a headache. It was this misinterpretation It has led some institutes (unopposed others) to promote scientific lectures on supernatural properties of the effect of the time aging man, you just need to know how to build a spaceship with the capability of achieving huge speed. How wrong is this reasoning will show in the figure.

We see a globe on which is set to rocket launching pad and a man with a population clock time experiment. Clock is reset to zero, we have time t0. Turn the clock, and at the same time start a rocket. Rocket accelerated to speed 150tys.km/h, and thus achieves a half speed of light. I remind you that time is spent with the speed of light, or 300tys.km/h. After a year of waiting, we find that Time went up from the earth at a distance 1roku light. If we were to judge the distance in kilometers, it should be 1year divided into seconds and multiply the result by 300tys. At the same time, and therefore within the rocket moved away from the ground about 0,5year light. Now turn on the logic of thinking. How much time had elapsed man in a rocket compared to the time t1? After a year on the ground, the man in the rocket relative to the forehead escaping t1 has passed only 0.5 years. Why? Because the rocket rushing at high speed catching up with time running forehead. If he could catch up face time t1 is the time man would stop rocket and amount to 0 when this time has elapsed year on the ground. But it would be the only time the rocket as measured against the forehead of time t1. However, if we measure the time from the start moments of a man in the rocket will elapsed time t1. There will be still young, and entropy will be made in a normal rhythm.

We go back to the drawing. If the rocket reached a distance 0.5 light-years, how much time had elapsed on the clock turned on when you start? The answer, one year. The man in the rocket flew for one year and reached a distance 0.5 light-year. Thus, the rocket being in the t2 is reached after one year. Is the man in the rocket passed less time than the man on the ground at the point t0? No! All scientific lectures saying otherwise are wrong.


Lectures masters professors

Professor Michio Kaku American, a graduate of three universities is the creator of many nonsensical science programs on TV and on the web on time. He also wrote many books but I think the lyrics are there similar. Among other things, the professor says that release time in rushing rocket is due to speeding curwe light that not being able to run faster than 300tys.km/h slows down its zigzagging course.

Can someone tell me where is the meaning of this thesis? What impact might be light on rushing racket, what kind of light, where it comes from and how it can interfere with the racket? Time rocket is determined only after establishing in relation to what will be counted. It can count in relation to time running after the start, or in relation to the platform from which the missile was launched. No light from this calculation is not needed. Professor Lord mindlessly echoed by other American professors such as: Filipienko University of California, Robert Mallett, Max Tegmark and Richard Gott. Something seems to me that the gentlemen just about money in return for authorizing the lecture. Max Tegmark wrote 200 scholarly books on his lectures he likes to show off tasiemcowymi calculations each issue. Of course, no one is able to check their correctness during the lecture. Computational algorithms consist of marks and letters having their meanings, the listener lecture is not able to remember all the characters used in the calculations, and the professor It shows off calculation in order to arouse the greatest impression. As one of the many accepted as true the thesis that time is the fourth dimension of the area and this belief wades today.


Error in lectures of Professor

The light propagated in space runs at about 300tys.km/h does not matter whether has been sent with immense stars, or the headlight car. If the beam is sufficient number of photons, it can run billions of years without losing speed. It is a phenomenon not explored by humans. For the record, let me add that light is an electromagnetic wave the same as radio waves or mobile telephony. The difference is only in frequency, light vibrates with great frequency.
In addition to the properties of the light it has another feature that provides that the speed of propagation is one and the same. Sent from speeding luminous body in space will not increase his speed on the speed of the luminous body. The speed of light emitted so still remain constant.

The people of the earth can watch countless lights coming from the cosmos. Some of the light-emitting cosmic bodies are in motion moving in space. Do not light emitted by running zigzag according to the theory the professor Michio Kaku? Of course not. Such light seen from a ground run at the same speed as each other, and the relative for speeding sending body runs slower on the speed of the body. This explains the theory of relativity.

So there is no curwe running lights, as lying the professor, only natural behavior of light and correct assessment of the phenomenon According to the theory of relativity.


The grandfather paradox

Professor Michio Kaku runs many lectures on physical and space. Among other things, he spins fantasies about time travel. The professor argues that in the future it will be possible to turn back time and go to the past. On the allegation grandfather paradox is responsible, that the life of his grandfather longer time, another space-time and we could not kill his grandfather. Visitors to the past to visit the past, but will not have the possibility of interference from another space-time. Is the professor is right? Definitely they are fantasies makes no sense.

The lecture dealt with the time and consideration that the time always runs forward. The professor did not take into account that does not matter how to define the events taking place for a long time today, and whatever we do with the way of measuring these events, which sometimes It will have no impact on what happened. How is no way out, it invents a different space. Is so it will be able to return in time?

There will be no. This is what once happened will remain forever in the past. It is impossible to reverse entropy. It will, however, possible look at the events of the past, provided that what happened proceeded in the presence of light. Light reflected from the event It will be ran in the future and if we possess the ability, will be able to catch up with them and see what information it brings. Of course, if you even see his grandfather who lived before you were born, you will not be able odezwania to him because we will not see events, only information about them.

As you can see, my point of view is quite different from the point of the professor.


Lectures of Professor Heller

Polish philosophy professor Michael Heller lectures among other things on time. Among the many aspects of this issue trying to convince the audience that, in accordance with the special theory of relativity, time elapsed in rocket rushing with a very high speed slows the aging passenger. In support of its argument shows incomprehensible plot and mathematical calculations. He says so unconvincingly, that the impression that he does not really believe what he says. It is a mere imitation of other scholars, which probably does not want to think.

As I proved in the above texts, time has no effect on entropy. Any patch time pinned the man to the event. entropy, and so it will work on your rhythm. All mathematical calculations, even if they looked very convincing and proved time change will not affect the entropy.

Professor demonstrates two graphs of mechanical clocks one of which will be sent into space. With charts a result, the sent slowed its speed and shows a slower time. Now the question is, what caused the dismissal of rotation pendulum clock, time who invented a human being? And if the clock was on the planetoid rushing in space and not having any neighbor in about one another at a distance of millions of light-years, it is also to slow down? If the answer is "yes", then I ask a relative to you, Yet there is no land which took off.

How much longer will scholars to confuse people.

So far, confirm the super-symmetry does not, and according to me will never be.


The time in space

Einstein in his theory of relativity considering the issue of time proves that large and heavy bodies in space such For example, as the earth orbiting the sun cause deflection space into a hopper. That's not all claims that deflection is also subject to time. Does that make sense? In my part.

First, space is not a plane, it is a medium surrounding the sun on all sides. How such a thing could bend. If you are under the influence of hard ground the space ugięłaby to this in such a deflection there would squeeze the space. Is such a phenomenon takes place? Secondly, why would arise in the hopper bottom, not the top, yet there is no gravity on one side or the other. Centrifugal force circulating the ground running in the direction of the sun, so the funnel should be the direction of the sun. Pinch space should occur near the ground on the opposite side of the sun. Did you find such a phenomenon? If this interpretation is correct, then Einstein's assertion about the bending of space and time is wrong.

A look at the time covering the funnel quoted to say that there may be two forms of time. One time will be a time running from the edge of the funnel to the other shore. This time will not be subject to the fold unless we recognize the inseparability of time from space. I think that there is no relation of time to space. The second time, if the demarcation piece by piece, for example, every 1000 km, a time will sometimes be bent because the time will be applied to the surface of the space and will involve each of its fold.

As you can see from these considerations, it is not so certain whether the space is subject to deflection and it is uncertain whether the correct time is running above the funnel, or time running in the hopper.

Following the logic of Einstein's land in the hopper causing compression of the space on the opposite side of the sun, should shorten the time in this space, and for this there is no question in the theory of relativity.

And we thought that this topic is all clear.

So far, confirm the super-symmetry does not, and according to me will never be.


The new theory

To summarize all previous texts on time formulated the following assertion: photos

Everything in the world is subject to entropy. The time does not affect the entropy is used to determine its course. Photos Time in the machine sent into space at high speed shall be reduced only in relation to face starting time running at the same time as the machine. An appropriate time of the device and its contents is the time relative to the start site, this time is the same as the start site, regardless of the speed which reaches the device, even if the device has reached the speed of light.

This statement refutes the view that after a long and fast space travel returning a person can be younger than left on the ground peers.


Travel Future - teleportation

On the Internet there is a short video from cameras showing the city a strange phenomenon. At night, at the crossroads truck makes in the direction of driving up to him the way a motorcycle instead of a collision cameras show a motorcyclist sitting on the curb of the pavement in the next street. Shadows lamps indicate that this is not manipulation but continuity shots. Could it be teleportation motorcyclist?

Among scholars there is a discussion that teleportation is possible. Many inclined to the view that so. Officially, no one believes that It is possible today, but in the future anyway. Many of them, including Professor Michio Kaku believe that in the future people manage to bend space to form a tunnel and the tunnel move the huge distance in a short time. Will it be possible? Of course not! Never no man will be able to bend space about a million times greater than Earth because it would require unimaginably great energy. Tunnel spatial, it is only the imagination of people, not this is the way to teleport.

Teleportation in the future will rely on sending energy. Energy can spread to any distances at the time zero. They are already the first evidence of this thesis, let's not forget about the phenomenon of entanglement. Entanglement may include atoms, electrons, photons and energy proven fact that telepathic communication is nothing like communicating with energy.
How, then, it will look to send a man to any place in zero time? In the future, when we possess the ability, will scan a person to atomic form, then the atom-by-atom commute into energy and the form will send anywhere. As we know, energy is immaterial, so the speed of transmission will be optional.


Gravitational waves

announced the discovery of gravitational waves passing through the space. As they occur, or it could cause the Higgs boson condensed inside black holes? Unlikely. Gravity causes matter is not the Higgs boson, but the movement of matter. In this case rapid movement of two black holes of enormous weight caused the immense gravity, and this in turn has produced waves Gravity running from a billion years, the space of the cosmos. Space is filled with dark energy, which does not respond to gravity, but under the influence of the movement of black holes, producing a strong gravitational field bends periodically creating waves.

The discovery of gravitational waves alter look at the issue of space. Einstein in his theories announced flexing space this time, it is not the space bends, but concluded her black energy. It is hard to imagine myself that buckled void space. As I wrote before, the world is not composed of anything, any space, even the smallest is filled with dark energy.



In writing about the light, my friend asked me the following note: According to the theory of relativity light is ALWAYS the same speed to EACH of the body, regardless of whether the body is moving or not to another body!
Is he right? Unfortunately not.

is known that light always runs at the same speed, but there is an exception if the information has been sent to the speeding body, its speed is slower than normal in relation to the body of the speed of the body. To better understand the meaning of this sentence let's say this: if theoretically body rushed in space with the speed of light, and this body was sent a beam of light, it radius is in relation to this body would run at a speed of zero.

As you can see in physics have to formulate sentences very carefully, because every word counts.


The theory of the light is

Is the light (or something) can run at a speed of zero? So maybe, this situation occurs when a beam of light runs next to something, which runs at the same speed, and measuring the rate of their radii formed relative to something.

A similar situation takes place in space, when the next space station drifting space shuttle. Both ships have a zero rate relative to each other, but in relation to both the ground speed of rushing 25tys.km/h. So, according to the Theory of Relativity, first we need to establish relative to which measurement is made.

In certain circumstances, there is also the opposite situation. If the body (theoretically) speeding the speed of light will send a beam of light in the opposite direction to the gear body, in relation to the body, the light will move at a rate 600tys.km/s, so at a rate of twice the normal.

Thus, the measurement speed is very important in relation to which the measurement refers.


The speed of radio waves

The radio waves, as the light moves at a rate of 300tys.km/s. They behave the same way because the light is also wave of very high frequency. The eyes of living beings can see the wave. Waves at a frequency lower you can not see so that they can ascertain humanity uses various devices. Currently, you can not imagine human existence without the use of radio waves. When considering experimenting with the speed of radio waves, imagine this: you have built a spaceship (theoretically) reaching speed 300tys.km/s, then the ship sent a radio wave with information on the planet which were headed. Is the information before it reaches us? Of course not. Why? Since the vessel has reached the speed of the radio wave and speeding parallel to the wave at the same rate. There occurred a phenomenon of zero wave speed in relation to the ship and vice versa. So to reach the planet at the same time, the ship and sent him a wave. The quoted example is an indicator of what problems will have people building future spacecraft reaching a high speed. There will be no prior notice well in advance of approaching a target.

At the earth phenomenon exists also in this case, a phenomenon of sound waves. Speeding jet produces sounds, and as the years at a higher speed of sound at some time catching up with the sound, and then ahead of him. If did not have to release it to doleciałby earlier than send sound through it.


Time and gravity

There is a contradiction in the statement of Einstein, which says that the time is changing under the influence of gravity. Specifically, Clock located on the ground shows a different time than the clock elevated above the ground, for example at the height of 100km. Logic dictates that concept invented by man, which is the time can not be subject to gravity, so as not to change under the influence of fire, water, wind and any other phenomena. If the clocks involved in the experiment showed different times, it does not mean that the time was different. Just gravity affects matter which are made clocks. If the clock was a device built on the principle of the atom, you can imagine that gravity affects the change in the oscillation of the atom as both the nucleus and the protons, neutrons and electrons They are the matter, and therefore gravity has an impact. So you can not confuse indications clocks with time. Nor can it be argued that the time may have an effect on anything. Impact on whatever is entropy, and the time is only used for its determination.


Time in the mobile

Mobile operates on the principle of radio waves. The subscriber sends a signal to the nearest station intermediary and computer directs him to the station near the recipient, or if the recipient is far from the satellite receiving station and ultimately to the recipient. The mobile phone used computers are very fast and very accurate time. The satellites are mobile on of approx. 35,000 km and move very quickly. The mobile communication station with the satellite takes place after a delay. That there is no delay time audio conversation telephony subscribers computers use the respective programs, but is it really time causes delay sound?

According to my theory, time as a concept invented by man can not influence anything. Since a radio wave runs at a predetermined rate beating the way, this is the way it affects or gets to a measured time. Of course, if we have two parameters of the road and speed are as the result we get time, but he did not cause the delay of the radio wave. Time is only an intermediate parameter to calculate the road.

This allocution I try once again to prove that time is not the fourth dimension of space, and just a concept created by man.

Impact on whatever is entropy, and the time is only used for its determination.


The mysterious world of quantum matter

Scholars still a headache because of the mystery of quantum matter, so that which is the smallest and the basic building blocks of matter in the universe. I think for a long time will not give up she tested man. How difficult is this research tells radio professor at Warsaw University Krzysztof Meissner.

The researchers theorists of physics by creating mathematical algorithms prove that all quantum particles have their mirrored counterparts called super-symmetry. The question is how we know, they reply that it is the result of mathematical calculations. Can this be true? I do not think.
The result of mathematical calculations is that what data we put into the calculations, or what data is missing in the calculation. Certainly calculations do not account for dark matter, which (according to me) fills every space, both the space and the space between the quantum particles having Unknown impact on them. Among other things, the particles may undergo annihilation changing into black energy or vice versa can occur anywhere on the principle of converting the energy into matter. About this basically forgot the professor saying that if for some reason stopped the movement of electrons in the nucleus (Still we do not know where this movement to take), the electrons drop to the kernel and were annihilated. To the question: so what would have happened to them, the professor said he did not know. Apparently it does not take into account the black energy, nothing about it does not know and do not apply it in their mathematical calculations. Such algorithms are erroneous and lead scientists to a dead end forcing others serving powerful accelerators LHC to testing to prove the super symmetry. So far, confirm the super-symmetry does not, and according to me will never be.


How to understand the time

In the television watching the German program for science promoted in a sensational way without inquisitiveness, repeating clichés. Again I heard the nonsense about the experiment (Alleged) concerning indications of atomic clocks having flown around the earth. According to the presenters flight caused minimal delay clocks. So I ask, what kind of atomic clocks, which after a flight longer patterns. And what would happen if we let them go into space, just as the probe Woyager1 flying without interruption since 1977 in space. How to operate there on-board computer, since time would be not to plan.
In his article dated 1/24/16 proved that the spacecraft flying time remains the same as the time on the ground during takeoff. All the "scholars" forming talks on this issue is mistaken reference point. If time flying ship will refer to the globe, and therefore to the starting vessel, This time the ship and the globe will be the same. Otherwise it will look like the time related to the face of time, which will be the beginning of the start time of the ship. This time will be even more different from Earth, the faster will be the ship. To understand this last sentence, let's do an experiment (in imagination). During the start of the spacecraft will release the space ship in parallel to the laser beam. The radius of the distance from the earth at a rate of 300tys.km/s, and thus the speed of time, because time passes with that same speed. If, after some time, we measure the time the ship and compare it with the beginning of the radius, then this time will be shorter than the time elapsed on the ground. Here lies the mistake talks "scholars".


The American astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is expanding. It helped him in this observation of another scholar Doppler. Doppler saw that any frequency approaching the observer is higher than the same frequency retreating. This frequency can be light. A feature of light is its frequency. The frequency of the light depends on the color. Hubble observed that some galaxies are red, and some white. Because the color red galaxies means a lower frequency, concluded that the galaxies are receding. On this basis, he and other scholars put the thesis that the universe is expanding. Are they right?

Our world, that is, the solar system is located on the outskirts of the galaxy called the Milky Way. Sam galaxy contains billions of worlds, or other suns. Is our galaxy is located in the center of the great universe? Of course not. If not, on what basis we can decide, that other galaxies are moving away from us and the universe is expanding. If you look at the heavens for example, to the north and we see the galaxies receding, it is looking at firmament south should see a galaxy approaching. Is such a thing take place? Of course not! How so you could say that the universe is expanding. The red color of some galaxies mark, that they, and not the entire universe are in motion, and in this case, moving away from us. Such galaxies are plentiful and can be seen anywhere the sky. This shows that these galaxies are moving away from the observer, and not that the universe is expanding.

This issue is another, which raises my doubts.


The unjustified claim about the origin of the universe

Supporters of wrongful assertions that the universe was created from the explosion of incredibly small point and still expanding are wrong. One such supporter, which again I appreciate and admire is Professor Stephen Hawking, confined to a wheelchair, who, after thinking for not anything else to do. Professor publishes talking about just such a way of the universe. The publication of his carefully omits unfortunately how resulting in a split second matter spread immediately on such a vast space that occupies the universe. Scientists support the professor, and doing it unless all scholars, because I did not hear dissenting opinion, invent incredible theories that may explain this fact.
In my opinion, physics is one and has not changed its principles of operation or during the beginning of the universe, not ever. So how do you explain the emergence of matter in the emptiness of space throughout the entire universe?

Scientists, who in their deliberations carefully omit an interesting physical phenomenon called entanglement (my article dated 11/03/2014) and dark energy, They can not think of any other way of the universe.
In my opinion, it is the principle of confusion, and in the presence of dark energy the universe was created. This fact has been made at one time, without having to spread the matter and not in the eyebrow principles of physics, because, as confirmed by the current study, confusion effect immediately, regardless of the distance.


Where did the universe

A few years ago, listening to lectures by a professor strongly doubted the genuineness of texts that proclaim. Among others said that the difficulties we have in understanding the mechanics and the whole quantum physics stem from the fact that the whole micro world exists only when you look at him. In other cases, it simply is not there. At the word "look at it" hides everything that is the image that we see with our eyes, which could see anyone else, camera, camera, animal etc., etc. Such a fine example of this phenomenon is browse the photo collection on your computer, if you scroll through images quickly, there will be the phenomenon of blank screen, after a while the screen will fill up the next image.
The lecture seemed to me so ridiculous that even wondered how serious a person can talk such rubbish. Is today changed sentence? Definitely yes!

My doubters point of view, fell completely under the influence of a scientific experiment, conducted in a laboratory.
They experimented with light quanta. Light quanta, this portion of light in the form of microscopic eggs contained in the streak of light. If there are countless many, the light is very bright. In said laboratory weakened streak to a level that quanta expert one by one, and you could count them. On the road this streak is set for the window. It turned out that half of the quantum passed through the glass and half bounced off at an angle. At this point, the first puzzle of why some photons passing through the glass, and some is reflected. An even greater mystery out of this world came into being when they wanted put on one of the resulting streaks photon another window. As soon erected glass, streak disappeared and just was not there. So they erected the glass on the road the other streaks, unfortunately, at this point the second streak also disappeared. Photons behaved as as if someone was not looking. If not inserted windows, which did not attempt to see what they would do photons behave freely running away in the plume.

Beyond any doubt photons, they are not living beings, how they could know that on their way to insert glass? There is only one explanation of our world and the universe is a computer game. Our life, and everything that exists is a computer program. And it is not so huge as it may seem to us, creates images and alleged reality only in places which look, the rest is emptiness. Someone will say, that the test now get up from the chair, where he knew a developer writing a program that will do so? Well, he did not know, but the program is so written that the one action results the previous action creates a reaction. In the current gaming stocks also have an alternative, they can roll to the left or right. Of course, these alternatives are few. In the computer world there are infinitely many. How powerful can be a computer world shows us even our brain. With its small size contains such a huge memory, that if he had to memorize every grain of sand of our globe, it would use only part of it.

So is there a God? Yes, it is the operator of the computer world.


Lecture Professor Meissner

The professor Krzysztof Meissner during a lecture on quantum physics speaks fluent without additional tones in the form ah, ah, pe pe, you can see that it has a lot of knowledge. The vast knowledge does not mean, however, that in all aspects right. I have three questions, about the spread of the universe, the details of the theory of strings and time.

The professor, like other scientists say that the universe is expanding. I do not know on what basis so to speak. The fact that some galaxies are receding from us It is not the basis for such a claim. We are not in the center of the universe to be able to carry out observations and draw such conclusions.
Secondly, Professor surprised to learn that the expanding universe does not cause dilution of dark matter.

First, I think that there is no dark matter, the universe for its smallest particles is filled with dark energy. Dark energy filled the void of space before the creation of the universe. The universe was created from this energy and this energy in the environment.
An example would be the ocean, or if ocean water spilled on the land, the water would be thinner? Water, like dark energy remains further at the same density. A further example concerning the expansion of the universe: if in the assessment of fish living on the reef sees in front of a herd of other fish flowing in one direction, like the galaxies in the universe, I could tell that the ocean is expanding? Of course not, because it would be a wrong conclusion.

The professor for many years dealt with the Theory of strings. When asked how the string looks, he weaved, complicated so that in the end I can not tell you how string.
What is the string, you can say for example quanta of light. Not without reason in the previous article I said that quantum looks as egg, not like a ball. Quantum is the ball, but the ball quivering. If we imagine that the vibrating ball was put on the table, and she vibrates in the direction of north-south, it will see a bullet-shaped elongated or egg. So I imagine a chord in quantum mechanics. Of course, I do not have idea where the quantum of light takes energy and vibration which gives it a momentum that can run billions of years and not lose speed.

At about the time Mr. Professor repeats the same theories that preach others. Clocks having flown late, and the man which poleciałby rocket with the speed of light (in the imagination) remain always the same age. Sir, it is simply absurd.


Is the light is telling the truth

The researchers found unanimously that the light that comes to us from the front of nearly fourteen billion years is the light coming the big bang, which is the beginning of the universe. Is it no doubt be true ?. In my opinion there are doubts.

As we know, light travels in a straight line. Apparently there are some exceptions, such as near Black holes, which bends its course, or even sinks a black hole. Generally, outer space, light stars, galaxies and other events runs straight linearly. So why was founded doubt the oldest light coming to us is the light of the beginning of the universe ?.
In one article I wrote that all the creatures of the universe are spherical, among other universe. They are residents of the ball, what the farthest light we can see? Of course, those which arose just over the horizon sphere of the universe. All other light sources that are on the horizon sending rays over our globe, because as mentioned above, the light propagates in a straight line. If my observation is correct, This easily we can now calculate the size of the universe, or check whether the universe is expanding, and not on a false premise about the receding galaxies but on the basis of disappearing oldest light rays from fourteen billion years old.

It is time for the revision of the oldest views promulgated from dozens or even of centuries.


Is the airplane may change the time?

In one of the lectures talking about the time, Dr. Stanislaw Bajtlik routinely delivered view, like all the other teachers that clocks placed in a long time flying a plane slow down your reading. Doctor, give you an example of passing time on the plane, so that everyone understood this before begins to preach unverified stories.

Imagine a passenger plane flying at a speed of 800km/h. On board, the aisle between the seats, someone kicked the ball toward the front of the aircraft. On board were the timing devices that measured the speed of the ball flight, was 4km/h. The observer remaining at the airport will tell you how, after the ball moving at a speed of 804km/h. An observer on the plane to say that his flight instruments show the speed of 4km/h. So who is right? Both observers, because for one point of reference was the airplane, and the other the earth.
So if we start telling the time on the plane it is different from the Earth, the first we have to determine in relation to what will be referring to.

The doctor made yet another error, namely said that the plane is not only the time is different, but even indicate the clocks are different than on Earth, is an error in reasoning. If the clock gets out of whack due to lower gravity, it does not mean that time too.
Another error is the statement that the atomic clock, operating on the principle of the atom of cesium raised even at the height of the subway accelerating their indication of billionth of seconds indicates that the time has changed. Doctor, if the clock speeds, it does not mean that time is accelerating. The time unit is constant, regardless of, or clocks it show well, or not, and regardless of whether it is measured on a plane or anything. If you will refer to the earth, there will always be like on the ground. The time is a concept and has no effect on whatever is the only measure of entropy.


Is there dark matter?

I am full of admiration for researchers seeking persistently dark matter in the universe. So far no one has find a single particle of matter. Although no confirmation of the existence of matter announced that the universe is its 75%. It's hard to keep the seriousness of reading such a sentence. It's like a traffic accident Mrs. Prime Minister stated that it is not known how fast rode column but certainly not too fast.

Such a tenacious scientist searching for dark matter is Vera Robin. All his scientific life to the search for observing galaxies. Today, with 82 years still infects its enthusiasm of young PhD students.
Others infected are Japanese scientists, who went ahead and built deep underground laboratory equipped with hundreds of sensors. They expected that if even one particle of dark matter and will defeat the rock mass in the detector will succeed. Measurements already underway for a year and so far no sign of dark matter.
Why is there no positive results? In my opinion, scientists made a mistake in assuming. They concluded that if the dispersed particle hits the detector, will be registered. Such an assumption is wrong, if there would be dark matter, then why the particles would dash. Otaczałaby detectors as smoke filled the room, no particle would not rush and do not uderzałaby detector. And furthermore, I think that in the universe there is no dark matter, dark energy is, however. She maintains a intently star galaxy and fills the universe anywhere. From this energy once it created the universe in accordance with the principle of converting energy into matter and it was done on the basis of confusion, and not the explosion of a small point.


Is our world real?

Ha, ha, ha, I'm more and more convinced that everything that surrounds us, our world, the universe is just a computer program Computer world. This is the size of everything we look at, what we look at by telescopes, space exploration, it's just an illusion. The program is written so that the illusion that surrounds us will convince us that it is true. Of course the program is Written according to strict rules. I mean, for example, physical rules from which there is no derogation. Has the creator foreseen everything a thinking man can come up with? As we already know, writing a program has given man the free will, but also the ability Thinking, anticipation, and mating. As I mentioned in one article earlier, the thinking man caught the creator at a moment he did not anticipate.

In article 24.01.17 I have described the scientific experience with light quanta, which in some situations had no way out and had to behave in a way that did not follow the rules. physics. The ideal computer program of the world did not foresee such an inquisition of man and had to keep an eye on the rules of physics. The second trumpet of the divine program is the physical principle of entanglement. The phenomenon that I described in article 5.09.14 is to send information in the quantum world At any distance in time zero. It breaks any physical rules. The world computer program allows this possibility in behavior Quantum particles, but it does not give you the opportunity to explain in what physical principle it is.

So what can we conclude today, when we begin to guess that all this, is just an amazing, well-designed computer program? We exist in virtual reality programmed from ninety-two mixed atoms in different proportions with protons and electrons, This results in everything that our universe fills, and moreover, all this is just a software illusion, because the program allows us to see it only when we look at it. In this situation, we suddenly understand the magnitude of the infinity of the universe, because there is no such notion, all unimaginable distances are the distances of the computer program. The program, in line with our new findings, will show us new physical phenomena in the future, as long as we behave in accordance with our new findings. With the rules of physics accepted by the creator.

The divine creator of the world's computer program has great fun watching a inquiring man giving him free will.


Are we real?

So in what world do we actually live? Since we already suspect that this is a virtual world, we are looking for evidence to confirm this. Apart from the phenomena I mentioned in the previous article, I will show the phenomenon that we can see immediately, let's look at the published Picture, we will see something when we look at it, but at the same time we will see that at the same time that it actually does not.

We see white dots, they are visible only when we look at them, because they are not there at all. How does it happend? In the virtual world, everything that surrounds us has a computer world that shows us only when we look at it. When we want to say, If something is real we can touch it for example, but it will still be an illusion, because the program is written so that we They had the impression. If something smells like smell, we will smell, but was it really a smell? The program is so written, Let us think so and so on, and so on.

So, this great universe, which is so incredibly big, is just a virtual illusion. The creator of this program is Very talented.


How does it work?

It seems that everyone knows the principle of the physical phenomenon discovered by the Austrian Doppler scientist. If we stop at the railroad tracks after which We are approaching the train, we hear a rising high tone, and when it is over, the sound will not only soften, but will also fall in frequency. This phenomenon affects everything that generates frequency and is moving, including light.

Light is a wave and if it is homogeneous it has a certain frequency. Of course, if it is heterogeneous, it consists of waves of many frequencies. In space, galaxies may be the source of light, which contains billions of stars producing enormous amounts of light. The galaxy seen from the ground looks like an asterisk, its color depends on whether the whole galaxy is approaching the earth or away. We can To say exactly the Doppler phenomenon. Observing the light coming from the galaxy and judging its color is not problematic, The problem is only born when we see the light of the galaxy that has passed the earth and departs from us. As it reaches our eyes, After all, it is different from us. The light of the departing galaxy in red color is noticeable, because the galaxy still emits them in our direction, it is understandable. But can you see the light trail that passed the observer and away? I have to see what the scholars' views on this matter are.


Can we see the big bang?

I heard on astrophysics lectures that if we build an even larger space telescope from Hubbla's telescope, we'll reach so deep into space that We will see the light emitted during the great explosion. I thought about the matter and came to the conclusion that this is not true, scholars who say that view They are wrong.

By saying that the larger the space telescope, the deeper we can penetrate space may be because we do not understand how the telescope operates. And can only be partially true. The telescope receives light from space. If this light is a lot, It might even be superfluous, but the telescope needs to receive light that we would not otherwise have received. What happens next with the received light, how does the telescope work?
The telescope is a light amplifier very similar to a radio amplifier or even a sound wave. Let's not forget that light is the wave and its amplification is Amplitude increase. So it's not about increasing the amount of light, it's about increasing the amplitude because it's carrying information from the source of the emission. Too small amplitude It can not be read, just like in a radio receiver, where too little amplitude causes noise and lack of information. If the telescope will increase the amplitude of the received light, then it is possible to read (see: see) the picture it carries.
Why did I say that enlarging the telescope, or increasing its power, would not be able to reach infinity into space forever. Because, That the telescope will only work when it reaches even one quantum of light. So, if the light of the great explosion has not yet reached us, If we were to build, I would not know how big telescopes would look.

The telescope sees only the light that reaches it. Can we see the light of the great explosion? In my opinion no. If the big bang was as the scholars say, That is very short, spreading matter immediately after the whole universe space (completely not logical, contrary to the rules of physics), it reaches the light It will only be a flash flying near us at a speed of 300tys. Kilometers per second. We do not know when the flash next to us will pass, and if it has already passed, It is practically impossible for us to register it. The light of a great explosion is not like the light emitted from some galaxy, Which we can watch at any time.

Professor professors leading lectures on astrophysics, please do not tell us that we will soon see the birth of the universe, Because we do not know exactly when the impulse of light reaches us, or maybe it has already arrived, or maybe the birth of the universe They did not rely on a big explosion, only on the basis of entanglement, as I described earlier.

Today, the Nobel Prize was awarded to three American scholars who, with the participation of Polish scholars, will build in the USA in 2015. Ligo detector for gravitational waves. A stubborn enthusiast of this theory is the Polish scholar Professor Trautman taking an active part in the American group. It is so active that it was even proclaimed, that he can receive a reward. The Ligo detector operates on a laser beam of several kilometers. If the bundle is shortened or lengthened by a fraction of the diameter of the atomic nucleus, then this will be evidence of gravitational waves. This registration was finally made in 2015 and after a long check it was considered that a gravitational wave was recorded. It was confirmed by Albert Einstein's theory in 1916 that in collisions with neutron stars or black holes, Creation of gravitational waves. The waves reached us at a distance of about 1.3 billion light years. On the occasion of this announcement The fact is that the error was repeated, claiming that space-time was swirling. First of all, as theorems can not be swirled. Secondly, In this assertion, my claim is that there is dark energy in the space of the universe, because after all, there is no emptiness. The theory of the existence of gravitational waves, It has been proven today that if the matter of the universe can be swirled by gravitational waves, the dark energy of the universe has a direct effect on matter. in the form of gravity transfer.

I wish the scholars did not read my texts, because maybe I would have won the prize.


What are gravitational waves?

Gravity is the force that attracts matter, while the gravitational wave is the impulse of focused gravity. As we know, gravity is the bigger the bigger the body is from which she comes from. But such gravity is not a gravitational impulse, its intensity is constant, homogeneous. When could we get a gravitational impulse? when For example, a body from which gravity comes would fly past our land at a modest speed. The intensity of the gravitational field would only have affected our earth, and all the intensity indicators He would swing out.

So what was registered in 2015? Probably about 10.3 light years from us circulate around two neutron stars of unimaginable mass and in 2015 they were flying side by side on our side. The combined gravity of the two stars produced a gravitational impulse which, after traveling 10.3 light years, reached our earth. He was still strong enough that a laser detector in the United States registered him. My thesis is that gravity comes from the motion of matter and the greater the weight of the body and the more violent movement, the greater the intensity of the gravitational field.

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Current gravity interpretation

Scholars say that if two material particles are considered for the proton and the electrostatically charged electron, then The electrostatic attraction between them would be many times greater than that of gravitational attraction. It is therefore accepted that gravitational attraction is very weak. Is this true? If the observation was completed at this stage, yes. Too early lessons learned lead to wrong answers. The electrostatic field has a strong impact but a short range. Does the gravitational field have a weak impact and a short range? no! Each next particle increases the gravitational field. So far, science has not yet looked at this fact.

Let's go back to the experiment, suppose that the said proton and electron are not moving (in fact it is not), to this pair we will put another proton charged in the row, Will the electrostatic force of all three masses be summed up? Yes, it will be the sum of three electrostatic forces and will the electrostatic charge range increase ?, no! the distance of this field will not increase, will only increase its density. Here is the whole point of this experiment, unlike electrostatic force, gravity hits the gravity of the next particle with the sum and extension of the interaction vector. Each next particle increases the length of the vector. From here they come strong interactions of large bodies such as the sun, which has a strong impact on the planet Pluto, 6 billion miles away. This claim is not yet announced in science. Disagreements end in the formulation that gravitational attraction is considered to be very weak in nature.


Is light telling the truth

Scientists have stated unanimously that the light reaching us from almost fourteen billion years ago is light coming from from the big bang, the beginning of the universe. Can this be true without a doubt? In my opinion, there are doubts.

As we know, light travels along a straight line. Apparently there are some exceptions, for example near black holes, where it curves its course, or even gets stuck in a black hole. Generally, in outer space the light of stars, galaxies and other events runs straight linearly. So why was there doubt? that the oldest light reaching us is the light of the beginning of the universe.
In one of the articles, I wrote that all the creations of the universe have the shape of a sphere, including the universe. Being the inhabitants of such a sphere, what the furthest light can we see? Of course, the one that was created minimally above the horizon of the sphere of the universe. All other light sources beyond the horizon they send rays over our globe, because as we mentioned, light spreads along a straight line. If my observation is correct, then we can easily calculate the size of the universe, or check whether the universe is expanding and not on the erroneous premise of the galaxies but on the principle of vanishing the oldest rays of light from fourteen billion years ago.

It is time to review the oldest views that have been proclaimed for decades and even centuries.


Can the plane change time?

In one of the lectures on time, Dr. Stanisław Bajtlik routinely delivered a view, like all other lecturers, that clocks placed in a longer time plane will release their indications. Doctor, I will give you an example of the passing of time on an airplane so that everyone can understand it before will start to give unverified stories.

Imagine a passenger plane flying at a speed of 800 km / h. On his deck, in the alley between the seats, someone kicked the ball towards the front of the plane. There were clock devices on board that measured the speed of the ball, 4km / h. The observer staying at the airport will say, like this, after all the ball moved at a speed of 804km / h. The observer on the plane will tell you that his instruments show a flight at a speed of 4km / h. Who is right then? Both observers, for one point of reference was the plane, and the other for land.
So if we start to say that the time on the plane is different from the terrestrial one, then first we must determine in relation to what it will refer to.

The doctor made another mistake, namely, he said that on the plane not only time is different, but even the indications of clocks are different than on earth, it is a mistake in reasoning. If clocks disorder under the influence of less gravity, it does not mean that time too.
Another mistake is the statement that the atomic clock, acting on the principle of cesium atom raised even to the height of the meter accelerating its indications for a billionth part seconds indicates that time has changed. Doctor, if the clock speeds up, it does not mean that time is accelerating. Time is a constant unit, no matter what whether the clocks show it well or not and regardless of whether it is measured on a plane or anything. If he refers to the earth, he will always be like on earth. Time is a concept and has no effect on anything, it is only for the measurement of entropy.


Is there dark matter?

I am full of admiration for scientists looking for persevering dark matter in the universe. So far no one has succeeded find a single particle of this matter. Despite not confirming the existence of matter, it was announced that there is 75% of it in the universe. It is difficult to maintain seriousness when reading such a sentence. It's like a road accident Mrs. Premier declared that it is not known with what speed the column rode, but certainly not too fast.

Vera Robin is such a persistent scientist looking for dark matter. She devoted all her scientific life to searching observing galaxies. Today, at the age of 82, he continues to infect young doctoral students with his enthusiasm.
The other infected are Japanese scholars who went further and built a laboratory deep underground with hundreds of detectors. They expected that if at least one particle of dark matter would defeat the rock mass and hit the detector, it would succeed. Measurements have been going on for a year and so far no trace of dark matter.
Why are there no positive results? In my opinion, the scholars made a mistake in the assumption. They decided that if a speeding particle hits the detector, it will be registered. Such an assumption is wrong, if there were dark matter, why would its particles rush. It would surround the detectors like smoke filling the room, no particle it would not have the momentum and would not hit the detector. Moreover, I think that there is no dark matter in the universe, but there is dark energy. It is she who keeps the galaxy stars intense and fills the universe in every place. From this energy the universe was created, according to the principle of converting energy into matter, and it was done by entanglement, not by the explosion of a small point.


Is our world real?

Ha, ha, ha, I am more and more convinced that everything that surrounds us, our world, the universe is just a computer program computer world. This size of everything we look at, what we check with telescopes, we study with space devices, it's just an illusion. The program is written so that the illusion that exists around us convinces us that it is true. Of course, the program is written according to strict rules. I mean, for example, physical rules from which there is no deviation. Did the creator predict everything that a thinking man can come up with? As we already know, writing the program gave man free will, but also the ability thinking, prediction and association. As I mentioned in one article earlier, a thinking man caught the creator in a moment he did not foresee.

In article 24.01.17 I described scientific experience with light quanta, which in a certain situation had no way out and had to behave not according to the rules physics. The ideal computer program of the world did not foresee such inquisitiveness of man and he had to keep an eye on the principles of physics.
The second fallacy of the divine program is the physical principle of entanglement. The phenomenon that I described in article 5.09.14 consists in sending information in the quantum world any distance at zero time. It breaks all physical principles. The computer program of the world allows such a possibility in behavior quantum particles, but it does not give you the opportunity to explain on what physical principle it follows.

So what conclusions can we draw today, when we start to guess that all this is just an amazing, well-invented computer program? We exist in a virtual reality programmed with ninety-several atoms mixed in different proportions with protons and electrons, which results in everything that our universe fills, and moreover, all this is just a software illusion, because the program allows us to see it only when we look at it. In this situation, we can suddenly understand the size of the infinity of the universe, because there is no such concept, all unimaginable distances are the distances of the computer program. The program, in the future in accordance with our new discoveries, will show us new physical phenomena, so that they behave in accordance with the physical rules adopted by the creator of the program.

The divine creator of the computer program of the world has great fun watching an inquisitive man, giving him free will.


Are we real?

So in what world do we actually live? Since we suspect that this is a virtual world, let's look for evidence to confirm this. In addition to the phenomena that I mentioned in the previous article, I will show a phenomenon that we can see immediately, let's look at the posted one picture, we will see something at the moment we look at it, but at the same time from the corner of our eye we will see that it does not really exist.

We see white dots, they are visible only when we look at them, because they are practically not there. How does it happend? In the virtual world, everything that exists around us, the world's computer shows us only when we look at it. When we want to say, if something is real, we can touch it, for example, but it will still be an illusion, because the program is written so that we can they had the impression. If something that smells smells, we'll find a smell, but was it really a smell? The program is written so so that we may think so and so on and so forth.

So, this great universe, which is so amazingly big, is just a virtual illusion. The creator of this program is remarkably capable.


Time - a new look

The view I gave 4.05.17, that the world and the whole universe, it was only the computer program of the world that facilitated me again look at the issue of the concept of time. Scholars are divided in their views, most believe that time is the fourth dimension of space. Such a scholar was an outstanding physicist Albert Eistein, who even preached the theory that time could be shortened or lengthened, for example under the influence of bodies of enormous mass, possessing strong gravity. Was he right? I think, unfortunately, not.

The divine author writing the action program of the present universe, as I said before, had to invent many material bodies, and then develop many of the physical principles that these bodies will use. According to what we observe, he assumed that there is no deviation from physical principles. For example, water, how should we understand the connection two hydrogen atoms with one oxygen atom resulting in a water particle. Or how to irrigate huge expanses of land in the form of continents with water from reservoirs, such as the oceans. Clouds have been invented, carrying whole lakes weighing millions of tons and flying freely in the air without touching the ground. Then, emptying these clouds is also a masterpiece, the water does not pour out of them suddenly with one stream, tiny droplets fly without destroying anything. We are already used to it and it seems very normal to us, but it had to come up.


How does it work?

Everyone seems to know the principle of the physical phenomenon discovered by the Austrian Doppler. If we stop at the railway tracks after which the train is approaching us, we will hear a growing high sound, and when it passes, the sound will not only be quiet, but its frequency will also decrease. This phenomenon applies to everything that produces frequency and is in motion, including light.

Light is a wave and if it is homogeneous it has a specific frequency. Of course, if it is inhomogeneous it consists of waves with many frequencies. In space, the light source may be galaxies that contain billions of stars producing a huge amount of light. The galaxy seen from the ground looks like an asterisk, its color depends on whether the entire galaxy is approaching the earth or away. We can do it state precisely on the basis of the Doppler phenomenon. Observing the light coming from the galaxy and assessing its color is not a problem, the problem arises only when we see the light of the galaxy that has passed the earth and moves away from us. How it reaches our eyes, he is running away from us. The light of a moving galaxy that is red is noticeable, because the galaxy still emits them in our direction, it's understandable. But, can you see a streak of light that has passed the observer and moves away? I need to check what the view of scholars is about this matter.


Can we see the Big Bang?

I have heard in astrophysics lectures that if we build an even larger space telescope than the Hubble telescope, we will reach so deep into space that we will see the light emitted during the big explosion. I thought about this matter and came to the conclusion that this is not true, the scholars proclaiming this view they're wrong.

By saying that the larger the space telescope, the deeper we can penetrate the space can indicate that we do not understand how the telescope works and it can only be partially true. The telescope receives light from space. If there is a lot of light, it could even be unnecessary, but the telescope is needed to receive a weak light that we would not otherwise pick up. What happens next to the received light, how does the telescope work?
The telescope is a light amplifier very similar to a radio wave amplifier and even sound waves. Let us not forget that light is a wave, and its strengthening consists in amplitude increase. So it's not about increasing the amount of light, it's about increasing the amplitude, because it's the source of information from the source of the emission. Amplitude too small it can not be read, just like in a radio receiver, where the amplitude is too low and causes no reading. If the telescope increases the amplitude of the received light, it is possible to read (read: see) the image it carries.
Why did I say that enlarging the telescope, or increasing its power, will not be able to reach into the depths of space indefinitely. Because, that the telescope will work only when only one quantum of light reaches it. Well, if the light of the big explosion has not arrived yet, although we would build, I do not know how big telescopes, the lights will not be seen.

The telescope only sees the light that reaches it. Can we see the light of a big explosion? In my opinion no. If the big bang was like the scholars describe, that is, very short, spreading matter immediately throughout the entire universe (completely not logical, contrary to the rules of physics), the light reaching us it will only be a flash flying past us at 300,000. kilometers per second. We do not know when this flash will fly past us, and if it has already flew, we can hardly register it any more. The light of a big explosion is not like the light emitted from a galaxy, which we can watch for any length of time.

You professors conducting lectures on astrophysics, please do not tell us that soon we will see the birth of the universe, because we do not know exactly when the impulse of light reaches us, or maybe it has already arrived, or perhaps the birth of the universe they did not depend on a big explosion, only on the principle of entanglement, as I described earlier.


Nobel prize for gravity

Well, beautifully, I got the Nobel Prize today, it was confirmed that gravitational waves exist.
No, I have not invented gravitational waves, I just prove stubbornly that gravity does not arise from the Fix God, but from the motion of matter. Gravity arises during the movement of matter and the greater is the greater the mass of matter, as I wrote on November 28, 2014 and February 13, 2016.

Today, the Nobel Prize was awarded to three American scholars who, with the participation of Polish scientists, built in the US in 2015 Ligo detector for the study of gravitational waves. A stubborn enthusiast of this theory is the Polish scholar professor Trautman taking an active part in the group of Americans. It's so active that it was even preached that he can receive the prize. The Ligo detector works on the principle of several kilometers of laser beam. If the beam shortens or extends even by the length of a part of the diameter of the atomic nucleus, it will be evidence of the existence of gravitational waves. Such registration finally appeared in 2015 and after long checks it was recognized that a gravitational wave was recorded. The theory of Albert Einstein from 1916 was confirmed, that in the collision of neutron stars or black holes will occur creation of gravitational waves. The waves reached us after covering a distance of about 1.3 billion light years. On the occasion of this announcement fact was again mistaken, claiming that space-time was being swayed. First of all, you can not sway assertions. Secondly, in this statement I made my claim that there is dark energy in the space of the universe, because you can not swing the emptiness. Theory about the existence of gravitational waves, which has been confirmed today proves that if the matter of the universe can be swayed by gravitational waves, then the dark energy of the universe has a direct effect on matter in the form of transmitting gravity.

It is a pity that scholars do not read my texts, because maybe I would receive an award.


What are gravitational waves

Gravity is a force that attracts matter, whereas gravitational wave is the impulse of concentrated gravity. As we know, gravity is the greater the larger the body from which she comes from. But such gravity is not a gravitational impulse, its intensity is constant, homogeneous. When could we get the gravitational impulse? when for example, the body from which gravity comes from would fly past our earth with great speed. Its intensity of the gravitational field would only affect our earth, and all indicators of intensity he would have jumped abruptly.

So what was registered in 2015 ?. Probably at a distance of 1.3 billion light years from us, there are two neutron stars of unimaginable mass around us, and in 2015, they flown side by side from our land. The combined gravity of both stars created a gravitational impulse that after crossing the path of 1.3 billion light years reached our land. He was still strong enough that a laser detector in the United States registered him. My thesis has been confirmed that gravity originates from the motion of matter and the higher the mass of the body and the more violent the motion, the greater the intensity of the gravitational field.


Current interpretation of gravity

Scientists say that if you take into account two material particles, a proton and an electrostatically charged electron, the force of electrostatic attraction between them would be many times greater than the gravitational attraction. That is why it was assumed that gravitational attraction is very weak. Is this true? If the observation was completed at this stage, yes. However, lessons learned too early they lead to wrong answers. The electrostatic field has a strong impact but a short range. Does the gravity field have a weak influence and short range? no! every next material particle increases the gravitational field. So far, science has not yet considered this fact.

Let's go back to the experiment, let's assume that the proton and electron are not moving (in fact it's not), we're going to set up another proton charged electrostatically in the row, will the electrostatic force of all three masses sum up? yes, it will be the sum of three electrostatic forces, and will the electrostatic vector range increase? no! the distance of this field's influence will not increase, there will be only its greater density. Here lies the whole core of this experiment, in contrast to the electrostatic force, gravity encountering the gravity of the next particle the interaction vector will be added up and extended. Each next material particle will increase the length of the vector. They come from here strong impacts of large bodies, for example the sun, which has a strong impact on the planet Pluto 6 billion kilometers away. This thesis is not yet announced in science. Democracy ends with the formulation that gravitational pull is considered to be very weak in nature.


Relativity and quantum physics

Today, I listened to a lecture by American scholars presenting a refreshed point of view regarding Einstein's Theory of Relativity. The considerations concerned several aspects. The issue of recently discovered gravitational waves was discussed. It was stated that Einstein had long ago he stated that such waves exist and are able to bend time and space.
At the beginning I see an error in reasoning. If in space for some reason gravitational waves have been created, and they run through the universe with the speed of light and do nothing in the empty space. It is difficult to imagine that gravity (because gravitational waves are a concentrated gravity) could bend the void, let alone time, because it is a unit physical thought invented by man. If, however, there is dark energy in space, which we have not yet seen in a tangible way, we do not know if gravity affects it.
In the lecture, for the first time I heard that there is 70% of dark energy in the space of the universe, not dark matter, as it has been said so far. I always wrote, that the universe is filled with dark energy, not matter. Now I have the impression of reading my texts.

Einstein's theory requires corrections, at the time of its creation the scholar himself stated that in no way does it refer to quantum physics because it does not work in this field.


Nasze życie

Observing the life in which I participate, I am more and more convinced that the world and the universe are fiction. This is a program written with the help of some unknown computer programmer of the world, the essence of intelligence that is not imaginable to us. This computer creates everything that surrounds us, and it seems to us that it exists. Why do I say so? I think there are some symptoms that indicate this. For example, let us take events that concern an individual human being. I am going to a hairdresser for a specific hour. When time is approaching, the place where I am staying is followed by a device failure that prevents me from keeping the deadline. Other: I am getting a phone call that guests will visit me at 3pm. When I am approaching the thirteenth I feel a violent need to go to the bathroom, of course at the time the doorbell rings. Next: I have a registered appointment with a doctor for 25 days, when the deadline is approaching I receive information about the planned replacement of water meters. Is not that puzzling? After all, there are many months in a year, months have many days, and yet the dates of events coincide at the same time.

This testifies to the unusual sense of humor of a programmer who updates the program of our lives. By the way, he also makes life easier for himself, because when he does Kowalski, and then Nowak, after all, he will not come back to Kowalski in the near future, but will plan the future for a long time while making him jokes.

And we are so excited about politics, it is a computer program that we would have a job and not be bored.


Microwave radiation in the universe space, what is it?

The Universe is visible through light, if there is something that does not radiate light, or instead of reflecting it, absorbs it, it is unrecognizable for us. Billions of galaxies in the universe, and in them billions of stars produce a huge amount of light that spreads in all directions, always maintaining the same spreading speed, having a whole range of frequencies and carrying heat energy. The way in which light brings thermal energy is a masterpiece as far as the creator of the universe program and us humans is concerned. Not only that the light runs not always powered at the same speed, it also somehow secretly releases heat after hitting the matter.

Since the creation of the universe, light has been produced, but it is not eternal. At the beginning of its creation, it consists of a huge number of quanta, or portions of light, whose number decreases over time. In space, the quanta of light, isolated in all directions, remains as a remnant of the old galaxies and stars. These other quanta are frequency tunnels, releasing their frequency slightly and as waves forming the background of microwaves. There are so many of them that they even managed to raise the space temperature from absolute zero, or -273,15C0 to -270,15C0. Radio wave reception devices record the microwave background as noise. Of course, the microwaves are partially disappearing, but new ones are taking their place, because the cosmos continues to produce intense amounts of light intensively.

Once I wrote that in the world and in the universe nothing arises without sense, why the universe is so solidly illuminated? Is this not confirmation that we are the creation of the computer program of the universe? There would be no point for the program's creator to work on the physics of something so big, not having the satisfaction that someone would be able to see it.



Gravity becomes the most fascinating in the consideration of the universe, and in particular quantum physics. I remind you that scholars do not know where it comes from so far. An inept attempt to announce that the Cern in the experiment obtained the Fixos Boson is so stretched, that from the distance you can see the need for financing experiments. So where can gravity come from?

Albert Einstein, in his Theory of Relativity, proves that if a large material body has a momentum, then its course of space-time travel it bends. Was he right? Halfway through this statement yes! Indeed, the space is filled with dark energy, or dark energy. Einstein did not discover this hypothesis that this deflection is caused by gravity. So he was a hair from the discovery of where gravity comes from. He could not do it in the time he lived, because at that time it was not even suspected that there was dark energy. So why did I discover this fact? Because in my considerations I took into account dark energy. My current claim about the formation of gravity is as follows: Gravity is another a variation of energy in the universe that works on the principle of gravity generated during the movement of matter in the presence of dark energy. A recent confirmation of this thesis is the Nobel Prize granted for the discovery of gravitational waves, and what are gravitational waves? concentrated gravity, and how were they created? formed during the movement of two powerful neutron stars.

The formation of a gravitational field is very similar to another kind of energy, namely the energy of an electrostatic field, ie the accumulation of electrons at one pole and the creation of an electric voltage. Electrostatic and electrical energy arises when the electrons move in a magnetic field. For example: if we create a closed loop from the wire and start dragging it in the magnetic field, the electrons in the loop will start flowing, causing the electric current to flow.



Efforts have been underway for decades to build a device capable of producing antigravity. According to information that can be obtained from any type of publication, aspirations aim to obtain strength with repulsive properties. Apparently, antigravity would drive flying saucers. In my opinion, this interpretation is completely wrong. If the saucer was to fly on the principle of repulsion from gravity, of course they could not fly in space, where gravity from large objects simply does not reach. In order to be able to build antigravity devices one must first learn the principle of the formation of gravity. As far as I know, it has not been announced until today learning about its formation.

My point of view is this: do not devote all your energy to building a device that creates antigravity, you should build a generator that will not make the device visible through gravity. If the flying saucer will be equipped with such a generator, its action within a few meters will cause matter to be invisible to gravitational waves, even to the surrounding air. From that moment, saucer he will not have the weight, it will be very easy to drive it. For example, if you blow a vacuum cleaner from a vacuum cleaner, even though it will happen in the presence of air, The feather will shoot at a short distance at enormous speed. On this principle UFO saucers are flying.

In ancient times, generators were probably used to cause invisibility of matter through gravity. Why do I think so? Ten thousand years of BC The Incas built buildings of stones weighing 300 tons, so carefully polished and fitted to each other that even today these would be impossible. In what situation can you pick up 300 ton stones, polish them from all sides and adjust them many times? Of course only then when they weigh nothing.


Teleportation today

Like everything, my view on teleportation is constantly evolving. I still argue that it will be done with the help of energy, as I described on 23.10.2011 and 02/06/2016. In the future, the capabilities of computers will increase immeasurably and with the help of appropriate programs we will be able to scan a human or an object to turn it into energy and in such a form with the help of "entanglement" send to any place. Man is made of atoms, just like any other material creation, so it will be possible to recognize and count these atoms and repeat elsewhere. Before the repetition we will already have the ability to convert such a computer set into energy. Principle physical entanglement shows that the information can be sent to any place at zero time, the scanned energy set will be just information that we send to any place and we will recreate it. Unfortunately, human scanning will differ from the scanning of objects, for man has a brain that contains something that we can not yet understand, has memory, the ability to think and associate, the ability to create, recognize and similar. I do not know how to scan such intangible, immaterial skills. It is to be hoped that until the teleportation skills are practically implemented we will also learn to scan the volatile content of the brain.

In the USA, the enthusiast of teleportation is Professor Michio Kaku presenting his ideas in books and television programs. The professor is still at the conclusion that man will once possess the ability to travel at a speed similar to the speed of light and then bending space-time the resulting tunnel will go to another galaxy.

I think that man will never bend space-time the size of light years, because if it was possible it would require unimaginable energy. Moreover, if a space vehicle fell into such a tunnel, it would not be possible to fly peacefully, it would probably be torn apart by turbulence. Thirdly, no one knows where the vehicle would fall out of this tunnel, it would simply not be possible to plan this trip. So I'm saying that Professor's ideas are obsolete and do not have any signs of reality.

TANGING - see: 13/06/2014, 5/09/2014


Information from the spirit world

If there is a situation in our lives, a phenomenon that we would never have foreseen and if at that moment we were alone, nobody would believe in our story. People will listen to us, but they will look suspiciously, in disbelief. What happened to me yesterday, that is on Friday, 27/04/18 before noon it was a phenomenon not of this world and it happened in the presence of two witnesses, so the discussion that we thought it would be out of place.

Every two days I go to a specialized institution. Yesterday, at seven-thirty, I filled my thermos with coffee for the breakfast, which I eat at nine o'clock. In addition, I also poured into a mug, intended for the current sipping. I went to the scale putting the thermos and mug on the seat of the chair with the weight. After descending I took the cup and went to the classroom distant from the weight by two meters. At this point I know I have not noticed the lack of a thermos. Instinctively, I took what was in the chair. At nine o'clock I reached for breakfast and at that moment I noticed that there was no thermos. I asked the lecturer to come to the chair and give me a thermos. He stated that the thermos is not there. I ate breakfast dry, all the time recreating the morning road after filling the thermos. There was only one road to the chair with the weight. At my request, the leader traveled all the way again, visited the cloakroom and he definitely stated that the thermos is nowhere to be found. In order not to take the time of the lecturer, we asked another employee who scrupulously looked at the chair and other places, the thermos was nowhere to be found. After four hours of my classes, I was able to look for myself personally. I went to the chair, looked at it from all sides, crouched down and examined the space under the chair, but there was no thermos. I got up, I took two steps to the classroom and turning my head towards the chair, I saw that my thermos was standing on the seat. He stood in the position I had set him four hours ago. I was dumbfounded, something normal happened the world can not happen, my thermos for four hours dematerialized, including the contents, and at twelve o'clock materialized in the same place where I left it.

I immediately called the lecturer who said it was a collective hallucination. Of course, he was wrong, no one seemed to believe anything, there was a supernatural phenomenon deliberately done by the ghost. Most likely, this spirit is my mother, whom I speak goodnight from the time I die. My mother let me know that he hears my thoughts and is with me all the time.


My mother's spirit

My mother was 94 years old and remained sober in her mind until the very end. When she spent the last two years of her life in a room without access to the world, without a TV set with only a small radio, she still had a sense of humor in that situation. When a neighbor came with dinner, my mother would tell jokes. She also listened to my ghost stories, especially about the spirit of my father, who helped me many times in various situations, the most in college, because I was studying at fifty. I remember asking my mother rhetorically how a ghost may look, because it is an energy collection of knowledge and experience from life to death, which can also be great.

Mum apparently remembers everything because what she did on Friday was very thoughtful, in one fell swoop she gave the answer to three questions: are there ghosts, or are they an energy set of knowledge and experiences that can see and think, and what are the sizes. On Friday my mother sat on a chair on which I put a thermos on it, covering it. She sat down right at the time when I started medical therapy and looking at the chair sitting four hours, that is, until the end of my therapy. When I went to her when I finished, she was still sitting on the chair, effectively covering the thermos. I examined the chair exactly, the thermos was still covered. If I straightened up and decided to leave this place, my mother got up and at that moment a thermos of coffee appeared on the chair seat.

Are there ghosts? In this situation, there is no doubt. Can they see and think? Not only, they can plan very convincing event. I can now draw the conclusion of the size of the spirit, the spirit is the size of a man before death, because when my mother sat on a chair, it was the size of the thermos that stood there, so it took up the entire chair. Mom probably sitting in a chair for four hours she wanted to show her presence at one hundred percent, because she hears voices of the family doubting the existence of ghosts. If she had covered the thermos for a moment, everyone would talk about a delusion.


Amazing spirit power

By observing ghosts for a long time, one can come to the conclusion that the ghost, without having an ear, hears perfectly human speech, but also more, the ghost hears thoughts a living person.

Today, after dinner, I made myself a treat, so to diversify my life, eating it reminded myself how many years ago together with my mother we did the same. Eating, I asked my mother in my mind if she remembers eating the same thing, we praised the product. Because the question for obvious reason remained rhetorical I thought that my mother would let her know if she was of the same opinion. My guess is that the spirits remember the flavors of the previous life, but now despite the will they can not repeat it.

I did not have to wait long for the answer, I suddenly heard a crack coming from the kitchen, I went in and I see that the plate standing on the dryer exploded, scattering small parts throughout the kitchen. It was not just a disintegration of the plate, small parts shot at three meters. I understand this is the confirmation answer.


Step to the Parallel World

In some of my old reflections, I have allowed the thought that, in addition to ours, space can contain an infinite number of universes. Unexpectedly, tonight I crossed the threshold and for ten seconds I found myself in a neighboring world, parallel.

At 1.50 am I got up to make tea with honey and lemon to replenish the electrolytes. After consumption, I lay down in my bedroom after a while the sound of the airport hall, the train station or some lobby turned on, after a second the male voice loudly said, "Hmm, Dama can." It was a short sentence taken out of context, some cultural people talked, and worlds sharing a common border with our jagged, undulating for unknown reasons lost it for a short time. This short rupture of the border in the appearance of appearance carries two very important information, namely: the parallel universe contains a mirror world, and therefore the same as ours, only with the possibility of other freely arbitrary events. Put simply, the neighboring world looks like a reflection in the mirror, one thing is different there, everything that moves, moves differently than in ours. From this short sound report it follows that the border of the neighboring world is a mirror image of Poland and is in contact with the border of our Poland.

What hypothesis can be when considering the events that my mother has recently served to me, and some absolutely can not be undermined, I come to the conclusion that my mother takes a further step, since I already have an undisputed knowledge that ghosts exist, now the time has come to suggest to me, where they live. They live in a world very near and from this world only they know how to penetrate ours. Perhaps in this nearby world also the creator of our world, or the solar system, lives.

As you can see, I have excellent contact with beings who are not of this world, if I continue this way, I will soon be informed how the universe was created.


Organizing events not from this world

1. 27/04/2018
2. 31/05/2018
3. 12/06/2018
4. 16/06/2018
5. 23/06/2018
6. 11/08/2018
7. 24/08/2018
8. 10/09/2018
9. 18/10/2018
10. 22/10/2018

27/04/2018. The first, most spectacular event that convinces me without any doubt that there is another world in which people live after leaving this world.
When I knelt in front of the chair and checked where my thermos stood with the coffee I put on the seat I did not know yet, that this is an experiment invented beyond the borders of our world. It must be remembered that all my uncles have passed away from our world, all my aunts and of course my mother. Probably together they came up with a way that will convince not only me, but also two employees, who, working in this place, were simply witnesses that there is another world in which ghosts live. This is very important in this experiment, not of this world, because if it concerned only me, anyone who would hear this story, to tell you the truth, would not believe anything.
So, when I was kneeling, I checked everything, space on the seat, under the chair and next to it, I found that the thermos was not there. I got up from my knees and, to my surprise from the corner of my eye, I saw a thermos on the chair seat. I was so impressed that I can not shake myself to this day.
Analyzing this event today, I think it was invented brilliantly because they were witnesses and no one can say that it was made up. After such a spectacular event, I experienced nine more for the next six months events not of this world. I will describe them briefly.


Next events not from this world

05.31.2018. I came to the plot and sat next to the water intake in the form of two taps with attached snakes for distributing water. I ate an apple and looked around. At one point I heard the water from the serpent, I looked at the taps, one of them was unscrewed.

06.12.2018. After arriving at the plot, I set the chair and covered it with a blanket, sat down, the blanket formed, it was very comfortable. On the plum he sang a scythe for a long time and perseveringly. I got up to snatch two weeds in the blueberry bush. After returning to the chair, I found a blanket half a meter away on the grass. The wind was so weak that it could be considered that it was not there.

06.16.2018. Because on the balcony below lived smelly and loud pigeons I decided to scare them. At the end of the plastic stick I drilled a hole through the cord string. To keep him well, I tied him to three knots and pulled on with pliers. At the end of the string I attached a bow from the newspaper and a small metal weight. After the first throw from the balcony down, the doves were scared solidly. Because they tried to come back on the second day I tried again, to my surprise after flicking the string untied, from a physical point of view something like this could not have happened.

23.06.2018. I went to the hospital for three days to make up for the blood. I sorted out all the useful things to the bag on wheels, including the charger on the bottom right in the middle. When on site I unloaded everything, I should find the charger in the middle, but unfortunately it was not there. I've looked at everything, but the charger was gone, I gave up. After an hour, I looked into the bag again, the loader was in the middle.

11/08/2018. Today, despite the lack of strength due to low hemoglobin, I decided to visit my mother's grave. After two hours I got stuck in the place, the return was even worse, I returned home only at three o'clock. I did not have to wait long for the response of my mother, I turned on the kitchen light and, strangely enough, I realized that the light had been repaired. For years I could not activate the LED lamps due to the fact that all the wires were placed behind the cabinets.

24/08/2018. Lying on dialysis, I look at the television once, I close my eyes once. On that day I opened my eyes and saw that a young woman is standing next to my bed with a small table on wheels in front of me to dispense medicines, dressed in a long-to-the-ground red dress with rows of flowers. In a few dozen minutes two young people stood in the doorway, he was tall in a hat, she was reaching only to his shoulder, they stood there until the next blink.


Nie do wiary

If you believe in ghosts, you are on the right path to get in touch with loved ones who have left this world. Just pay attention to everything that is unusual in the world we live in.

I am unlucky, my kidneys do not produce a hormone that causes blood production, every two months I have to supplement it. Today is the day when I should go to transfusion, unfortunately there are problems with the holidays.
Returning from the dialysis, I got to the stairs, which I started to do every two and rest. Suddenly, I found out that I was on the third floor, some force out of this world moved me to two floors, I did not feel anything. I wonder which uncle of the other world took pity on me, thank you.

I begin to understand how all this world and the universe is constructed. The world and the universe are just a subroutine of the proper program, which writes a programmer of everything. This subroutine is also the place where the souls of people go. Souls that can take shape in a man who they feel like, because according to the rules of physics, the soul, that is, man can reproduce with all energy that has passed into a new world, then he will be a man like he was, or, for example, half of energy, then he will recreate himself as a man in the previous half of his life. This new world for us is right next to the one we live in right now. Why do I say that? Because I was able to hear a short fragment of sound from the world next, I described it on November 17, 1808.
The creator of the world program "grows" knowledge on "our" world in order to use our knowledge and experience later, when he will write the program of the next universe, simply the curiosity, skills and knowledge of current people will be useful to the creator of the program. The new universe it will be different, more modern, made up of people's knowledge and experience.

All this is what my mother and a whole bunch of uncles and aunts who are in the next world are trying to tell me and they decided to contact me. After so many events not of this world in the end I noticed that someone was calling and asking me to pay attention. In the end, I understood, the man leaving here goes to the next world, the world without diseases, smiling, giving the opportunity to be as old as you want. Mom stood by my dialysis bed and demonstrated at what age she is now, she had a beautiful red dress with flowers, short hair and she was only about thirty-four years old. Other uncles and aunts probably also call their children, but they are so busy with their current lives that they can not hear, unusual events that could not happen in our world are considered delusions, hallucinations and the like. Because of this, my uncles join my mother, I think so, because probably it was not my mother who repaired me the LED light in the kitchen, which for ten years I could not fix myself due to the installation behind the cabinets. I think her uncle Władek helped her, as he knew about electricity. Thank you, Wuju. Who twice gave me a box of plaster when I could not get up from the couch I do not know, this is proof that everyone is holding each other together. I have not met a person who believed in this fact and this is the reason for the difficulties that ghosts have with contacting us.

Let us be attentive, let us not pass without paying attention to facts that have not happened in accordance with the principles of physics.


A short path to the parallel world

My mother and a whole bunch of aunts and uncles probably want me to keep in touch with them because tonight in the bedroom at 1 am, a loud and clear female voice was heard: "It's been raining since the beginning today." I am guessing that the text of this sentence was not specifically addressed to me, it was a demonstration of life in a parallel world. The woman was an accidental person, because it certainly was not my mother's voice.

I think that the thesis about the existence of a parallel world next to us is confirmed.


A gift from my ghost friends

Some people think that ghosts can not act in the material sphere. If you are in constant contact with a person or relatives, that are gone, and now they are friendly ghosts, now you are watched, ghosts hear your thoughts, know your desires and so on.

I, as a grandfather, do not have a chance for a gift, children and grandchildren live abroad and do not even remember that they have a grandfather. Well, what I can do, that's how the modern world looks like. Recently, I thought a few times that I would have to buy a small night lamp, because these long nights are extremely dark, if it were snowing it would be brighter. I have not yet managed to go to the store, and here is an unbelievable event. I left the house and headed to the car, and here I saw the lamp standing on the ground, brand-new, shiny, halogen, with a transparent container for the transformer. She was not in a carton, because if it was so, I would not pick her up. When I came back home I turned on the power saw a beautifully functioning device. I understood that it was a Christmas gift from my ghost friends. Thank you.